Today we’re going to discuss the different ways we might work with crystal with our non-human companions to increase the vibration of our non-human family members.

It is true that pets and plants enjoy these special interactions with crystalline energy.

I will introduce you to my fur kids and tell a few stories of how they enjoy interacting with crystals.

The lovely lady in the photo to the left is Swee’Pea, our Cocker Spaniel.

In this post, we’ll talk about cats, dogs, fish, birds, plants and trees and how they benefit from crystalline energies.


image kittyNon-human companions such as cats react to crystals in different ways.

For example, my friend Renee has a bowl of crystals that her cat likes to touch. She said it uses its little paw and moves them gently here to there.

Many people to which I send crystals talk about their cats climbing into the box in which the crystal was shipped. This might not be such a big deal, considering cats and their propensity to sit in random boxes. However they say the cat seems more interested than usual in the crystal boxes.

I’m sure they feel the shift in vibration the crystal has created in the space during their travel to their new home.

I have also heard stories from customers who have had their cats (and dogs) pick the crystal up in their mouths and carry them off after opening their crystal orders.


Ody the crystal digger

I once visited a friend with a medium sized dog and when I showed him the crystal I had in my pocket, he nuzzled it in my open hand, then grabbed it and ran with it to his bed.

Crystals are also great to use for pet therapy for healing, protection and energy.

I have rubbed my pets with a crystal, infusing them with both the crystalline energy and Reiki.

I have also sewn crystals onto the collar of my little Chihuahua friend, Ody (the crystal digger), pictured right.

Doing this kept the crystal energy flowing continuously, and he could carry the energy with him.


Other than applying a crystal directly to your pet, you can also place crystals in and around pet beds; even in water bowls.

There are some (common sense) things to consider if you decide to use crystals around your beloved pets in their beds or in or near water dishes.

  • Make sure the crystal is large enough that your pet isn’t going to accidentally ingest it, especially larger pets with smaller crystals. Obviously small dogs aren’t as likely to lap up a larger crystal, but it still bears mentioning.
  • If you are using them in or near water bowls, make sure that the crystals are clean of any acid residue that may be present from the cleaning process. If you aren’t 100% sure how clean a crystal is, for safety’s sake, setting the crystal near rather than in the bowl is a better idea.
  • Ensure that the crystal you choose to work with your pet doesn’t have broken or sharp edges that might cut curious licking tongues, sniffing noses or tender paws! Remember pets explore their surroundings with noses and mouths.

Besides working with our crystal friends in a pet’s water dish, consider these other options: What about crystal in our own drinking water, or in the water for our plants or even fish?


Crystals and your plantsBoth indoor and outdoor plants and trees benefit from crystal.

Besides it being a beautiful addition, the increase in vibration helps plants grow and thrive.

You can put crystal into your watering container to charge the water you give your indoor plants.

We also have buried and placed crystal points and chunks around the soil of all our potted plants to help increase their growth and energy.

We have a large aloe plant that is top heavy. I placed a large crystal chunk at its feet to help prop it up.

The crystal chunk is infusing the healing properties of the aloe with healing crystal energy!

Clusters placed around the base of trees are helpful energetically; besides being beautiful to look at, the crystals may also draw fairies and elementals!

You may hang crystals in your trees for your own pleasure, to attract fairies and elementals and also for the tree spirit itself. I make mobiles out of wire-wrapped crystals, beads and driftwood and hang them in my trees.


image fishDo you have pet fish?

Crystal can be a beautiful and healthy addition to a fish tank.

You need to beware, however, that crystal is often cleaned with acid to make it pretty and rust free.

If you’re putting crystal into drinking water or into a fish tank, be sure to use crystal that has been cleaned with water only (no acid). There is sometimes acid residue and you don’t want to inadvertently harm your precious fishy friends.

In a fish tank, I would even be wary of using soap to clean your crystal.

Please don’t drop a newly acquired crystal, or cluster, into your fish tank thinking you will be helping your fish with the healing properties of quartz (which would be a great idea) if you are using crystal which may have residual bits of acid on it (which would NOT be a great idea). The same goes for your own drinking water.

If it is a single point that doesn’t have a lot of crevasses, a crystal previously cleaned in acid would be safe to use if you cleansed it with a brush and rinsed it very well before putting it into the water. That being said, a better alternative is to place the crystal near, but not into, the water. This is the safest bet, especially where our fish friends are concerned.

Placing a crystal in or near water, especially if you program that crystal for a specific intent, such as health, energy, etc., will help to raise the water’s vibration.


Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo

Misty the African Grey

If you have birds, crystals can be placed on or near their cage to add calming, higher vibration energy to them.

I built a semi-permanent grid on top of my cockatoo, Daisy’s cage because she is especially high-strung.

A semi-permanent grid is one which stays in place but is easily moved or rearranged. As a reminder, here is a link to a post on crystal grids.

For Daisy’s grid, I used several different types of stones for various energies.

I have some clear quartz chunks to increase vibrations, rose quartz for love, amethyst clusters for calm and polished selenite for angelic and calming energies.


Important to note in all of these crystal applications: Don’t forget to be sure to consider how your particular Non-human companions interact with their environment before introducing a new gemstone into their realm.

For example, in Daisy’s crystal grid, I chose polished, rather than raw, selenite, because raw selenite is a very soft stone that chips, flakes and slivers easily.

Daisy’s curious beak would be very interested in raw selenite and could be quite dangerous to her. Avoid potential tragedy by being mindful. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.


Remember what I said in previous posts about crystal broadcasting on many different channels in many different languages?

It doesn’t just apply to the different ways humans communicate and understand, but also to non-human companions and how they interact with their world through vibration.

We have determined that crystals help us to access Spirit Guides, Angels and Elementals, as well as to connect with our animal and plant friends.

I believe that crystal naturally speaks the language of each of these beings. Think of all the ways crystal might assist and interact with our non-human companions and share the love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about how we might work with crystals with our beloved pets.

Do you have stories to share about your non-human companions and how they interact with your Crystal Family? I’d love to hear them.

Share your stories in the comments below! I’ll leave you with a collage of a few of my furry and feathered family members, past and present:

Beloved pets
Beloved non-human companions

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