Here is a small sample of email excerpts and Arkansas Crystal Works reviews from happy customers over the years. I would love to add your experience to this page of Arkansas Crystal Works reviews!

4 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Genn, I am so impressed by what goes into your process of preparing your crystals for adoption. Not only is it the amount of time, but the amount of love you have for your crystals each step of the way! Your deep reverence for these special beings clearly shows. Opening packages from you is like opening a jam-packed box of energetic confetti radiating pure love, joy, and crystal goodness!! The crystals I have adopted from you so far have been truly amazing – their energy blows me away!! The connection I have with each of them has been special, especially with my “Ask Genn” crystal 🙂 My heart is so full!! Thank you for all that you do!!

  2. Genn is truly one of “the crystal people”, she helped me choose the right quartz crystal, who now has a new home and is getting acquainted with my Lemurian Seed quartz. If you are having doubts about ordering from Genn, send them away, Genn is genuine.

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