Here is a very small sample of email excerpts and Arkansas Crystal Works reviews from happy customers over the years. I would love to add your experience to this page of reviews!

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17 thoughts on “REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS”

  1. My smokey crystal arrived this morning and is absolutely beautiful! She told me her name is Athena and she has so much to share with me. Regarding the quartz cluster that was enclosed with Athena – I could feel the power of this little one even before I took it out of the wrapping. I don’t know it’s name yet, nor what the gender is; hence, the reference to “it.” The two fit very well together and both immediately bonded with my large chunk of raw fluorite, so these three will be kept together. Question regarding the bonus crystal that you enclose with each order – are these chosen by the Crystal People or by you? I wonder if that isn’t why the strong bonding I felt with both these crystals and the bonding that both felt with my fluorite.

    1. Hey Ann! So happy your crystal arrived safely and that you’re getting along so well already! Excellent! The bonus crystals are chosen my the Crystal People. I really don’t “look” for something to send (I don’t consciously “choose”). When I do the order, I let the Crystal People guide me to who wants to be sent as the Thank You Gift. I never know. I get a lot of feedback that they are always very appropriate to the person and often people want to know more about why I chose that particular crystal. It’s unfortunate that I rarely remember exactly why that crystal stepped up (or even which crystal was sent). It can range from a single point, or a small cluster or several small points. The joy will be in the receiver discovering that information (why that particular crystal) from their new friend. I’m glad to hear that again, the appropriate crystal stepped up for you and your crystal family! Thanks for the input! Big hugs

  2. Genn, thank you so much for working with me on a crystal reading for my mom. The crystal is absolutely beautiful and an amazing fit for her. She had such a strong connection with the crystal, and it was the perfect birthday gift. I can’t say enough about how perfect the crystal is for her. Your reading was spot on! It was a great pleasure working with you and I look forward to adopting one for myself!

  3. Genn

    Thank you so much for sending my order so quickly and so well well-packaged! I was so pleased with all of the crystals. You even included a free crystal cluster that shines clean and clear in the light!

    I found your website by accident and I couldn’t believe how much information you share about the crystals and their characteristics. I was surprised to learn so much that night!

    I will definitely be ordering again!


  4. Genn
    I can’t tell you how much I love my new crystal. Not only is she beautiful, but I immediately felt a sense of calmness and peace. she’s settling in nicely . beautifully packed with a nice little extra gift. I love your crystals and that I know where there coming from. your the best!

  5. If your at this site reading this review do not hesitate and sign up for one! One of the best decisions I have ever made. My reading answered all the concerns I asked about in the perfect way. I understood it all and agreed with it all as well. I had sent intentions to the crystals that Genn was going to search through that the one who wanted to work with me please come forward. Send intention…because my crystal is so amazing. I let my daughter read the crystal reading and about an hour later said she feels a boost in energy, and I thought about it and I am so optimistic right now about everything in my life working out for my best benefit and I was never a failure and I am not alone. I originally thought getting a crystal reading would be fun, but it has turned out to be so much more, and fun is important! I dowsed that Genn was 100% trustworthy and she definitely is !

  6. Genn you are the best. I have received crystals on two different occasions and they were more beautiful than in the pictures. Your shipping was amazing. I got the crystals in 2 days of ordering them. They were beautifully wrapped and your surprises were so special. You are my Crystal Angel. You seem to know exactly what I want. They make me so HAPPY! I also want to Thank You for answering the questions I had on definitions of crystals. That helped me so much. These crystals have a good home. I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you again! Have a wonderful day. You have made my days GREAT!

  7. I just have to post another review……after several orders, it seems I just can’t stay away – how can I? Each order simply blows me away! Between the amazing energy that emanates from the crystals themselves, further amplified by Genn’s radiant love and joy of these special beings, the energy here is quite addicting, lol 🙂 Not only is Genn the legs for these crystals to get to their next home, I feel she’s the special bridge that makes the connection even possible, and the heart that surrounds each adoption with so much love and joy!! Many thanks again for all you do! You are amazing and so are your crystals!!

  8. Genn, I am so impressed by what goes into your process of preparing your crystals for adoption. Not only is it the amount of time, but the amount of love you have for your crystals each step of the way! Your deep reverence for these special beings clearly shows. Opening packages from you is like opening a jam-packed box of energetic confetti radiating pure love, joy, and crystal goodness!! The crystals I have adopted from you so far have been truly amazing – their energy blows me away!! The connection I have with each of them has been special, especially with my “Ask Genn” crystal 🙂 My heart is so full!! Thank you for all that you do!!

  9. Genn is truly one of “the crystal people”, she helped me choose the right quartz crystal, who now has a new home and is getting acquainted with my Lemurian Seed quartz. If you are having doubts about ordering from Genn, send them away, Genn is genuine.

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