A Handbook for Lightworkers - by Genn John

Understanding the Crystal People is a fun, informative and invaluable addition to any crystal lovers’ working collection.

This book was born from over 20 years of speaking with the Crystal People in the process of introducing them to potential new families and from leading workshops and seminars.


how to to use self-directed, intuitive guidance in working with your quartz crystals


how to listen to the special language of quartz crystals in your own way rather than hearing their voice through someone else’s filter


where quartz crystal comes from, how it is formed and what "language" it speaks


how to speak that "language" and how to connect with your crystal friend

image Understanding the Crystal People Genn John



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a step-by-step method or process for reading your crystals’ physical characteristics


how to identify your crystal friends with room to record your own impressions and experiences


how to experiment with many different uses of quartz crystal, including healing, gridding, energy amplification and more


where you may find quartz crystals and even how to gather your own

6 thoughts on “Understanding The Crystal People”

  1. Genn, I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! I love your style of writing – fun and interesting, with many relatable examples. Your wonderful joyful personality clearly shines through the pages!
    The information you provide has helped me deepen my connection with crystals. Previously, I always focused on the metaphysical aspects of stones and gems and never really fully realized the deeper journey a crystal can take you on. Reflecting on a crystal’s individual characteristics can mirror back meaningful personal insights to work on within ourselves. I feel as though I’ve done so much inner work over the years and here come the crystals like a spotlight, providing the necessary light and clarity to see within/see what remains – time for that final deep cleaning, lol! I now have a greater appreciation for crystals thanks to you and I am so grateful you’ve shared so much of your knowledge and wisdom. I love your book and thank you for the wealth of information between your book and your website!!

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle. Such a beautiful and thoughtfully worded review. Thank you! I am glad you are getting more than just nuts and bolts information from the book and are making a true and lasting connection with the Crystal People. That’s my goal!

  2. I’ve read or tried to read many books on crystals. Often the information is overwhelming; sometimes not all that applicable. With Genn’s book I find I’m already able to apply the teachings because the writing is clear, provides wonderful examples, and is f u n to read. I’m sure my copy will become well-worn from use! Love and respect for the Crystal People is long overdue and I thank them and Genn for their patient tending to this beautiful planet and to all of us.

  3. Hi Genn,
    Your book is so good , i love my crystal friends and i definetly think your book is going to help me now and in the future. Especially when i go to purchase more the only problem is that i connect with their vibration at the current moment and dont want to leave one behind. lol
    If I were a rich man i wouldn’t leave one behind. Keep up the good work work your a blessing and thank you. Oh and tell Venus thank you as well I hope to met her on my journey!

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