image Feminine quartz crystal mandalaToday we’re going to revisit Feminine quartz crystal. Keeping in mind, when we us the label “Feminine”, we’re talking about what a Feminine quartz crystal looks like.

The next two posts we’ll revisit Masculine and Yin/Yang quartz crystals.

Because it is pretty short and sweet to describe the LOOK of a Feminine crystal, I will also cover the energetic possibilities.

Remember, just as with humans, simply because a crystal presents as feminine or masculine in appearance “anatomically”, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that it will also be energetically feminine or masculine. This is an important point. Just as with humans, many crystals feminine in appearance have masculine energy and many crystals masculine in appearance have feminine energy.


image Feminine quartz crystalFeminine quartz crystal is dense, cloudy and milky in appearance.

The concentration of density in a Feminine crystal varies from nearly opaque Fairy Frost to solid white, milky quartz.

Milky quartz crystal is white, rather than clear. My assumption is that since clear crystals are often described as water clear, then cloudy or densely white quartz crystal is often called milky (because it looks more like milk than water).

If you talk to a person who doesn’t ascribe to naming the metaphysical aspects of quartz crystals, if you are looking for a crystal which appears Feminine, you would ask for Milky quartz.

Quartz Matrix is milky in appearance. Milky quartz is any chunk of white quartz crystal.


The presence of tiny air bubbles is what causes quartz to appear milky.

The veins of Arkansas crystal are milky, so most (but certainly not all) of the crystal in Arkansas has at least a milky base (if a crystal breaks off above the matrix, there might not be any milky nature or Fairy Frost present.

Because of these teeny (even microscopic) air bubbles, milky quartz is “softer” or broken more easily than very water clear quartz.

Don’t misunderstand, though, it isn’t significantly softer. It tends to break more easily, not so much because it is significantly “softer” but the molecules of air bubbles make fracturing easier.

When talking about crystal matrix, which is most often milky in appearance, it makes me also think of the feminine property of giving life. That the matrix is the base from which the crystals spring (or grow), so it further helps explain why milky crystal is called Feminine.

Here is a picture with some examples. Notice how densely white (milky) they are:

feminine crystals

Most crystals are part Feminine and part Masculine. A little bit more of one than the other, but not fully either. The following crystals are  “mostly Feminine” or “mostly Masculine”:

feminine and masculine

The crystal pictured left is mostly Feminine (cloudy or milky) in appearance, with some Masculine (clear) at the termination and down the left side. The crystal to the right is mostly Masculine (clear), with a Feminine (cloudy or milky) base.

Basically that’s it for the anatomy lesson.


Now, let’s talk briefly about Feminine quartz crystal energetically.

Feminine quartz crystal helps us (both men and women) to get in touch with our feminine nature.

They have a soft, yet deep, mysterious energy. Yin in nature, Feminine crystals are intuitive, nurturing and receptive.

The energy of Feminine quartz crystal is more diffuse. Compared to a light, the energy is described as glowing (coming from all directions evenly).


In order to work with a Feminine crystal, one might choose to meditate with it. Enjoy the energy of feminine nature which may present as soft, nurturing, creative, life-giving, or Yin.

One might also create a grid out of Feminine quartz crystal to hold the vibration of feminine energy.

The energy could be carried intimately throughout the day as jewelry. Or, keep a small point in a pocket or purse.

If you are looking for Feminine quartz crystal, here is a list of what is currently available.

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