"Ask Genn" Crystal Reading

The Ask Genn Crystal Reading is a personal reading from the Crystal People, like a tarot reading via living crystal.

All you have to do once you decide you want a reading is click “add to cart” and make a note of any questions or energies you might like addressed. I take it from there.

These Ask Genn readings take me about 3 hours to complete.  The reading cost includes a $40 crystal chosen for you according to your individual needs at the time of the reading.

I will select your crystal by tuning into your energy signature by connecting with the Crystal People.

I conduct your Ask Genn reading and then mail the crystal and reading to you.

  • receive insight into energies 
  • see how circumstances in your past might be playing into your daily life 
  • discover ways to tweak your current way of doing things
  • create a different outcome to an issue
  • the crystal that presents often echos the energies with which you are currently working
  • receive ideas on how to work more efficiently with these energies
  • shift your perspective on a certain situation
  • achieve a better flow of energy for a more desirable outcome
  • work with the energies presented long after the reading has concluded
  • receive a reading of current energies 
  • discover how to work with and shift those energies to create a positive change

This is where a Crystal reading differs from a Tarot reading.

Your Ask Genn reading comes with the crystal which was chosen specifically for you, a beautiful in-depth interpretive sketch of your crystal and an interpretive reading.

When you order an Ask Genn Crystal Reading, you will receive two things by mail:


The card and diagram contains:


WHAT EXACTLY DOES AN “ASK GENN” CRYSTAL READING ENTAIL? (for even more information, check out this blog post link in parentheses, (here

Once you contact me for a reading, I take any notes you have sent me into consideration. I select your crystal by tuning into your unique energy signature while listening to guidance from the Crystal People.

Once I have found the crystal which is meant for your reading, I begin by entering a meditative state and connecting with the crystal that was selected.

Next, I note special characteristics such as type (e.g. Channeler), surface features (e.g. Record Keepers) and other defining features (e.g. Keys, Barnacles, Bridges, etc). These configurations are listed on the front of the card.

Then I make drawings of the crystal from different angles and diagram the special features (configurations) for you on card stock folded into an 8.5 x 5 inch card. This is so you will know where each configuration is on your particular crystal.

Inside the card, I separately list each configuration with its meaning (physical description and metaphysical properties) based on the energies I receive.

As I do this, I connect personally with your crystal on your behalf and I make note of any special energies or revelations specific to this crystal and your reading.

Finally, to wrap it up, I ask your crystal if it has any further messages, impressions or insights for you. I enter the messages on your card for further contemplation by you once you get your reading and crystal.

The Ask Genn Crystal Reading is an incredibly specialized offer.

It is a personal reading from the Crystal People.

Similar to a Tarot reading, you are welcome to mention concerns or energies with which you may be working. If you don’t have a specific concern, you may choose to simply have the Crystal People give you whatever message presents.

If you decide to mention concerns or energies, you can enter them in the comments section of the shopping cart on checkout or send me a separate email (email Genn).

I look forward to helping you connect more intimately with your new Crystal Friend!

Here are some photographic examples of the diagram portion of prior Ask Genn crystal readings (the reading is written inside these diagrammed 5" x 8" cards):


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Ask Genn Crystal Reading


2 thoughts on ““ASK GENN” CRYSTAL READING”

  1. I recently had a crystal reading with Genn and WOW!! What an experience! Genn was guided to select a crystal for me – I was interested in seeing which crystal wanted to join me in this next step of my journey and I was curious to see what message it had to offer. Genn could not have chosen a more perfect one for me!! As soon as it arrived, I was blown away by how immediate and strong the connection was. I’ve had crystals in the past that held a special meaning for me but none have ever affected me as deeply as this one has. There is something extra special about this amazing crystal and I’m extremely grateful for Genn’s ability to connect us. The synchronistic messages that this crystal brought forth have been so deeply meaningful….and weeks later, the messages continue to unfold. The insights have been quite healing and it fills me with optimistic hope for what is to come. I cannot recommend this reading highly enough!! My wish would be for everyone to be able to experience a crystal reading from Genn. What an incredible experience!! Genn, thank you so much for offering such a special service!!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! By continuing to discover the layers of your crystal’s messages, you’re working with your Ask Genn reading exactly as it was intended! The meanings will deepen (and even change) as time moves forward. May the unfolding continue into the future with more synchronicities and magic!

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