Enhydro quartz crystal is a crystal with fluid inside it. The only way to know for CERTAIN if you have an Enhydro (if there is water or fluid present) is if there is something IN the fluid (otherwise you can’t see it). This is most usually an air/gas bubble, or sediment of some kind, but most usually it is air/gas.

The sensation I get from Enhydro crystals is one of excited possibility. Magic. Hidden potential. Because it is something which you can’t know what it is unless you break it open to test, it also represents knowledge that once you know it, the knowing  can’t be undone.

Enhydro crystals are loaded with a feeling of possibility. The energy I experience from an Enhydro crystal is what I would imagine it would feel like to experience the sensation of a baby moving inside you: a fluttery excitement and a feeling of promise and great potential. You turn your crystal and BLOOOOP! You see something move!

Unfortunately I don’t have the pleasure of coming across a lot of Enhydro quartz crystal in the Arkansas crystal I have worked with over the years. If you ever have the chance to adopt an Enhydro crystal, do it!