When Times are Tough and Money is Tight

First off, you might be asking, “Are you really suggesting that I can work with any crystal, free?”

Yes, I absolutely am! We have access to all the crystal in the world, right here from our computer, phone or tablet.

Globally, because of Covid-19, many of us are following the guidelines of “sheltering in place”. Not all of us force-ably (by law). But for right now, at least by common sense and safety for the most vulnerable among us.

There are things we can do to connect differently, and working remotely with our friends in the Crystal Kingdom is one of them.

Can You Really Work With ANY Crystal, Free ?

Suggesting that you can work with any crystal, free, might initially seem an impossibility. I assure you, it’s not! Let me give you an example.

Think about all the people you know and call friend whom you have NEVER met in person.

Case in point, I consider all of you as friends (and potential friends if we haven’t yet interacted one-on-one).

Some of you I know more intimately than others because we have taken the time to connect and share over time. The same applies to our relationship with the Crystal Kingdom.

I will share with you what I mean and how to do it. But first, a word from Venus on why this is possible: 

What Does Crystal Guide, Venus, Have to Say?

As I have shared before, you can access the Crystalline Consciousness without physically holding a crystal. Spoiler alert: this is how you can work with any crystal, free!

I have addressed this in other posts, and found an example where Venus (Crystal Guide) discussed this very topic. It came from this post where I was talking about a crystal mural we installed.

Venus spoke to this so eloquently (of course she did!) I won’t try to improve on that! Here is what she said:

Venus, Crystal Guide:

As we know, it isn’t necessary to connect with a crystal only by holding it physically.

Just as you are able to connect with a person, the energy of a person, through a photograph, you can also connect to the Crystal Kingdom through a photograph.

Imagine the crystals on Genn’s website. There are some that resonate with you immediately and you know you have a heart connection before you even “meet” in person. It can be the same with a mural such as the one dears Genn and Patti installed and of which we are speaking.  The energy of the crystal is there to access.

We are not static, or ‘stuck’ in a crystalline body as it were. We are energy, light and formless. Our crystal bodies give us a way to work with you in this 3-D space/time continuum. But we also work with you in Spirit, in Energy, in Formlessness.

We are accessible to you at all times and in all ways. It is beautiful to utilize something such as a large image of our crystalline forms (bodies) to help you to connect to us in a non-3D, non-linear way.”

An Example

If you just aren’t convinced that you can connect to a crystal through an image, consider this:

As you read, we are connecting, and our interactions are just as  authentic as in-person! 

Did you feel a connection with me after you read my bio? That’s no different than reading one of the “bios” of the crystals I post! It’s like an introduction.

This ‘communion’ didn’t have to be an in-person meeting for us to create this bond of ‘knowing’ and ‘working with’ each other.

Even though I didn’t deliver myself to your door. We still have this shared bond and continued exchange of energy. 

I didn’t have to physically sit in your lap, on your nightstand or under your pillow. Thank goodness for that, right!? (What a visual!)

When Jobs are Tight and Money Scarce

Moving away from the image of me, sitting in your lap, it is the same with our Crystal Friends!

We, in our human incarnation are much less adept at this non-physical form of communication, yet we still manage!

The Crystal People are masters of energetic interaction! We just have to hone our ability to interact in this way and learn how to “read their form of messaging”. More on that later. Hang tight.

If money is tight at present – maybe you have had to cut work hours or have been laid off temporarily.

You really want a new crystal, (but you can’t in good-conscience make that purchase).

It really is possible to access that connection and comfort the crystals bring, virtually. Free! Right now, and always.

Is This Really Wise?

image of scared lady

One could argue that sharing this information might not be the wisest move for a person who makes her living PHYSICALLY helping crystals get to the people they need to get to! Wouldn’t this mean that technically, we would never need to buy another crystal? (cue image of cartoon lady)

While it does seem counter-intuitive on my end, I know it is right to share this no-purchase based option with you!

If I can help to alleviate some of the stress we are all feeling right now by offering a way to connect to ANY CRYSTAL IN THE WORLD, FREE, how could I not do that!?

(humorous disclaimer: don’t get me wrong. If you are in the position to physically adopt crystal, it certainly helps put food on the table! Your orders are welcome and invaluable!)

However, if you are not in the position to physically adopt right now, then this blog post is my free gift to you! (It’s also my free gift to you if you are in the position to adopt physically). Free gifts all around!

Sounds Great, But How?

I know this might all seem a little esoteric. If you aren’t sure exactly how to proceed, I have written a couple of other blog posts that will help.

I would start with this one: How to Work with Quartz Crystal. Of course, the post refers to physically holding and working with a crystal. However, you can still do  everything I mention, just do it in your mind.

Just like you are able to have conversations with people entirely in your mind, you can do the same with a crystal.

Develop a relationship with your crystal. Express your desire to get to know it. It can hear you.

If the image you are drawn to has only a portion of the crystal showing (say, a closeup of a Rainbow or other configuration), connect just to that part of the crystal and tap into that energy. It still works.

picture of loving crystal

How Do You Know If It's Working?


This blog post on Communicating with Crystal will help you in this new form of interaction.

Because this relationship is occurring “in your head”, (in a non-physical realm), you might feel like you aren’t connecting.

You just need to figure out when the Crystal People are talking to you by determining what “language” you speak. I’m referring to the four “clairs”. The post on Communicating with Crystal will help you with all of that. I won’t repeat it here.

You might not even realize you have been interacting with crystal all along!  (refer to the post).

A Note on Downloading Pictures

In the age when copyright infringement and image “lifting” is in the forefront, I thought I would mention this.

I, personally, don’t see an issue with saving any image to your computer, phone (or wherever you will) for personal use.

Short of looking up copyright infringement (I’m not going to do that), I don’t know what the actual laws are about this (you can ask Sir Google).

I’m sure it is fine to do if you aren’t using said image on a blog post or claiming it as your image, etc.

Permission To Download Any Image You Want From Me

You are absolutely welcome to download any image from my website or blog!

A word of caution here about my images: they do disappear!

When a crystal is adopted, I do delete it from the web page to save space!

So, if you create a bond with a certain crystal, be sure to save the image to your computer so it doesn’t disappear on you.

Consider using the image as your phone wallpaper. I do this ALL the time.

In Summary

OK! I hope this post has helped you out. I pray you are staying well (mentally and physically) during these turbulent times. Remember that all truly is well. Deep breath.

Please don’t think I am making light of anyone’s hardships by saying all is well! It might not FEEL well to you right now. However, I do know that we’ll get through this and we’ll come out better on the other side.

Until then, connecting with any crystal free is as easy as 1, 2, 3! (that rhymed!) The steps, summarized:

1 – Find the crystal to which you feel a strong connection

2 – Save that image (to your phone, your computer, or print it out etc)

3 – Spend time developing a relationship with that crystal!

Happy connecting!

Here Are Some Crystals to Get You Started

10 thoughts on “WORK WITH CRYSTAL, FREE!”

  1. Therese Marumoto

    Thank you for this blog and for the pictures of these beautiful crystals! Although there is something really comforting in holding a crystal in your hand, it’s nice to see some of these unusual ones. I have a couple of questions for you. On the 4th crystal in this blog, there is a steplike formation. I have this on one of my crystals. What is it’s significance? Also, are citrine and amethyst also in this crystal family?

    1. Hey Therese! I hear you. I really like the connection and feel of a crystal in my hand too, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. The crystal you’re talking about is an odd one. Sometimes they just don’t quite fit precisely in this category or that. This one is close to a Lightbrary or Cathedral, though not quite. Sometimes they are just heavily stepped (Lineated Sides) but in this one’s case, it is more like partial crystals merged into the main point. The clue is in the tops of the steps, they are facets. If they didn’t have facets, then it would fit the category of heavily Lineated Sides… and often fit into the Lemurian Seed Crystal category. If they stuck out a whole lot more (like a whole crystal) they might fit in the category of a Dolphin or Side-Kick. So when they present like this you have to pick what you think it fits CLOSEST to, feel the energy and see where it leads you. It’s an excellent question! Thanks for asking.

      1. Therese Marumoto

        And the second question was are amethyst and citrine also quartz crystals that the crystal people use to contact us?

        1. Oops! Missed this part! On the Citrine and Amethyst… Yes, they do. However, for me, it’s like I “speak” clear quartz fluently, but other gemstones not as much (since I haven’t had the opportunity to work with thousands and thousands of them like I have with clear quartz). But if a person is very drawn to citrine or amethyst, I am sure the same properties apply to them as with clear quartz. I think all stones have the ability to “speak” with us, it’s a matter of learning the nuances (like learning a foreign language). But long story short, yes. LOL

  2. Yes! I have been doing this for yrs. & never thought about the analogy of looking at a pic of a person! So thx for that! I tell ppl each Crystal has family voice…what they family of stones vibrate at, & then each stone has a voice unique to itself…kind of like accents ppl can have around the country. We’re all still speaking English, but say the words dif. They seem to get that, but not now I can be drawn to hear them so to speak. Lol But ty for validating what I do!

  3. Absolutely brilliant! I do think you may be the first crystal sales/adopt person to provide anything
    like this for people. I know as for me I spend alot of time with a crystal online..going over the pics of
    it, bonding with it, often saving to my pics on my PC so I can zoom more and enlarge….usually I try
    to get it home too but there have been times when a really expensive one was beyond my reach but
    I was SO in love and bonded and actually realized one day I was communicating with it via the screen
    anyway….it was consoling !! A couple times they later came to visit during the night…so I know that
    communication is taking place without the personal presence of the crystal in my hand.

    Thank you are a blessing to everyone and I hope many will take advantage of this and try it…

  4. thank you, blog is a beautiful reminder for me to make time to communicate with my crystals on a regular basis.

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