Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for LightworkersUNDERSTANDING THE CRYSTAL PEOPLE: A Handbook for Lightworkers by Genn John

Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook For Lightworkers is a working manual and reference guide to help Lightworkers and crystal lovers master their connection to the crystal world.

Including a channeled message from the Crystal People, imparted is the knowledge that crystals are sentient beings.

Genn takes you on a journey of discovery, following the crystals on their voyage from their inception deep in the Earth through their birth into the light and beyond.

This crystal reference book is a must have for people who desire to fully understand their connection with the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings.

In this book, you will learn how to use self-directed, intuitive guidance in working with the Crystal People and how to understand them in your own way, rather than hearing their voice through someone else’s filter.

Understanding the Crystal People is a fun, informative and invaluable addition to any crystal lovers’ working collection.

This book was born from over 20 years of speaking with the Crystal People in the process of introducing them to potential new families and from leading workshops and seminars.


  • how to to use self-directed, intuitive guidance in working with your quartz crystals.
  • learn how to listen to the special language of quartz crystals in your own way rather than hearing their voice through someone else’s filter.
  • learn where quartz crystal comes from, how it is formed and what “language” it speaks.
  • how to speak that “language” and how to connect with your crystal friend.
  • follow a step-by-step method or process for reading your crystals’ physical characteristics.
  • a list of several common crystal configurations, detailed descriptions and drawings to help you identify your crystal friends with room to record your own impressions and experiences.
  • cleansing, clearing and programming – learn what they are, why it’s necessary and methods to try.
  • experiment with many different uses of quartz crystal, including healing, gridding, energy amplification and more.
  • discover where you may find quartz crystals and even how to gather your own.


“Taking a walk through Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers was educational, enlightening and entertaining. There is so much to comprehend when one wishes to become a crystal guardian; even with my sizable collection, I gleaned much knowledge from the reading of this book.

Genn’s writing style is one that is peppered with visual examples (which were incredibly helpful to me) and stories from her past (which we can all learn from), all mixed together with a keen sense of humor (which is food for the soul); there were times when I found myself chuckling right along with her.

Having known Genn for a great many years, I trust her, implicitly, when it comes to locating the very crystal that I am looking for. It is my privilege to be able to heartily endorse this magnificent book.”

– Michele Doucette, author of The Wisdom of Crystals and Healing the Planet and Ourselves: How To Raise Your Vibration


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Understanding The Crystal People is so much more than a book about crystals.

A must read for all Lightworkers, and anyone who has ever felt drawn to the subtle energy of crystals, this book teaches us, through the profound and ancient wisdom of the Crystal People, how to reconnect with ourselves, which includes our own Divine purpose, and Gaia.

Genn’s reverence for the Crystal People, important work in bringing them to light, in direct association with the immense knowledge that she gains working alongside them, is illuminated in this powerful read.

Written in Genn’s humorous and warm way of Being, a format that is easy to understand, Understanding The Crystal People also incorporates practical advice and tools on how we can implement the teachings.”

– Meg Adams, Social Media Specialist and Viral Publicist


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“Genn John is far more than an experienced resource for guidance about crystal.

The knowledge she has acquired, from her lifelong bond with these amazing stones, is shared on every page, but what makes this book invaluable is her ability to help you understand the crystals you have brought into your life and why you selected them (or rather, why you responded when they chose to call out to you).

Genn combines an unassuming manner, a rollicking sense of humor, and a literally out-of-this-world connection with crystal. We have all become aware of the horse and dog whisperers within our midst; through the very pages of Understanding The Crystal People, we now have access to Genn John, the renowned Crystal Whisperer!”  

– Patricia Walton, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium


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“We witness the beginning work of a future famous artisan and what a marvelous service she will bring forth, communicating the true helpful intent and service that the Crystal People offer to humanity.

“Ask Genn” will become a byword for every collector or purchaser, so they can receive the true guidance and message from their crystal companions.”  – Keith R. Smith, Master Herbalist and Crystal Collector

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  1. Mary says:

    I’ve read or tried to read many books on crystals. Often the information is overwhelming; sometimes not all that applicable. With Genn’s book I find I’m already able to apply the teachings because the writing is clear, provides wonderful examples, and is f u n to read. I’m sure my copy will become well-worn from use! Love and respect for the Crystal People is long overdue and I thank them and Genn for their patient tending to this beautiful planet and to all of us.

  2. monnie davidson says:

    Hi Genn,
    Your book is so good , i love my crystal friends and i definetly think your book is going to help me now and in the future. Especially when i go to purchase more the only problem is that i connect with their vibration at the current moment and dont want to leave one behind. lol
    If I were a rich man i wouldn’t leave one behind. Keep up the good work work your a blessing and thank you. Oh and tell Venus thank you as well I hope to met her on my journey!

    • Genn says:

      Thanks so much Monnie! I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. I understand what you say about not wanting to leave a crystal behind! Much love from Venus and me <3

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