TYPE – Five-Sided (Isis Face)

five-sided face, Isis crystalRecently, the word “Isis” has triggered some computer algorithms to associate it with the unpopular group of the same name. I have changed the name of the Isis Face crystals to Five-Sided Face because of these issues on checkout. What I am calling “Five-Sided Face Goddess Crystal” is in fact, still an Isis Face crystal.

An Isis or Five-Sided Face crystal is a five-sided face on a crystal point. To “qualify” as an Isis face, the edges are usually symmetrical like the one pictured.

While the Isis Face is sometimes the largest face, they are not always the largest face on the termination.

Isis or Five-Sided Face crystals have a distinct powerful feminine energy (even if the point appears very clear and masculine). An Isis or Five-Sided Face point usually feels majestic and feminine (much as you would expect a goddess such as Isis to feel.) Isis Face crystals help you connect to all goddess energy, not just the Goddess Isis.

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