CRYSTAL MANDALA COLORING (AND LEARNING!) BOOKSThe crystal mandalas came about as a way to make understanding the “anatomy” (form and structure) and “physiology” (function) of quartz crystal both easy and fun. While it IS a coloring book, it is really much more than that. It is a learning book. It is a relaxing book. It is a way to make learning the nuances of quartz crystal easy, fun, and memorable.

This is a coloring book of hand drawn crystal mandalas. Each mandala picture is an individual 11 x 11 design. The books are all coil bound to lay flat for effortless coloring and there are two copies of each crystal type so you may color one and leave the other in the book as a reference. Learn about crystals as you color! (PS if you aren’t into coloring, these are still wonderful reference books to help you learn the nuances of quartz crystal.)

CRYSTAL MANDALA COLORING (AND LEARNING!) BOOKSTHERE ARE FOUR VOLUMES WHICH CONTAIN MANDALAS OF: Artemis, Barnacle, Bridge/Inner Child, Cathedral/Lightbrary, Channeler/Channeling, Cluster, Cross, Curved, Dolphin, Double Terminated, Dow (Trans Channeler), Eight-Sided Face, Elestial, Empathic, Enhydro, Etched, E.T. (Extra-Terrestrial/Extra- Termination), Faden, Fairy Frost, Feminine, Gas Phantom, Generator/Merlin, Growth Interference, Imprint, Included, Isis Face, Key, Laser Wand, Lineated Faces and Lineated Sides, Manifestation, Masculine, Phantom, Rainbow, Record Keeper, Scepter. Self Healed, Sheet, Smoky, Tabular/Tabby, Transmitter, Trigonic Record Keeper, Twin/Soulmate, Left Activation Window (Time Link to the Past), Window (Time Link), Right Activation Window (Time Link to the Future) & Yin/Yang crystals.

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