Gemstones for Crystal Grids or Healing Layouts

crystal grids


Crystal Grids and Healing Layouts

Are you looking for gemstones for crystal grids?

We have crystals and miscellaneous gemstones such as rough gypsum, tumbled garnet, polished and cabbed fire agate, tumbled agate, Apache Tears (obsidian), tumbled topaz, raw moonstone, selenite and more.

Get your crystal grids on !

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2 Responses to Gemstones for Crystal Grids or Healing Layouts

  1. Merry Christmas season,
    To you and yours. Have some SERIOUS physical problems! Infection in bone. They just want me to take pills and die or do surgery and take off half of my body. Do you think a self healing crystal and bloodstone might help? Please call me and I will call you back. I am in VA hospital in San Antonio getting back to sleep. Thanks crystal lady, genn john, your adorable fan and fellow collector,
    LEo JOhn

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