The following is a small sample of email excerpts and Arkansas Crystal Works reviews from happy customers over the years. I would love to add your review! click here to sign the guestbook and leave a public comment

“Thanks for your help with this! I am really grateful! The interesting thing is, I asked for assistance with developing and honing a unique healing ability that I just recently found out I had and voila! [this] matches my needs exactly!! Wow!!!! Genn you are awesome! Thanks for originally suggesting [this] idea.” -GB


“Thank you so very much for the beautiful Crystals. They are very beautiful, and like my first order, they burst with very beautifully strong positive energies, with beautiful packaging. You always send the best. Again, thank you so very much for your kindness. I look forward to placing my next order. Continued blessings. Love and peace.” -TB


“Hi! Got my crystals today. I was so excited when they arrived at work today! My head was buzzing as I held my new family in my hands! Thank you!” -NM


“I am writing to say thank you so much for doing what you do, for bringing in such beautiful energy that is you and for giving all the gift of your ability to read and provide insight into the crystal realm. Brightest Blessings” -KK


“Thanks so much Genn~ I knew you were in touch with these crystals and could find a pair for me far better than me looking at pictures! I’m so glad I asked. … I still enjoy the beauty of crystals, gems, and beads. And speaking of gems, you are one! Thanks again” -MS


“Genn, thank you so much, you have my sincere gratitude for your help and care. I feel extremely comfortable with all three [crystals] and mostly with your understanding and advice. … These crystals will be a great help and companion … as we start this spiritual journey, so from my heart I thank you very much. … I googled Arkansas’ crystals and found your site on the first page. Once I was on your website, I knew this would be the place to get the help and crystals I needed.” – SM


“Just received the crystals. They are wonderful, with lots of energy, I love them! The little one in the “thank you” bag found his place right away…They arrived beautifully wrapped. …I will follow your recommendations…Thank you again, Love and many blessings!” – GF


“Thank you for your reply with so many great suggestions. I know now that I was guided to you. I am thanking God and the Universe for your help and asking them to bless you. … You are very kind at giving me these healing crystals as a gift. They will be treasured. … Thank you again for your help, God Bless you!” – GF


“My babies arrived today in all their splendor. Such wonderful crystals – such beautiful packaging – and a bonus! Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. I’m telling all my friends. Love & light” -ST


“Got the package today, Genn. Outstanding service as always. We enjoy getting crystals from you because we can always be assured of quality and authentic quartz. … Thanks again. Light and Love” -HN


“… as i opened each lovely package so carefully wrapped with care that i felt your empathy all over each one! They were beautifully packaged and i just looked at them for a bit before opening. Then i started in and i was a kid again ! it was Christmas morning and my heart was singing with the joy of surprise, anticipation and faith. … Each and every stone was glad to be with me!! … -SW


“I received my cluster in the mail today. I just had to email you to thank you. It is absolutely beautiful! … It sparkles and is just the right size. Thank you again for you making this so easy and affordable for me.” -JP


“Genn, thank you so much for the wonderful crystals you have sent me! I received them yesterday and they are beautiful and very powerful too! … I’ve given the self healing crystal to a friend who really needed it. So anyway she said after a while she could actually feel it working! The small thank you gift is my favourite and now I wear it all the time! Thanks again and I am definitely recommending your website to all of my friends! ;)” -CE


“Dear Genn, the crystals have arrived! They have great energy and they are my friends already. Thank you for the careful and lovely way you wrapped them. And the three extra crystals are also lovely, thank you.” -GS


“Dear Genn: Thank-you for your kindness and grace in handling this transaction with your very personal touch. It is rare to find such grace, compassion and wisdom in this cyber world of business.” -OT


“I have been receiving your amazing information for many years … after a lifetime with minerals I now understand the qualities they have besides beauty! … I can see your amazing giving and loving self in your emails, and your love of the minerals. ” -LR


“Thank you so much for your quick response and for taking the time to find his for me. I absolutely love it! It’s what I have been looking for” -JB


“Genn, It is PERFECT!!!!! Please write on the outside that he is NOT to open until Christmas! SANTA is watching… 🙂 Thank you so much!!” -BB


“Thank you very much for the exquisite crystal person! Take Care!” -B


“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!” -MFOA


“I LOVE all of my new crystal friends. They are so sparkling and beautiful!!! Thanks for the gift too! What a happy surprise:D I really, really love them all. Thanks so much, Genn!!! I am super happy!!! Yay!” -Y


“I just opened the boxes and OMG… They are amazing, beautiful, gorgeous! You did an awesome packing job by the way. Thanks again Genn, amazing, just amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you.” -K


“I received my crystal and could not be more pleased…sure feels right! Thank you very much for your help bringing the crystal and I together 🙂 Peace and Love. Your friend” -J


“We received the box last evening and I opened it today. Everything was wrapped so beautifully and thoughtfully I didn’t want to unwrap anything. I took several pictures to include propping the books up so they could ‘strike a pose’ in the photos. You are truly a special person. Thank you for gracing your beauty and selecting our beloved Crystal People into our world. -peace, love and blessings” – V


“I am in love!!! It is such a special feeling. It truly is. These crystals are perfect, and I can’t wait to get to know them better, and learn more about the language! I am already on page 19 of the book, and am following very easily.
Thank you thank you thank you. Regards” -SS


“My 4 “babies” arrived today, so carefully and lovingly wrapped. The Gas Phantom you chose for me is incredible. I could feel its energy when I was unwrapping it. I look forward to getting my other babies also. Brightest blessings” -AH


“I just wanted to let you know I received my crystals today. Thank you for sending so quickly and wrapping each so beautifully. They are beautiful and different from other crystals I have collected. These are different, I don’t feel vibrations but instead personalities. Each one so unique. I am looking forward to understanding these crystals and reading your book. Your packaging and taking the time you write a note was so much more than I expected, plus signing your book was so sweet. Thank you!… Thank you again. When I learn more about my journey and how the crystals are helping I will let you know.” -S


“Again, THANK YOU GENN SO VERY, VERY MUCH FOR ALWAYS SENDING ME TOP A+-QUALITY crystals with great, positive and awesome energies. And just as beautiful to look at. THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. Sincerely” -T


“A big WOW!!! I LOVE THEM BOTH! YES YES YES.. You are AMAZING! I feel ‘goose bumps’ all over!” -S


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