Whether to use permanent vs temporary crystal grids is also a determining factor in crystal choice.

How do you know what type of crystal to use in which instance?

First off, the definition of permanent vs temporary crystal grids is important.

Following are sections on temporary, semi-permanent and permanent crystal grids.

What is the difference in these types of grids?

When is it appropriate to choose permanent vs temporary crystal grids? First, the definitions:


image permanent vs temporary crystal gridsIn a temporary grid it is fine to use crystals that you might want to use later for something else. This is because temporary grids are meant to be set up and worked with for short-term use. For example one might choose a ten-inch optically clear Channeler (mentioned in this post) for use in a temporary grid. (You wouldn’t want to use this optically clear Channeler in a grid buried in your sub-floor).

A temporary crystal grid is one in which you always have access to the crystals used in the grid. In this way, temporary crystal grids are set up on a short term basis.

Another example of a temporary grid might be one you place around a person during a healing session. Many people have specific crystals they work with in healing sessions. They work with the same set of crystals from person to person. These are crystals intended for temporary grids.


permanent vs temporary crystal gridsThe crystals in semi-permanent crystal grids are still accessible and movable. However, they are intended to remain in place longer than a short healing session.

A crystal grid such as in the photo of a heart chakra grid on a selenite base might be set up to run for a longer period of time.

Another example of semi-permanent grids would be crystals which line flowerbeds or ring trees. They are probably there at least semi-permanently, unless one moves the flowerbed or decides to re-arrange.

Another semi-permanent crystal grid might be on top of your bird’s cage or around the bed of your pet.

You might construct these crystal grids with certain crystals, and then adjust as energetic needs change. Here is another link to crystal grids for pets and plants.


image crystal grid for plantsPermanent crystal grids are grids which are made and intended not to be moved once they are set.

I have a grid built into my bedroom sub-floor. This type of grid is obviously meant to be a permanent grid, as it would require tearing up the floor to move or change it. These crystal grids are meant to stay in place, since I’m not moving these grids, they are considered permanent.

You can make a permanent grid around your house or around your entire property.

You may bury the crystal at the corners of your house, under each window, or near the doors. Because they are buried, they aren’t intended to be moved. Hence, a permanent grid.

For your property, choose the four corners and space along the fence line if it is big. If you have a large property (many acres of land) you can make a small scale replica and grid that to represent your property. To do this, you would energetically ask each crystal to be present over a specific area.

You can do whatever you feel is right for you. There are no rules. One of my favorite mantras is “intent is more important than content”. Let me hammer this home: Intent is the key.


image cedar crystal grid boardsDetermining which type of grid you are setting up depends on use and placement. Access is the key.

An important thing to take into consideration with permanent vs temporary crystal grids is how you are personally affected by the energy of crystals. This is especially true where permanent crystal grids are considered.

I had a friend who was unable to wear a crystal necklace for long periods because the energy gave her a headache. Being in a room full of crystals made her buzz and react like she’d just ingested a pot of coffee.

I am on an even keel with their vibration (we mesh quite nicely), so I have never had this problem; however, it bears mentioning in case you do.

When considering the option of permanent vs temporary crystal grids, if you have this sort of reaction to the higher vibration of crystal, it might not be a good idea to grid your bedroom.

Instead, you might choose to grid the kitchen or the living room, but not your sleeping area.

I have been living with thousands of crystals in my living space, in my bedroom and closets for well over twenty years. I am accustomed to the vibration and fare quite well. This may not be true for you, though, so be cautious of this knowledge when you position your grids, especially if it is a permanent choice, like building them into a room.

A semi-permanent or temporary grid can always be moved if it’s making you crazy.

If you’ve already placed crystals in a permanent grid and you find they are a little too much, all is not lost. You can touch in with the crystals in your grid and request that they lower their energetic output for you.


You can also layer your grids.

Grid a room, then your house, your plants and trees and then your property.

Layer energies or intents. For example, a room may be gridded for positivity and your house for protection and the holding of a high vibration.


I hope this description of the different types of permanent vs temporary crystal grids has been helpful. Hopefully it has given you some ideas of how crystal grids can benefit you in many ways!

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