display and enjoy your crystalsCrystals and ascension. A huge topic!

First, the definition of a Lightworker:

Lightworkers are healers, masters and servants of humanity who have contracted to come back at this time, when we know we can be of the most service.

We come in all shapes and sizes, with many different skill sets and areas of expertise, with the common goal of service; service to mankind, service to the Earth and all of her many inhabitants.

To be sure, it’s not an easy task for which we have signed up.

While many of us have had difficult life experiences as part of our path, our learning, it has all been a necessary part of the greater plan.


image crystals and ascensionWe are beginning to awaken to our purpose now, during this time of great change, as the new era begins.

It is both a scary and exciting time we are in. Soul contracts, both individual and as a group, are what we are playing out.

Look to your fellow Lightworkers, take their hands and know that together we can do anything!

According to the Maya, Hopi and other indigenous peoples, with tradition passed on from generation to generation, this is the end of a cycle 28 thousand years long.

This knowledge and these stories have been passed, hand to hand, not unlike the continuity of knowledge within the Crystal People.


image crystals and ascensionWhile humankind has not spanned the eons encompassed by the life of the crystals, we have lived well into the thousands of lifetimes.

Most of humanity’s knowledge, however, is broken up as memories that have been made, and forgotten, over and over again. Our souls have not forgotten.

Humanity’s collective consciousness has held this knowledge safe for all of us. It is into this that we are tapping during the birth of this new era.

How do crystals and ascension work together?

With the help of our Crystal Friends, Angels and Guides, we will raise our vibrations as the vibration of the planet increases as She ascends.

It is our responsibility to help increase and then to help maintain the increased vibration that will be required for a successful completion of this cycle, thereby leading into the beginning of the next.

By working with our personal crystals, and connecting with crystals still deep within the earth, we can assist this vibratory increase.

SUGGESTIONS: Clusters are good for raising vibrations and are helpful with groups. Rainbow crystals bring hope and optimism.


crystals and ascensionIt has been a time of increasing turmoil, fear and uncertainty, globally; and we’re being fed a daily diet of the same from the mainstream media.

I’m intentionally not mentioning specific events or people, because there are so many horrible things in the news (happening daily) I couldn’t possibly list them all (just as there are that many good things happening, on both the small scale and large).

If you haven’t already, I suggest taking (at least) a daily break from the fear conditioning, and if you are already doing this, consider re-doubling your efforts.

I suggest, instead, spending some time meditating, enjoying nature or communing with your Crystal Friends. I don’t mean adopt a “Pollyanna” attitude and ignore what is happening politically and globally, but I do suggest balancing the time spent.

It’s good to remind ourselves that there is a LOT more good going on than bad.


crystals and ascensionSo much turmoil and sadness seems to be bubbling to the surface, like the baking soda and vinegar volcanoes of our youth.

Just as with the science project volcanoes, as long as we stop adding ingredients, the bubbling will slow and, finally, cease.

I’m working on not adding vinegar to the soda wounds which seem to be opened daily.

I am told we are burning off a lot of karma and working through (and thus releasing) old patterns which no longer serve.

So, during these times, look to the good, and more importantly, send love to those who seem impossibly hard to love right now. They need it.

Crystals and ascension go hand in hand. Raising vibrations is the goal. We’ve got this!

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