You may have noticed that I have been quiet of late. The reason, mostly, is because I simply can’t find my words.

My insides have been all a-jumble with difficult feelings (being an empath, some are mine, most are not), and the feelings filling me up crowd out my words.

Lots of the feelings I am picking up are full of sticky sharp barbs and slicey things. They don’t even have to poke hard, they are designed to brush against our sorest spots to evoke maximum damage. We’re all sore and our wounds astronomically hyper-sensitive.

If your heart is in turmoil because you don’t feel safe to speak your truth (feel your truth, live your truth)… and it is difficult (if not impossible) to listen to another’s truth… Take a minute to ask yourself these simple questions:

Why is this? What is happening in our WORLD?


Look around at what we are being spoon fed.

I capitalize the items on the following list (which is by no means comprehensive!) because they have become representative of Things or People, not actual things or people.

Pandemic – Real versus Manufactured
This Race versus That Race
Pro Trump versus Anti Trump
Pro Mask versus Anti Mask
Pro Police verses Anti Police
Pro Vaccine versus Anti Vaccine
Freedom versus Conformity
SIDE versus SIDE (you pick it, there is an opposing viewpoint)

being spoonfed


The energy coming in is that of moving out of duality consciousness into Oneness. The duality is being artificially magnified to the point that we can’t see the bigger picture, which is that we already are ONE.

There is a bigger agenda in play to get us all to believe that we are not One. Why? Because, as One, we are UNSTOPPABLE.

Take that into your being. TOGETHER, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE. We are a massive force of Light on this planet and it is a threat to the Dark.

Whichever “side” you are on, you are being expertly played to believe that the people on the other “side” don’t care about you, your feelings or even whether you live or die. THIS IS NOT TRUTH. Let me repeat that.


This isn’t about Race, Trump, the Police or a Pandemic. It is about control. DIVIDE (CONQUER) and then CONTROL.

us versus them poster


If you can disengage from the laser- pointed inner triggering (and subsequent wounding) NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE, LOGICALLY. NONE OF IT.

We’ve been told so many opposing “facts” about this “Virus” from the beginning. So many supposed “facts” that we are exhausted and simply can’t think in a straight line for ourselves.

This is being done intentionally. The narrative is designed to pour fuel on the fire of divisiveness.

Whatever media you consume, you will be fed the perfect fuel for your particular fire.

Google ANY topic and there will be an equal number of results to be found on either side of an issue, each touting its authenticity and demonizing (or degrading) the people with the opposing viewpoint.


refuse the spoon

Please. We must pull ourselves back to CENTER. Don’t be played by the narrative being offered. Tend to your inner wounding and do your best not to lash out.

As for me, I am not engaging.

Pardon my “French” in advance, but it doesn’t matter what spoon you are eating from, if you are being “fed” from the same trough of outside sources, it’s all bullshit.

I recommend refusing the spoon.

Take a cleansing breath, settle back into YOUR center, and wait for the TRUTH to show itself – because it will. Recognize that all of our wounds are all being poked (on purpose). Both sides.


There really is no right or wrong in these viewpoints. WE ARE ALL RIGHT.

Virus Statistic Believers, Virus Statistic Doubters, This Race, That Race, Pro-Trumper, Anti-Trumper, Mask Wearers, non-Mask wearers, Pro-Police, Anti-Police , Vaccinators, Non-Vaccinators, Rule Compliers, Rule Non-Compliers.

We’ve been made to stay in our bunkers. To that end, we’re each ONLY seeing the view from our bunker. We aren’t encouraged (or allowed) to walk to our neighbor’s bunker to see what the view looks like from there.

I am reminded of a really poignant illustration of two people being absolutely right about the same item, but coming up with a completely different conclusion because they are being shown something from only one angle.


Have you ever seen the illustration of different perspectives using a three dimensional column?

Check out the illustration.

From one perspective, the picture (in 2D) is shown of the end of the column. It is very clearly a circle. There is no disputing it.

From another angle (looking from the side in 2D), it is a square. There is no disputing it.

The people being shown the circle think the people swearing it is a square are either blind, stupid or lying. It is OBVIOUSLY a circle (and vise versa).

How can THEY be so ignorant?

truth is relative


view from above

There is a reason for the saying: “rise above”.

It is a directive to be taken literally.

Unless and until we pull out from our current vantage point, we will continue to only see the view that fits our current perspective.

When we pull out of 2D, rise above, and move toward the other vantage point, we will see in 3D what the other person is seeing. Just as we see the circle becoming a square and vise versa.

Based on the information we are taking in, it is in this magical moment that we realize – we are BOTH right.


I post this because I have to. I don’t want to get caught up in turmoil or political controversy. It’s not me.

That being said, I need to connect with all of you. However, it felt disingenuous to simply plug along, posting about crystals, “business as usual”, when we are enmeshed in anything BUT usual!

On the other side of the silence has been me, tending to my own inner woundings. I’ve been doing my best not to lash out at the “Other Side” but admittedly, sometimes I have failed miserably.

I write this to remind you that it is ok to fail when trying to view a situation from another vantage point (or even forgetting there IS another vantage point).


We must keep trying to heal our inner wounds as we spot them. In so doing, the outer wounds (in the world) will also heal (macrocosm/microcosm, as above, so below).

I don’t post this to engage discussion about any “Side” (whatever that is). It is not to enter into debate (we are all pretty firmly ensconced in our bunkers by this point). I don’t intend to fan anyone’s flames (I’m tending my flame and keeping any possible fuel at a safe distance).


I post this simply to say I love you. I see you. I honor your perspective.

YOU. Reading this now. However you orient on this map of crazy we’re in. Whatever your vantage point. I see your wounds. I honor your pain and your path.

When you are triggered (and you will be), try and remember the illustration of the 3D column and the 2D circle and 2D square.
Rise above, widen your view and take a different perspective. It might help to soothe all of our woundings.

46 thoughts on “IT IS TIME TO RISE ABOVE”

  1. I Agree on Everything you Posted.
    Someone sent me a Picture of a Large Black Ant Being Pulled from Each Leg By Many Smaller Red Ants.
    The Caption Said, We We’re All Happy in The large Jar Together Until Someone Shook The Jar then All The Red Ants Attacked The One Black Ant!
    The Question? WHO IS SHAKING OUR JAR?
    Answer? It’s The 1%!

  2. Hello Genn

    I appreciate your truth. Unity is key. Thank you for sharing in words what is in my heart as well.
    Healing Man kind is priority for Earth the Universe and cosmos’s Future.
    God Speed


  4. You have hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what is going on. Thank you for putting it in words we can all understand

  5. Thank you for this timely message. Personally, the shadows are rising to the surface in order to be released. I am doing my best to find the light, courage, gratitude, and discipline to surrender to the duality in order to live within a middle ground of balance and peace. Each day is a new struggle and some days the lower self takes over and feel I’ve taken 5 steps back, but isn’t that why we are all here? We have chosen to be here…to experience, learn and rise up in order to service and heal others??

    1. Hey Ashlie! I understand 100%. It is a process, isn’t it. Best to remain mindful and bring ourselves back to center when we realize we are off kilter. And yep, that’s why we’re here (not always easy!) Love and blessings to you!

  6. Thank you so much, Genn. As always, your words touched deep within my soul.
    Also an empath, I have felt overwhelmed lately. All the feelings swirling around me and within me create confusion. But, we are not to live in confusion and turmoil. We are to help find balance in thIs storm of uncertainty.
    You have been In my thoughts, lately. I ask the Universe to bless you and give you strength. Thank you for all you do, for the wisdom you impart and for the love you share with all of us. Keep shining your light, Genn, you are an anchor in the storm for many. ♥️

  7. Thank you Genn for the post. I didn’t sleep a wink all night because I was sending Love to China.
    It is amazing that I wanted to get in touch with you for ages because I wanted to ask a question. Abour 15 years ago I purchased a huge box of crystals at an auction. Most of the pieces are broken but they are huge. Are they still effective? I’m moving to my new house. Should I place the crystals in different rooms? I will be putting some outside.

    Thank you

    Sending you love and hugs

    Gaile Hileman

    1. Hey Gaile! Oh, absolutely they are still effective. We have chunks and chips all over our yard in flower beds, along the house etc. Also in potted plants (the smaller ones) and have even built some under the sub-floor of an extra room we built. You can put them in your rooms, whatever you can think of. They are still effective. Because there is no termination, the _focused_ energy might be less, but the diffuse vibration raising qualities are still there for sure. Put them to use and love them!

      1. Stankey J St Clair

        Genn, this is the best summation of our current debacle that I have read. It reminds me a bit of one of my recent newspaoer columns headed, “Great minds think alike–or do they?”
        Both my article and your blog entry highlight the fact that there are two sides to every story, and we beed to be open minded enough to look outside the box and consider that others are nit necessarily wrong whi do not see things from our point of view. Thanks for this. Unity is the answer, nit divisiveness.

  8. Karen Sinclair

    Genn, I appreciate your heartfelt and truly poignant response to the times that we are now negotiating. It made an indelible impression and one that will remind me to rise above and look beyond my own triggers and wounds. Many thanks and much gratitude. Blessings! Aho!

  9. Thank you, Genn for a perfectly wonderful post. What a breath of fresh air, and absolutely right on the money! If only more could understand what has and is being done to us for other’s agendas, we could all move forward more quickly. I personally am now am almost completely away from mainstream media. I have given up the expense of “cable” and gone back to just an inside antenna. All I really want is local news and weather anyway. Item after item in national news is nothing but a string of negativity set to trigger just as you describe. To counteract all this nonsense, I have found two things that help immensely to clarify understanding about what is really going on in our world. The first is the Kryon channelings and books as presented by Lee Carroll. I understand there is other “Kryon” stuff out there, but I avoid everything not presented or endorsed by Lee Carroll. You may listen to recordings of direct channeling, or a bit delayed, transcriptions on more important topics. Collected channelings are presented in wonderfully clear and understandable books, and there are other offerings as well. I consider this information critical to my understanding of what is really going on now; it is very helpful, and hopeful as well. Hours and hours of listening and reading are absolutely free, while cost of books and other materials are modest. As for Empaths, I am not completely a true one, but my BD is so close to Pisces that I definitely get cluttered vibes from others all the time! Even though it may seem an odd source, I highly recommend a relatively new offering from Cassady Cayne called “The Golden Light Infusion”, which though relatively short (less than 30 minutes) and originally aimed at her particular audience, is very, very comprehensive with clearing and protection anyone can use effectively. Empaths should receive lots of relief from this, and the cost is small indeed! A bit further out on the limb for some, but definitely right on target for me, is the work of David Wilcock (Divine Cosmos Official). I have followed David for years and feel he is exactly right on current events. He suffers from a lot of Dark debunking, but he keeps hanging in, just as the rest of us must do as well. We are all headed into a better world of Love and Unity. It’s already started, and as we see Darkness is very busy. However, Light is already winning and will ultimately be victorious. Thanks again for your wise words and advice; keep it up. We need much more of this kind of sanity to foil the haters, nay-sayers, and neer-do-wells of the current situation. Peace, Love, and Blessings to Everyone.

    1. Hey Ron! I, too, resonate with Lee Carol’s Kryon channelings. You can feel the energy right through the words. Even the channeled messages years later, you can feel the time melting into One like it is happening “NOW” (as it really is). Also really resonate with David Wilcock. I will have to check out Cassady Cayne. Thanks so much for sharing these excellent suggestions!

  10. Kathleen LeDuc

    Hi Genn, What a Gift you are. You are able to phrase some tough subjects in clarity and compassion. Thanks for giving all of us a new look! Love and Blessings!

  11. Thank you for such a thoughtful and balanced post, it gives me relief to read this. I agree with so much of what you said here. I too have kept quiet because, like you, I see there’s truth in all perspectives. (I have taken sides a couple of times in emotional moments, and boy, that just didn’t feel good to my system.) I can see myself coming back to read this post again and again when I feel off-balance. Blessings and love to you and the crystal family!

  12. Hi Genn, I really appreciate your message. I too am feeling drawn away from many YT channels and especially TV. Triggers are key for me and I understand many have certain words that trigger fear. From the few YT channels I do watch I have had such good conversations from such wonderful people on a wide array of topics that I am reminded of what humanity really is in the heart space. I think the earth is going to assist us coming together as well as reveal some information long hidden. I am dowsing a water event of some kind. We will pull together like family and virus, distancing, lockdown and all the crazy will fade and a deep caring and love will dominate. My crystal I got from you with my reading is always right in front of me and many times I dowse while holding it. Love those crystal beings and someday may get to see one. At the same time I read your blog I am in a chat with a man in Vancouver BC and he is saying the same thing as you. Stay in the eye of the storm, store some food for more crazy and he says that in the crazy comes the reveal and elimination of all systems corrupt so communities of people will form. That sounds so good to me. Genn, you are so wonderful what a difference you make in the world.

  13. Hi Genn,
    I have to say you so eloquently put what I have been thinking this whole time! THANK YOU! I must agree, I have been triggered at times and being on my own, working from home, not listening to or reading or watching the news for the most part, I have been more sheltered than some. I was given a directive in one of my morning meditations…that I am to be an anchor. Well, at first I said, “I don’t want to be an anchor!” Now, I am working out exactly what that means. I have been trying to put out into the Universe for all I AM Presences to hear…we are ALL connected! We Are All ONE! Everything that has been happening has been because we agreed to it before we came here! Everyone is doing their part…EVERYONE! I, too, am an empath and have had trouble sorting out “my” feelings from “others” and what energy is flying around me and through me. Of course, since we are all energy I guess raising my vibration must be the way to go. Anchoring my energies in the Light! Ah-Ha! 🙂 Thank you so much for writing this blog and confirming and affirming what I have been thinking all along! You are loved…you are seen…you are cherished!

  14. Michelle Klatt

    I LOVE this! I feel the same way. We need to think with our own heads and realize a bigger picture. In one word, this world NEEDS love! Just because we have different viewpoints does not mean we can’t get along. People need to be able to agree to disagree without hate.

  15. Thank you sooo much for having the courage to post the Truth, I have been saying all of this for ages, before the duality was sooo clear and sooo manipulated , that we ARE ALL ONE, and the divide and conquer mentality is exactly what is happening, to keep us down and weak. You could not have stated our current life situation any clearer and more perfectly. Thank you again for stating the obvious and logical -of which so many do not see. It is definitely time to Rise and Shine our Light upon the world -STAND TOGETHER AND CONQUER THE DARKNESS!

  16. Thanks Genn… that really helped soothe my restless soul & put a different perspective on things. Your words have deep meaning & help with understanding all this turmoil. Remain strong & lending your advice & insight as I’m sure it helps others as much as me. Please take care & stay well my Crystal Friend.

    Luv, Hugs & Many Blessings

  17. Dear Genn, I just read your article. It was amazing. You are so smart and so right about things going on around us. I feel sorry for all people going through hardships and pain and sadness. In my eyes, neither side is wrong. Everyone has their own opinion. I do not have any real opinions about anything except that all lives matter. We are all human, and we are all important, and we are all equal. I don’t know how other people deal with everyday stress but for me nature is the answer. Walking through trees, watching a river flow, watching for deer or eagles or groundhogs or any wildlife that I can find. Sitting at my desk staring at the beautiful crystals and rocks that I have, playing the piano, or playing with all my own pets. There is a tremendous amount of good things out there also. And there are so many good people out there doing great things for other people. I truly believe that GOOD will win in the end. I hope your days ahead will be the best days ever. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful article. I really appreciate you more than you know. Pat King

    1. Thank you Pat! And thanks for sharing your stress relievers. It was an excellent reminder to touch in with Nature Spirits, Deva and our personal joys. I know Good has already won, we just have to endure the dying throes of the old, outmoded systems. We’ll get through it!

  18. Betty Spielman

    Dearest Genn,
    I am looking for the words to express my thanks……….
    So, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I felt every word you wrote and I so needed to hear your message. It left me with the knowing that I am not crazy, others are having the same experience. Last week, I chose to stop watching YouTube, except for spiritual meditations . I am more centered and comfortable now.
    Again, thank you for your clarity and your love.


    Thank you for sharing all this. Great write up. Yes I think many of us are really frustrated and downright
    angry at the lunacy we see taking place right now all around us. I would like to sound like a new age gal
    saying raise your vibrations and all will be well…but I can’t. Many see the agenda in front of us. Prophecies
    being fulfilled…I could write a book right now but just say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings LOL !
    We must all keep our faith, hope, stability, and treasure any friendships, family or love in our lives.

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