Energies have been weird! I have been struggling of late, mostly with two things:

  1. Number one, the way time is being stretched and compressed like a slinky (I alluded to this in my last newsletter, and might address this point at a later date).
  2. The second thing is difficulties I am having in personal communication – face-to-face.

A friend suggested I ask Venus “what’s up with that?” (if you’re new here, Venus is my Crystal Guide)

Funny thing, as I think I mentioned before, I never think to ask Venus questions on my own behalf. Today I did.
Here’s the outcome of my conversation with Venus. I hope it resonates with those of you who are also struggling.
If you’re NOT struggling with these changing energies right now, maybe this will help you to navigate if someone in your life IS.


GENN: Venus – I’m coming to ask a question for myself, but I imagine that this question might apply to many more people than just me.

I am struggling with the weird aspect of time (the speeding up and slowing down, silly-putty stretching of it all).

I am also having a lot of difficulty forming thoughts and ideas into words.

The words are in my brain but I can’t get them out of my mouth. Familiar names of things have gone missing and it takes a lot of concentration just to maintain a conversation.

Can you weigh in on these energies for us?

confusing energies


tv static

VENUS: “Things are indeed changing with the energies incoming at present. You may find yourself at odds with what is happening”

GENN: *I find that the channel is skippy and hard to maintain*

VENUS: “hold a moment while we turn up the vibration around you so we can better communicate.”

I settle in and relax, and Venus continues:

VENUS: “Perhaps try as if you are asking the question for another. Sometimes when people ask for themselves they encounter a block that can’t be pushed through.”


GENN: “OK. How can people who are struggling with this influx of energies better navigate?”

VENUS: “Patience. Be patient with yourselves and don’t expect to sail through this without a glitch.

Many will be experiencing different sensations, thoughts, abilities.

A lack of connection and a feeling of “being un-tethered” if you will.”


(I am shown dozens of Balloons on strings floating off into the sky)

VENUS: “Fighting it or struggling against it will not help. Being aware of the energetic matrix changing is sometimes just enough to get you through the bumpiest times.

Grounding is important. Your friend suggested to you that you ground, and she was right on in her assessment.

You have described it as “being unplugged from the socket” and that is precisely what it is. The voltage in the old is attempting to match up with the new and it can be a bit tricky to navigate.

We hear your thoughts and know you don’t want to hear that patience is required. It seems an old trope. However, it doesn’t change the fact that “a slow down while you catch up” may be needed.”


I am shown a scene of a merry-go-round and then I am ON the merry-go-round.

I see how when I am off the merry-go-round, the world seems to be stable, but the people going round and round are a blur.

Conversely, when I am ON it, the world seems to be a blur and the dizziness sets in.)

VENUS: “Move to the center of the platform. The “slinging effect” will seem less if you are centered and grounded.” (Rather than hanging off the edge).

Yes. Center and ground. This is the message I am trying to convey to you.”



VENUS CONTINUES: “The closer you are to your center, and the more grounded you are in your body, the less the spinning and disorientation of these energies will affect your daily lives.

Yes. There will still be some wobbling and dizziness. Disorientation and the feeling of going too fast.

When you experience these “wobbles”, ask yourself if you are still centered and grounded or if you have perhaps slipped out to the outer areas of the platform.

You will probably find that you have inched outwards without being aware of it. This is normal because of the nature of the merry-go-round.”


VENUS: “It will take diligence. It will require unplugging from worrying about everyone else’s journey. Tending to your centeredness and in-the-body attention.

“Outward messages (coming from media and the matrix at large) are going to continue to bombard and lure you to the outer edges, away from Center.

“This is by design and must be spotlighted in the light of your awareness. You are all being brought challenges to traverse. Globally but also personally.”


VENUS: “Tend to the personal challenges, shine your light and hold the line of truth without being drawn off-center.

As you heal yourself, you heal the world. It doesn’t work the other way around.

So many go out to “heal the world” but don’t tend to their own gardens. Weed your garden, plant your seeds, nurture their growth. Don’t look across the street to other’s gardens and weeds.

This is what the mainstream matrix is trying to get you to do (watch other’s progress – or lack there of – rather than your own).

If you all tended your own plot of land, soon, all plots of land will be weeded and planted.

In this way, you will be prepared to help others because your bounty will be great and you will have enough to share.

This, of course, is metaphor.”



GENN: what about the inability to think and put mental ideas into verbal word-form?

Is this just happening to me because I channel and tend to have one foot in the ether anyway?

I can get my thoughts out on paper but when I am placed in front of another person, I am barely able to make sense. It is really frustrating.

VENUS: “Yes, dear Genn. This is part of the trade-off in being able to connect to what you are calling the etheric realm (but not only this).

“We suggest you remember to center and ground. Realize that you will probably have more of these glitches until the energy becomes more stable and your senses learn to deal with them.”


VENUS: “Spending more internal time focusing on being in-body will assist.

We wish we could tell you this symptom will go away soon, and for some, it might. Pulling in to center will definitely help.

Asking that the speed of the device (merry-go-round) be slowed a bit if possible will help.

One cannot really slow this down because it is coming and cannot be stopped, but placing awareness on it will help.”



VENUS: “Using the trick that dancers use, called ‘spotting’ we think, will also help.”

(I am shown a dancer spinning, fixing their gaze on an area and bringing their head around to the same spot).

“Of course, again, a metaphor. Spinning your heads to watch every person who is sitting off the merry-go-round calling for your attention will cause more of the dizzying effect and disorientation.

Again, this is by design.

There are two factions at play. The ones wanting to move into the truth of the 5D new energies and those who are happy staying in the slower 3D matrix of smoke and mirrors.

By maintaining the focus on that which you choose, and pulling self tighter and closer to center, this will help.”


VENUS: “Deep breath, dear friends. We are here to offer support. We can help ground and center and give you a fixed spot on which to gaze when one is feeling scattered and disoriented.

Call on us. You have a host of helpers standing by, hands and hearts open, ready to answer the call. Always remember that you must ask. 

We often see your struggle and also see you forgetting to ask for assistance.

We send love and support, but as you are aware, we are not allowed to “fix things” for you on our own when we see you drifting to the edges and becoming further from center.

The Laws of Free Will dictate that we must have your request in order to help. We await your permission.”

ask for help


Genn: “Why can’t you give us a nudge when you see us slipping (before we ask)?”

VENUS: “Oh, we do. By sending more love and light.

Sometimes you get the glimmer we send and remember that we are here, waiting for the go-ahead to step in and assist.”


VENUS: “The energies are changing as well, in that you are your OWN guru.

This didn’t used to the be the case.

You have graduated from the lower grades where you were spoon-fed and coddled to stepping up to a more master position.

Here you are responsible for finding your answers within. It is the way it must be in order for the growth to occur.”


GENN: Any specific advice on how to deal with the inability to engage in meaningful conversation in real time!?

VENUS: “When you are having difficulty forming your words, simply be honest about it. ‘I am having difficulty putting my thoughts into word-form right now’.

Give yourself permission for this glitching to happen, don’t worry or stress over it. Let it be, don’t grasp, push or pull at it.

Don’t struggle against or allow frustration to take over.

When it happens, remember the merry-go-round and ask yourself if you are still in the center of the wheel.

Chances are, you will find that you are not.

Allow yourself the luxury to be ok with not being ok!

It’s ok!”

honesty energies


VENUS: “We leave you with these final thoughts:


Know you are all in this together. WE are all in this together.

We have not left, we are still here, ready to spring forth and offer support, with the knowing that you are full well and capable of “saving” yourselves.

To quote from a current vernacular, “you’ve got this”. You can do it. You ARE doing it.

The change-over is well on its way, you just have to play out the time – play out the clock. The game is already won (though I know to you it doesn’t feel or look like it).

Trust in the knowing that all is, indeed, well.”


I hope this helps some of you who might be in the same boat as I am.

I’m requesting patience from my friends and family when conversations with me are stunted, difficult, repetitive and possibly lacking.

If you’re struggling, too, feel free to share in the comments box below. It is sometimes helpful to see that there are others experiencing the same struggles, and how they deal with them!

We truly are all in this together, and together, we WILL prevail!


  1. Genn- Well, this is kind of funny….I typed in a long message and when I clicked on Post Comment … it all disappeared – altho that took a minute or two. I am laughing….I was feeling kind of anxious about putting up such a long comment and was talking with the crystals who are around me and asking for their help when I refocused on my computer screen (my computer is very old and often slow) …and my message was gone. In any event, I wanted to add this ~ I read (somewhere) that when we lose something or can’t find it (where did I put that ?), it is often because we were in another (higher) dimension when we set it down. I kind of love this concept. When I remember it it helps me to be patient until it shows up again. Blessings to all candi in New Mexico

    1. Hey Candi!! Thank you for (both of) your comments! The lost was found! I really appreciate you weighing in and completely understand the feeling of ‘why did I say so much!?’ after hitting send (thinking I was oversharing). You weren’t! I’m sure others will find your comments as heartfelt and relatable as I did when I read them. I’m still struggling and still forgetting to ask for help. LOL !!! Oy vey. May we both sail through this new energy and way of relating with ease and grace! Much love to you and many thanks for your comments!

  2. Genn –
    Brilliant ! Thank you for asking your Crystal Guide and Thank you Venus for helping Genn and all of us. Having just passed my 80th birthday, these little glitches in life have been going on for some time. Now why did I come into the kitchen? What was I gonna do ? Or get? And some days talking to another (other than my kitty) is like a stutter. Other times it’s as if a button was pushed and it’s all just gushing out. I want to ‘age gracefully’ and laugh through the process, but I’m finding it much harder than I thought. I hadn’t figured that ‘my’ troubles are similar to others and are coming from the ‘shift’ we are all going through; so this info is a big help. I’m hoping / intending that my anxiety level will simply fade away. ASK FOR HELP is Key !!! Was not thinking of this & now plan to do it verbally out loud. I have never thought (how embarrassing) to introduce myself to my crystals, who I really do consider friends. I welcome them and care for them with love, but still, now will talk to them. Thank you ! Thank you ! Blessings candi in New Mexico

  3. Thank you for sharing this, a courage building exercise. I’m so glad this might be something other than dementia setting in!
    I’m having word finding difficulty, experiencing the weird time expansion and contraction, forgetting from one minute to the next what I’m doing… BUT! It’s accompanied by growth in so many positive areas, and diminishment in negative areas. It’s a worthwhile tradeoff. And great practice in being a witness vs the judge. I can sigh in relief that Venus says we cool… 🤗🙏😘🥰

  4. Thanks from the heart dear Genn and Venus, the metaphors used are just so valuable! Thanks again <3

  5. Genn – Oh my goodness I just realized my autocorrect changed your name to Glenn. How rude! 😂❤️ I caught this right after I posted my comment. Hope this blooper makes you smile!!! 😂 An example of words not coming out right.

    1. Hey Dana! I’m super glad to hear that sharing Venus’ message was helpful. Not a problem on the typo, it is a common one!! Not rude, no worries, and yes, smiling. Thanks! Crazy words. I’ve had to resort to describing the thing I am trying to find the word for from the picture in my mind. Of course, in trying to (unsuccessfully) find the word, I spit out the visual description (“that square thing you throw your garbage in!”), exasperated, and the person to whom I am speaking will supply it (TRASHCAN)… LOL my poor family. LOL!! Luckily, you guys get the typed version which I can take as long as I need to find words, hem and haw, rethink, edit and rephrase. I have been known lately to repeat something VERBATIM 2 or 3 times, thinking that I can improve on my initial thought if I just try again… but NO. Instead, the same words come out, same order, same cadence. again… my poor family. HAHA! Thanks for the laugh (shaking my head)

  6. Glenn,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful message! It fills my heart with joy. ❤️ I resonate with all of this and I love the images you included and the analogies. This is a blessing! Thank you for sharing your story!

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