Do you wonder about how to work with crystal? A person who recently adopted a crystal told me their Higher Self asked them to buy this crystal to help with their channeling. They wondered if I had any tips.

I decided the information might be helpful to others, so I turned the reply into a blog post. I hope you find this helpful.


This is the crystal the questioner asked about when wanting to know how to work with crystal. Following is a breakdown of how I came to the conclusions I did when describing this crystal’s energy.:

image how to work with crystal

Genn’s description of this crystal from the website:
“This is a water clear Arkansas quartz crystal Transmitter point. It has just a bit of wispy Fairy Frost towards the base.

The sides are heavily Lineated and there are deeply penetrating Inner Child points and Keys.

There is just a bit of Drusy on it.

It has a very sliver-thin Time Link to the Future.

When held in my non-dominant hand the energy was fairly light.

When switched to my dominant hand, it was strongly pulsing and a pressure behind my third eye.”


image how to work with crystal“When held in my non-dominant hand
First, when you decide to work with your new crystal friend, determine the way it wants to be held.

You do this by experimenting with different hand holds.

I always start with my receptive hand, which is the non dominant hand (left for right handed people, right for left).

I tend to start with the receptive hand because I desire to “receive” information.

Typically, I place the crystal on its “back”, facing out. This means I place the main face upright, with the base pointing to my wrist, with my pinky curled around the bottom, the termination pointing to the fingertips with my index finger cradling the top.

Not every crystal wants to be held like this. You will know because it will not feel comfortable.

There may be bridges or outcroppings or sharp areas which want to be on top, rather than underneath, etc. To find the right hold, simply turn the crystal until it feels comfortable.

If you aren’t able to find a comfortable spot, try your other hand, and also experiment with the terminating end facing in different directions. I sometimes do this and return to the hand I began with, it is all in the experimentation of getting to know your crystal.

It is also helpful to try different pressures. Some crystals like to be held tightly, some more loosely, with a hand hovering over the top.

Continue to experiment until you find just the right hold. You can be sure your crystal will be guiding you as you do this.


Energetic differences noted:

“the energy was fairly light, when switched to my dominant hand, it was strongly pulsing and a pressure behind my third eye.”

The next thing to consider is energy. How do you know the energy you are experiencing is coming from the crystal?

image checking inYou do this by beginning with what I call the “check in”. Establish a baseline of your current energetic state.

Basically you are determining your baseline BEFORE you pick up your crystal to begin learning each other.

When you are ready, set your crystal aside and go within. See what your body feels like in its current state. Does it feel light, heavy or neutral? Do you experience seeing certain colors or do you hear certain sounds?

This is your baseline.

Now, you pick up your crystal, find the comfortable handhold, and then go inside and see what is different. Do you feel a lightness or heaviness which you didn’t feel before? If you were anxious, do you feel more calm? If you were tired, do you feel energized? Do you experience a throbbing, vibration or tingling in hands, fingers, feet or head? If you are a visual person, do you see different colors or if you are auditory, do you hear different things?

All of these variations are your crystal communicating with you.

You may notice a difference with a particular chakra like I noticed in my description of the crystal or you may experience something completely different. This is a good place to begin with your crystal, you learning its vibration or signature, and it learning yours.


Next you move on to the other parts of the description (perhaps during this session, perhaps not until several sessions in).

There is no rush! Remember your crystal will be here for a long time and you will have plenty of time to explore each other.

We’ll continue with our example of how to work with crystal by breaking down the original description of this crystal:


“This is a water clear Arkansas quartz crystal Transmitter point.”

transmitter crystalWhen determining how to work with crystal, consider physical and metaphysical properties. Being a Transmitter (7-3-7), it has a different energy and orientation than a non-Transmitter point.

Normally a crystal’s main face is the largest face. However, the main face on a Transmitter is different.

In a Transmitter, the two 7-sided faces and the triangle between are the main faces (as it is pictured in the photograph left).

Imagine two sentinels standing guard diagonally next to each other, protecting the “three” which feels like a portal or door.

Available Transmitter crystals are here.


. . .there are deeply penetrating Inner Child points and Keys.

key crystalInner Child crystals (the smaller crystals partially in and partially out of the main crystal) are good for accessing your Inner Child. They are simply small Bridges… so they may also be used to Bridge between yourself and your Higher Self. (If you want a refresher on Bridge/Inner Child crystals, CLICK HERE.)

Keys help us to answer questions such as “why can’t I…?” or “why do I …?” Imagine a Key as you would an actual key. What do keys do? They help us gain access to areas which we couldn’t access without the key. Keys open doors. They open areas which are locked. (If you want a refresher on Keys, CLICK HERE.)

Available crystals with Keys and Inner Child points are here.

There is just a bit of Drusy on it.

Drusy is a form of Barnacles, tiny seeds of crystals… Drusy energy says to me “thought forms ready to spring forth and grow” “seeds”… (If you want a refresher on Drusy, CLICK HERE.)

Available crystals with Drusy are here.


It has a very sliver-thin Time Link to the Future.

how to work with crystalThe sliver-thin Time Link to the Future may also be accessed as a portal.

What I do with windows (this is a right activation window): become very familiar with them so that I can see the window in my mind’s eye when I close my eyes.

I get in a meditative state, put my finger or thumb on the window, then visualize the window in my mind’s eye.

The crystal becomes very huge and I become very small. Enter the window in whatever way feels natural with that particular shape (climb in, or fly in, or become light, energy or consciousness and flow through, etc).

You may access the inside of a crystal this way to explore the inner world of Fairy Frost and other internal structures as well.

Venus (my crystal guide) has also helped me to realize that when you enter a window (or any other configuration on a crystal), our typical human response is to think of climbing inside the crystal, and that it would be like entering a room (like a hexagonal fish tank) with walls and boundaries.

HOWEVER, Venus says this isn’t how it works.

Once you enter the “world” of the crystal, the area you may travel is infinite. Boundless.

So in the case of how to work with crystal such as a Time Link to the Future, you may enter the Window with the intention of accessing future information or the future you (if you are asking a question you may seek the answer here).

If you want a refresher on Time Link or window crystals, CLICK HERE.

Available Right-Activation Window (Time Link to the Future) crystals are here.


CLEAR 01005“It has just a bit of wispy Fairy Frost towards the base.”

Fairy Frost helps to connect us to Nature, Nature Spirits, Elementals and Nature Deva.

You may enter a crystal (the way I described above, become familiar with the look of the Fairy Frost in your particular crystal) and after entering, see what presents.

If you are able to visualize in this way, you may want to explore the inside of the crystal with your eyes open.

This is a form of scrying. (If you want a refresher on Fairy Frost, CLICK HERE.)

Available crystals with Fairy Frost are here.


image Arkansas quartz crystal point, BridgeSomething which I didn’t mention in the description of this particular crystal is how “the sides have a bit of rust still present from before the mining and cleaning process.”

When working with crystal, crystals which still have some mineral attached (uncleaned crystal) help us to “remember  where we come from.”

These crystals with the mineral still present from the mine help us to remember our journey (where we started and where we are now).

When we see the mineral still attached, view it as a visible link or reminder when working with crystal.


“The sides are heavily Lineated”

Lineated SidesLineated sides I have saved for last.

Most all crystals have sides which are Lineated, and what that means, is that there are striations across the sides or body of the crystal.

This occurs during growth and nearly every crystal will have some lineation on the sides.

From crystal to crystal, some crystals will have more lineation than others, and also on the same crystal, some sides may be more lineated than others. If a crystal is completely smooth on every side, chances are very good that the crystal has been polished.

When working with crystal with Lineated sides, you can “unzip” the crystal.

To do this, you find a side which is comfortable; (usually it is one without Barnacles, Imprints, Keys or other inconsistencies), and drag a thumbnail or fingernail from the terminating end (top of the side) to the base end (bottom of the side).

If you have a crystal which has two terminations (Double Terminated crystals), determine which end you feel is the dominant end and treat that as the “top”. As long as you are consistent with which way you unzip, it won’t matter on a Double Terminated crystal.

This “unzipping” lets the crystal know you are ready for more information. I experience it as a subtle opening sensation but the experience will probably be a little different for everyone.


image HOW TO WORK WITH CRYSTALI am primarily clairsentient so I experience it as a feeling of opening.

A person who is more clairvoyant may see different colors or lightness.

Someone who is primarily clairaudient may hear a bell tone or something different.

Someone who is claircognizant may simply know they have accessed more information.


image unzipping a crystalWhen you are through with the session, it is polite to “zip” the crystal back up to let it know you are done for now.

This is similar to hanging up the phone after saying your thanks and so-longs to your crystal. If you don’t “zip” back up, your crystal may be left hanging, wondering if you are coming back to continue or . . .??

To “zip” your crystal back up, simply drag the thumb or fingernail from bottom to top (in other words, in the direction opposite to how you unzipped).

Venus has explained this unzipping to me in this way; once you unzip a crystal, the unzipping process is also infinite.

What this means is that there isn’t a finite amount of information you will gain by unzipping.

I liken it to taking the lid off a box, and seeing that there is just one marble in there. You think that once you have explored the marble, you wouldn’t have any reason to open the box again, because you have seen the marble and that’s all there is.

Unzipping is more like this, however; you take the lid off the box (when you “unzip”) and discover there is a hole in the bottom of the box which is open to infinity.

Like Hermione’s magic tent in Harry Potter, it looks like a small pup tent on the outside, but once you enter, it can be as big as a mansion.

The caveat Venus adds is that it is more like it may appear as a pup tent on the outside but when you enter, you access not simply a mansion (which is finite), but Worlds… infinity.

So you may unzip the same crystal once or one hundred or one thousand times, and there will always and ever be “more” opening, like an onion with an infinite number of layers to peel back. (If you want a refresher on Lineated Sides, CLICK HERE.)

Available crystals with Lineated Sides are here.


image crystals and ascensionThis is basically just the beginning of the enjoyment you may experience with one crystal.

Imagine that every crystal you have or every new crystal you adopt, you can go through this multi-layered process of discovery. Not just the unzipping, which happens to be on our mind since we just finished discussing it. Also visit each special configuration that your crystal has. As in this example, a Transmitter with Keys, Imprints, Fairy Frost, and Bridges. Also consider configurations such as Record Keepers, Sigils, Phantoms, and more.

There is so much to know about crystal, so much to explore. If it seems overwhelming, start with the big picture ideas such as getting to know the energy by using the “check in” described above.

Learn to determine when and how the crystal “speaks” to you based on your particular “clair” (clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairsentient (clear feeling), or claircognizant (clear knowing).

Next, learn to unzip for more information.

Finally, work through each of the different metaphysical configurations and how they apply to your situation. Bridges to connect here to there, Keys to unlock answers, Windows to access portals, Fairy Frost to connect to Nature and Deva, etc.

It is my hope that in describing these different metaphysical configurations that you will discover the infinite possibilities when working with crystal!

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