Recently I have had questions about how I pronounce Genn. People have asked whether it is a hard G like ‘Go’ or a soft G like ‘Giraffe’? I see it isn’t as intuitive as I once thought. (Why it took me so long to figure that out, I’ll never know!) In light of all that is going on in the world, this seems like an insignificant post to make. However, maybe a silly distraction will be welcomed.


gin and tonic
pronounce “Genn” like Gin and Tonic

I tend to talk in my head when I read, and I also imprint the pronunciation I pick (when it is ambiguous).  I thought it would be nice to clear up how to pronounce Genn (and only took me 25 years of being online to do so), apologies! Derp

This blog post will be short, but to begin, I will pronounce Genn for you so you will have it in your head as you read. “Genn” sounds like “Gin” (as in Gin and Tonic).

Soft “G”. Has a “J” sound. If you forget, take the J from John and double it. As my Facebook profile so cleverly interjected, how to you pronounce Genn John? It sounds like JENN JAWN. Double J sound (but with a G).


Speaking of G… GEE WHIZ! You may ask yourself “Why is it so complicated to pronounce Genn and where did the name come from? Didn’t your parents realize that people would have to know how to pronounce Genn in order to say it”?

Well, Genn is a name I gave myself, shortened from my middle name, Genette (sounds like the traditionally spelled Jeanette). Genette came from my dad’s middle name, Eugene.


Well, there is more to the story. Such as why I chose the name Genn for myself, and if you are paying attention, why there are two ‘Ns’ in Genn but only one in Genette. However, I don’t want to bore those of you who just want to know how the heck to pronounce my name. If you have been pronouncing Genn with a hard G, here are some rhymes to help with the (possibly new) pronunciation:

GENN and Tonic, Cotton GENN, GENNsing, GENNerally Awesome (Okay, that was a stretch).

I much prefer talking about crystals than myself (the reason for the short post). Remember, Genn sounds a lot like GEM !! Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “HOW DO I PRONOUNCE GENN?”

  1. Jean 'Mukti' Kuster, nee Tomaine

    LOL! A rose (a Genn) by any name will always smell as sweet! I changed my given ‘Jean’ to Jen because I thought my life as a #3 too much of a struggle, so I switched to #11. 11 was listed as a ‘master number’, and I very much wanted to BE a master (taking my first & last names numerologically). Now, 30+ years later, I see the perfection in my given name, and of the number 3 for this lifetime. I’ve gone back to Jean with a beginner’s mind and the intention to fulfill the blueprint my soul laid down for this incarnation experience. I believe in our right to choose our own names and the energies we swim in. I have not figured it all out yet, but having crystal companions along the way has helped. They smoothed out the rough patches and actually carried me over the blockaded or trackless parts. They continue to inform and support navigation through this amazing journey we call ‘life’. They have remained steadfast allies throughout the years. Much love always, Jean

      1. Aww. Thanks for sharing, Jean! Names can be weird, can’t they? I appreciate you sharing your name change (and return) story. I actually was called Genie until kindergarten, but when the teacher asked if I was called Leslie or Genette at home (it was neither – unless I was in big trouble, and then it was both!) I opted for Leslie, thinking I had to make a choice. Oh boy. Of course, as with all stories, there’s more (where’s Paul Harvey!?) but we’ll leave it there. Thanks again so much for sharing!! ((HUGS))

  2. Hello, Genn. Thanks so much for your little post. It is actually more important than you may know. I talk in my head as I read and also imprint pronunciation, just as you do (kindred spirit!). However, more to the point, it is posts such as this that help bring us all back to reality. They serve as little anchors in the chaos and confusion of the larger world as it appears at the moment. “This, too shall pass.” has never been more true than in the present. Instead of wanton destruction, we are all witness to the creation of a completely new world. All the negativity must be worked through, and the foundations cleared in order for the wonderfulness of the new to emerge in Light. It’s on the way; just not here yet. December 21, 2020, marks the actual beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Blending the edges of a new age is not easy as the energy of the previous one gives way to the different energies of the new one, but we have anticipated this whether we consciously realize it or not, and none of us wants to miss this spectacular show! Peace and Blessings……..

    1. Hey Ron! Great to hear from you! Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment! (Your comment provided an anchor for me, so thanks!!) Now I am singing in my head (…”this is the dawning of the age of Aquarious, age of Aquarious…. A-quar-eee-ussss…” and etc) My bonus mom reminded me of the fact that that song was sung by ….. THE FIFTH DIMENSION….. Whaaaaat!? My mind is blown. LOL !!! Big hugs to you and thanks again for commenting!! (((HUGS)))

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