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  1. Daniela Froehlich says:

    Just got the crystals I adopted and I can not say how excited I am to hold them and start working with them.
    The crystals came so beautifully packed, with so much love and care, it is a joy to unpack the crystals.
    I can only recommend Genn and I am quite sure it was not the last crystals I have adopted from her.
    Much love your way <3

  2. Birgit Smothers says:

    Genn rocks! I trust her to select the right crystals for me and she never disappoints. Her knowledge is incredible. She fills your requests with lots of unmatched by others, TLC. She’s one of a kind!

  3. Mary Lee says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve adopted so many crystals over the past 30 years, but these are by far the most awake, intense and powerful ones I have ever seen. It is obvious that love and care for these beings until they are adopted.

    The beautiful pictures and explanations you sent are so very helpful and I will refer back to them often!!

    I will definitely check with you first before buying quartz crystals. Your prices are very fair and we buyers appreciate that 🙂

    Mary Lee

  4. Jaime says:

    Hi, Genn! I was meditating with two of the AMAZING crystals I adopted from you last year and felt called to your page. I just read through your story for the first time – wow! – and learned all about your fur babies, too. Thank you for sharing these parts of yourself and the photos and words about your family members. Your story is inspiring, uplifting, and bright. I can feel the love you have for crystals, animals, and your life. Many blessings to you!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Jaime! Thanks so much for taking the time revisit the page and to leave this lovely comment! I’m glad you are enjoying the crystals you adopted! Much love to you <3

  5. Linda says:

    Hi Genn,
    I just got my trigonic point and it is beautiful. I also got your book at the same time and could not put it down. I love the rock people and was overjoyed to find a communal spirit in a person such as yourself. I am trying to get to an Arkansas mine due to you and your book.
    Thank you for being out there.

  6. Anne Davis says:

    Hey, Genn..Hope this finds you well and happy…Thank you for bringing such essential information to us. I was blessed back in 1993 to come out from Indiana to Arkansas and visited Wegners mine…We had a wonderful primitive campsite experience with showers included…and made hundreds of new friends who decided to come home with us. Many treasured crystal friends and gifts for friends. Wonderful memories and a great place to have some fun. I wonder if you might forward some insight about a stone. I have recently been gifted with a small (3″) exceptionally clear Dow-Trans/Channeler that has a tiny (3mm) X twin inside. Only a tiny part (of this very tiny crystal) is outside its mom ..a bridge..but there is a fully formed double termie inside her…. Shes just beautiful…Id love to know what you think of the baby(?) Thank you for bringing this important information into the mainstream consciousness. Be Well

    • Genn says:

      Hey Anne! Thanks so much for your comment! That crystal sounds AWESOME! Here are some blog posts which address each of the features you talked about. Obviously, if there is an entire post written about each, there is more than I could put here in the comments section. So you have a DOW (Trans-Channeler), a TWIN which is actually also an INNER CHILD point (specialized type of Bridge, and a in-depth revisit of that post), and a DOUBLE TERMINATED point which is also a MANIFESTATION point (I think this is what you’re calling the baby). I hope you enjoy reading the blog posts on each configuration! Thanks again for commenting!

  7. JoAnn Bullock says:

    I have been talking with Genn a few years on line & I am very attracted to all her beautiful & loving crystal friends. I have adopted a few & they have brought such welcome energy into our home & lives.

    Thanks Genn for your continued discovery of all these beautiful Crystals

  8. Carrie Dion says:

    Dear Genn, I have always been very interested in crystals and enjoyed exploring them while visiting family whom reside in the Hot Springs area. Just recently, I found myself yearning for something more. Perhaps the metaphysical elements were calling out to me considering I had been to a crystal mine, and numerous rock stores on this particular visit! Anyway, my in-laws suggested that I should look you up! I chose a unique crystal from the your site and requested a reading. The detailed graph explaining the special characteristics enabled me to really become one with my crystal. So much so, I slept with it the very night I received it. I woke occasionally to reassure it was in my hand and immediately noticed the heat generated by it. Not sure if that is something I need to dial into, but I’m certain there is meaning behind it. Today your book “Crystal People” arrived and I am truly touched by your story. I hope my journey is never-ending in my need to search and study crystals. By the way, upon inspecting my crystal, I found a tiny area at the very bottom with a rainbow! Absolutely thrilled me as it was unexpected.
    Thank you for sharing yourself through crystals, I intend to follow your site and continue to grow.

  9. Tracy says:

    Hello, greetings from the north east of England. Its a dream of mine to visit a friend in Arkansas who I met online. To have discovered Arkansas Crystals is amazing. Please tell me you ship overseas.

  10. debbie says:

    thank you genn for your knowledge and the wonderful crystals you share. my 2 recent points have arrived , and i am looking forward to connecting with my new friends.

  11. Kristie says:

    I adopted a beautiful E.T. Crystal from Genn and my beautiful friend arrived today along with a little thank you crystal friend and card. As soon as I put my friend in my hand I could feel such a pure energy. It was packaged with such thoughfulness. Just beautiful. I also got her book Understanding The Crystal People with a beautiful personalized message inside . Can’t wait to read it! Thank you Genn. A package never made me feel so special!
    Love and light ♡

  12. TERESA BOYD says:


  13. Jason Tungate says:

    I received crystals from you back in about, 2009. Wonderful, personally packaged xtals…with a personal touch. I have come back around full circle to need these xtals…I learned that abbreviation from your site back then…nevertheless…these are high quality ever powerful xtals. Good work, Genn. I look forward to purchasing the 1 inch long or so, slender crystals possibly used in jewelry….or cloudbusting. Might read your book, sounds very interesting. Your site has grown and Kudos to you and yours for building a profitable business in this ever changing INSTANT world.

  14. beverlydawn says:

    i remember you. A perfect woman who knows crystal powers.
    You have my heart.

  15. Kimberlie says:

    Hi there!
    I cant tell you how long ive been searching for some knowledge Exactly like what you have got on your website here!!!
    Ive been wanting to learn how to identify and read my quartz pieces for a really long time, but could never find anywhere to learn, till now ; )
    I was so excited when i found this site, i happily shared it to my brand new Facebook Reiki page!! Hopefully everyone who Loves crystals and working with them as much as i do, will come shoppe and fall in love with your site, like i did!
    Thankyou kindly,

    • Genn says:

      Thank you, Kimberlie! And thank you for the share! Have you checked out I have blog posts there, expanding on all the knowledge on the site. So much information I had to make two websites! lol 😉 Thanks again, both for commenting and sharing!

  16. Hello again Genn, my friend, it is I, Katherine Quartz from Mineral County Nevada. currently still in Portland Oregon, I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to you when my son had a childhood cancer, and you blessed me with the many lil mini quartz crystals, I have always remembered that gift of the spirit, so here I am again now getting your vol 1. I cant wait! take the best of care and I will sporadically pop in to say hello! From my spirit to yours; Pesh’a (thank u in Paiute Lang) Respectfully,
    Katherine xox

  17. The Absolute Best Place in the World to Buy Water Clear Quartz, each piece comes with a description card detailing everything Genn can find to explain.. PLUS, and this is my favorite part of this page, Genn has a section which is a Glossary of Quartz, and she is Excellent in describing and making sure even the Most New Beginner WILL understand what they are looking at … If you have not gotten Genn’s Book, I highly suggest it for every Crystal Lover… You won’t be sorry for buying it , NOR will you ever be disappointed in any piece you ADOPT from her … She Loves each piece she sends you as much as you will Love them … An Absolute 5 ????? In everything she does for Our Crystal Friends …

    Arkansas Crystal Works
    Alma, Arkansas

  18. blaine says:

    do you have a physical store we can come to visit we are interested in double terminated quartz cystals. we are building a cloudbuster.

  19. debbie baxter says:

    hi Genn
    big sparkly hugs to you lovely lady with your gorgeous
    treasures. i received my crystal friends all safe and sound
    wrapped in their beautiful wrapping and i’m so happy getting to know them. thank you Genn for all the knowledge you share and for your dedication in finding these legless friends their new homes. blessings to you
    always. debbie

    • Genn says:

      Hey Debbie! Thanks so much for letting me know they arrived safely and that you’re happy! Mission accomplished! Much love your way <3

  20. Marcus Lockhart says:

    I have a small boulder aprox. 2′ by 1.5′, 8″ thick aprox 150-175 lbs and the face is covered with Arkansas quartz crystals. I’m guessing maybe 200-250 pieces. is it worth anything and to who? It is almost impossible to move around saftley. Any feedback would be appriciated. thank you.

    • Genn says:

      Maybe it is something which needs to stay with you!? If not, and it is something you can’t ship to a prospective adopter, you will have to see if someone wants it locally. That’s the best advice I can give you. As for pricing, best thing is to check out similar pieces online and see what similar crystals are going for. Best of luck to you!

  21. Danielle says:

    Hello Genn, I enjoyed visiting your page. Your crystal articles are informative. You have a nice site <3

  22. Kathleen Shannon O'Brien Hale says:

    Hi Genn! I just loved meeting you at the April Ozark Research Institute convention. I just finished reading the wonderful Crystal People book I bought from you while there. It is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Kathleen! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I’m glad we got to meet and super happy you enjoyed the book! Much love to you and hope to see you again soon!

  23. Walter Nash says:


    Just want to thank you for your beautifully wrapped and shipped point and the extra thank you gift.

    I am new to crystals and I was surprised and a bit stunned when I opened up the little gift bag and out tumbled the little points into my hand and felt their playful, happy energy sweep over me.

    If I needed any convincing of the energy and life force within the crystals, that moment surely did it.

    Thanks again.

    Much love and continued success, Walter

    • Genn says:

      Beautiful!! Thank you for taking the time to let me know, Walter! Wishing you continued communications filled with unbounded crystal joy!!

  24. Shauna says:

    Happy 50th Birthday, Gorgeous Genn!!! I hope you have been having a fabulous week celebrating! PS – you don’t look at all your age…you super-lucky thing!!! And, I am so grateful to your *birthday blowout coupon* and cannot wait to receive my new precious friends, arriving hopefully on Monday (fingers crossed); thanks, again. Lots of Love and *Sparkling Light* to you…Shauna.

  25. Deanna says:

    Hi Genn,

    I’ve adopted several crystals from you and they are all so unique and beautiful. I feel theirs and your wonderful energy in them. I learned about your book (which I highly recommend) on the Internet and read it before I ever visited your site, I feel so blessed to have found your book, you, your site, and your wonderful crystals. Thanks for all you do and for who you are.

  26. Anthony M says:

    Hi Genn, I just received my first crystals from Arkansas. WOW!! What great pieces. I also noticed the nice thank you gift and the extra care in wrapping my crystals. You have an amazing service. I wish you continued prosperity…

  27. Hallie says:

    I just saw your site for the first time and I am very interested in your book! I live in Hot Springs, AR and collect quartz crystals. Sometimes after a good rain, I can just walk out in my yard and find them! Is this site the only place to get your book or is it available in bookstores such as Hastings or Barnes and Noble? Love the site!!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Hallie!! Thanks for commenting! Yes! Actually you can buy them right there in Hot Springs at “All Things Arkansas”. (610-C Central Ave) They are even signed. 🙂 Let me know how you like it! <3

  28. Michael says:

    I got my crystal today. With all the crazy things that are going on lately it came at a good time.

  29. Shauna says:

    Hi Genn! Thank you sooo much for the gorgeous crystals…they are absolutely stunning and beyond precious. They will be made to feel right at home here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA, with all of the other adopted Arkansas crystals. Love and Light!!

  30. Jackie Singleton says:

    I am Completely Blessed to have been in the Path at the right time and Place for Us to be United as Friends, Healers and Crystal Lovers, Your Love for what you do is so infectious, I would never be able to understand how anyone could do anything But Call themselves as Blessed for having You in Their Lives in Anyway.. The Crystal People got it perfect when they chose you to teach the world about them and to Teach Us All that You can in the very short time we are all here together.. Your Crystal People Adorn and Bless each room in my home and they surround Me with the Love of ALL THAT IS .. For this a Simple Thank You don’t seem quiet enough and sharing you I do With Such Amazing Love, Pride, Peace and Joy .. May You Forever Be Blessed By Your Guides, Angels, Spirits, Mother Earth, Father Sky, The Creator and The Crystal People .. I have a Great Feeling Something Amazing is coming your way very soon, My Angels Help Me as the Crystal People Do You .. Of Course they All Help US All and I Wish for the Entire World to Fall into the Love and Blessings We are so Richly Afforded By Our Special Friends … Thank You for Enriching My Life in So Many Ways and for Teaching all who care to listen and learn , the knowledge shared to You and By You .. Lots of Love and Many Angel Blessings to You from This Day for All Ways ~ <3 <3 <3


    • Genn says:

      ohhh Jackie. That touches my heart. Thank you so much!!! I don’t have words to express how this makes me feel. So, from my heart, THANK YOU <3

  31. Shauna says:

    Thank you sooo much, Genn, for uniting me with this special being and for the precious quartz cluster. I can’t wait to receive my next crystal friends…much love and light to you and yours…Shauna.

  32. Karen Oesch says:

    Hi Genn. It’s an honor to sign the guestbook. I love your book. Your book brings such knowledge, awareness, and energetics, laughter to the reader. And a deeper journey & connection go the crystals. I’m so thankful our paths have crossed. So Blessed. I’m excited to receive my second adopted crystal. Many Blessings Genn. Thank You for All that you do.

  33. Mary says:

    Oh Genn! I love them all. I still get chills thinking how #492 AKA Fortitude felt and how her rainbows just glowed! All the healers are loving and gentle souls.
    Thank you so much for making our family whole with these beauties!!
    God’s light for the crystals and blessings to you!

  34. Pippa says:

    Genn IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I have been adopting beautiful crystals from this lovely lady for years and I highly recommend her to all of my friends!!!!
    LOVED the book!!! Genn is so incredibly knowledgeable and shares her information in her book. All you need to know about crystals – Genn tells you in a very easy and fun way… it’s like listening to a good friend tell a story, very hard to put the book down!!!! She is so loving and caring to every single crystal and to everyone she meets!!! Thank you Genn for all that you do!!! (I also, kiss my babies too!!!) LOTS OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE, Pippa <3 XOXO

  35. Mary says:

    I am very! Impressed with your store and these beautiful crystals just waiting to be adopted to loving homes. Can’t wait for our arrival. 🙂

  36. Kim says:

    GENN!!! I LOVE the new site! Just wanted to check in to let you know that! lol It’s beautiful! Well done! 🙂

  37. Margot Losionek says:

    Hi Genn, I love the new format! I would like to see “Ask Genn” included in the site index, but apart from that it’s a real treat to wander around among the crystal people.
    I LOVE your book!! I mentioned it to a friend who is just beginning her crystal journey, and she bought it and loved it too. Thank you, and many blessings to you,

  38. Ann Huizenga says:

    Wonderful new look.

  39. Genn says:

    Leave a comment in our Guestbook!

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