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Evil Gemstones !? This seems like a weird topic. Google sends me a monthly update on the searches made on both CrystalGenn and ArkansasCrystalWorks, and the most searched keyword was “evil gemstones”! What?

Obviously, I had to address this. Actually, I have addressed it, with my blog post Negative Crystals or Gemstones, here. I get several comments a week on this popular blog post, originally posted at Crystal Genn. Because I have answered so many questions, I thought I would just put the content of the comments section here. There is a lot of additional information in there, fleshing out the ideas in the actual blog post.


evil gemstonesI was initially confused why SO many people would be using this search term. Maybe people are working with crystals more. Trying to alleviate some of the angst this new energy is bringing to the surface for clearing. They notice an increase in the discomfort after working with crystal. Naturally, they wonder if the discomfort they are experiencing is being caused by the crystals versus being released or brought up for clearing by them.

My take on it is that crystals don’t harbor negativity (so I don’t believe that there are evil gemstones). What crystals CAN do is amplify the energy you are already experiencing. The discomfort is real, but it isn’t being caused by a nefarious crystal.

What I do suggest if you are brand new to working with crystal, is to work with one stone at a time (per session). Don’t jump in on your first crystal session with 6 different types of gemstones placed on all your chakras. Instead, work with one at a time. If your discomfort increases rather than decreasing, you will know which type of crystal caused the discomfort. You can ask it specifically to tone it down a bit for you.


picture of loving crystalSo, that’s my take in a nutshell about the occurrence of evil gemstones.

Following are the comments (and my replies) from the original blog post, edited for length and content and in some cases altered for clarity. To read the full version of each comment as they appeared, find the originals here.

Without further ado, here are the questions to the query whether there are any “evil gemstones”.


QUESTIONER: I have a black onyx and mahogany obsidian. I noticed when they first arrived unlike other crystals I’d ordered felt off, jittery and heavy. Put them in water and sage to clear them, with other crystals. Later on they felt the same and they made my other crystal heavy too…wearing the onyx in particular makes me feel a heavy weight over certain parts of my body just from touching it and not even wearing…its all odd to me…is that a normal thing?

GENN’S REPLY: Some people are just not a match with certain stones at a given time. My suggestion always is: if a stone makes you uneasy or uncomfortable, give that stone a rest and don’t try and push it. It doesn’t mean that you will never be able to work with that kind of stone, but that that particular stone isn’t resonating with you right now.

A heavy sensation associated with a crystal might also indicate a grounding energy, so don’t discount that possibility.


shungite photo from energy museQUESTIONER: I met a very dark energy in my dream, it was way beyond a normal nightmare. After waking up I felt very unsafe. There was a shungite taped to my left foot and the week before I also had a nightmare with the shungite in the same spot. What is your view on this issue? I’m a bit afraid the energy will stay with me, or will find me again, whether awake or asleep.

GENN’S REPLY: As you know, my area of expertise is clear quartz. However, I would suggest if you have a bad reaction two times and both times the variables are the same, perhaps change tactics. I would definitely call in my guides, angels and protectors, and tell the energy itself that it is not welcome.

Since shungite draws out harmful substances, maybe it was “detoxing” energetic (versus physical) energies through your dream state. Could the dark energy be a manifestation of a physical or emotional issue you are facing? Just things to ponder on. Definitely I would bump up the protective measures just to be safe. I don’t think that shungite are evil gemstones or that they call evil to you.


QUESTIONER: It is possible if I hate someone, the bad energy will be sent to her? I’m using the rose and amethyst quartz.

GENN’S REPLY: It is my belief that bad energy sent to another reaches them (without crystals or other means). However, the bad energy harms you more than it does the other.

Rose quartz is good to increase loving feelings and amethyst brings calm. They are excellent stones if you want to help transmute your internal negative feelings.


hematite photo from energy muse jewelryQUESTIONER: I have had very strong negative reactions to certain crystals. Example: anytime I try to wear hematite it literally shatters.

GENN’S REPLY: I have seen this happen often.

It is also possible that the hematite is bringing up the negative energy held within your body. In the releasing of the negative energy, the stone sacrifices itself and breaks. Perhaps if you cleanse your hematite more frequently?

Conversely, sometimes you just aren’t in resonance with a particular stone. I have a good friend who can’t touch Tektite because it burns him.

This isn’t negative or positive. It is a difference in energetic resonance.


photo of labradorite from Energy Muse JewelryQUESTIONER: I bought a crystal recently locally, it’s a labradorite with yellows and other colours flashing on one side. Around the back and side of the crystal are quite a few black markings which I keep seeing ‘scary shapes or figures’ in. I don’t know if it’s my imagination being over reactive and anxious but I’ve felt scared and wondered what they were. They seem to change. Other times I look at the black areas on it and I see other shapes or figures resembling humans or animals. I’ve not experienced this before and wondered if it’s something in the crystal and should I change it? There were other labradorite crystals I looked at but this was the only one that had the pretty flash of yellow light and colours. Now I feel uneasy since I saw the dark figures around the back of it.

GENN’S REPLY: I am really more in tune with quartz crystal, so this question is a little out of my area of expertise. However, that being said, if you are feeling uncertain about your crystal, you might want to clear and cleanse it. It is possible the stone is bringing up fears you have around this subject (not causing the fear).

Labradorite is a beautiful stone, and the black is part of the stone. A really informative website I found (which is no longer around – said “The vivid labradorescence revealed beneath the gray or black labradorite surface represents deeper, hidden realms beneath the everyday world. These “seen” and “unseen” elements define the root of labradorite’s meaning.”

It could be that you need to remember to shield and possibly work through emotions regarding your anxiety about the “spooky figures” and this stone is reminding you of that. Though it may make you feel that way when you see the spooky figures, to reiterate, I don’t think there are evil gemstones. I would absolutely clear it, (and get to know it!) that should help.


meditating woman with chakras QUESTIONER: Can crystals damage any chakras? Recently a friend was told by someone who checked her aura on the computer that wearing an aquamarine or a jade was damaging her throat chakra. Was he just trying to get her to buy his crystals or can this be true?

GENN’S REPLY: I can’t speak to the situation or the person’s motivations since I don’t know the whole story. Again, I am not of the belief that gemstones cause harm in that way (no evil gemstones).

If a person is incompatible with a stone, then the stone might not prove to be beneficial for them.  For example, my friend who can’t tolerate the energy of Tektite. In my opinion, I don’t believe stones will cause harm in that way (“damaging” a chakra).

I do think there might be better choices of gemstones for a particular chakra, and it will vary from person to person. If a person finds that a particular stone doesn’t feel good to them, they should follow that guidance and choose another stone.

However, believing the word from a random person telling us that a stone (that doesn’t feel bad to us) is bad or damaging us, in my opinion, is giving our power away to others. There are no evil gemstones, but there is a caveat: there are stones which are physically poisonous (ie: orpiment has arsenic, cinnabar has mercury ore). I’m not talking about this kind of stone. This answer is just energetically speaking.


black-tourmaline-energy-muse-jewelryQUESTIONER: I have a question about Black Tourmaline. Everyone suggests it as the go-to stone for transmuting negative energy. When I know I am going to be around certain people who make me uncomfortable or if I’m going somewhere unfamiliar, I will either wear my black tourmaline necklace or put one in my left pocket.

It seems when I wear my black tourmaline necklace for a little while it gives me symptoms of anxiety. When I take it off those symptoms go away.

I’ve noticed a pattern. I did not want this to be true with the black tourmaline, so I’ve tested it out. But, I wear a Tektite ring almost daily and have no problems. Any idea why this happens with the black tourmaline?

GENN’S REPLY: Different stones affect people differently. Apparently something in your vibration doesn’t mesh with the black tourmaline??

It is good that you noticed what it was and that you and black tourmaline are simply not compatible at this time.

I had a friend who couldn’t wear quartz for very long because it gave her a headache. That passed as her vibrations changed. I am very comfortable with Tektite, too, but others aren’t. We’re all different!

Maybe the act of the negative energy transmuting is what is making you uncomfortable. Try cleansing the stone more often as you wear it. I suggest stronger personal shielding before wearing it. You may also ask one of your other stones to help ease the process of the transmutation? Just thoughts to try.


image of devil and angelThis post has gotten quite long, but it occurred to me that I need to clarify. We’re talking about whether there are evil gemstones not whether there are people with evil intent.

It might look like I am adopting a Pollyanna view about negativity regarding gemstones. I’m not implying that people can’t or don’t use them for negative purpose.

Negative practitioners who are sending (working evil) may very well use gemstones. However, it is not the gemstones carrying the evil intent to the recipient, rather the negative intention of the sender.


Once I encountered an abandoned Dark Arts altar with ritual tools. Included were various stones, crystals, bones, animal skulls and artifacts. It was immediately obvious that they were used with horrible intent, and for an extended period of time.

The altar was on the floor in an abandoned shack. The energy creeped up my legs like an icy snake. I carefully deconstructed the altar and gathered the items. They were buried for cleansing and purification in the earth. You can believe I saged and cleansed myself well after this encounter!

Mentioning these negatively imbued items (including stones) may seem to contradict what I have been hammering home about there not being evil gemstones. Let me explain.


The gemstones, in and of themselves, are not evil. The intent of the user might be evil. I see this as an inky black energy that might “coat” a crystal (for lack of a better description). The crystal doesn’t inherently have an inky black energy swirling within it, waiting for the next user. The layer may be present, however. This is why I always reiterate that we cleanse and clear our new crystals (bought or found).

In the majority of cases, the energy is benign, not abject evil. In the case of the items I found on the abandoned altar, they were obviously were used for very dark magic. A simple cleansing would not have been enough to clear them completely. I sensed they would require a long time buried in the earth to be cleared of that energy. They might not be clear for reuse for years (if ever).

Consider a chef’s knife. This is a handy kitchen tool. Used with the wrong intent, however, it can be wielded with murderous results. I wouldn’t use a knife taken from evidence in a murder trial to chop my vegetables. Even well cleansed, the energy residue would still be present. A chef’s knife from a garage sale used benignly by a negative person might just require cleansing.

Use your common sense. If a crystal doesn’t feel cleanse-able or is completely incompatible with your energy, it isn’t for you.


crystals on windowsillI hope reading these questions and answers has helped you in some way. Maybe it addressed a question you had.

I do want to stress again that I don’t believe that there are evil gemstones. However, I DO believe that working with certain gemstones CAN bring up some very strong reactions that feel painful or negative in nature.

This doesn’t mean that it is the fault of the crystal.

If you experience difficult or negative emotions, proceed with caution. You may need to back off a little with that gemstone or crystal, or stop working with it entirely.

Listen to your gut. If a crystal isn’t resonating with you, don’t force the issue. There are often gentler ways to achieve the same goal. It isn’t necessary that we endure pain or discomfort just for the sake of it.

If something is uncomfortable, you can choose to proceed. But let it be on your terms and at your own pace.

13 thoughts on “EVIL GEMSTONES?”


    Forgot to tell you under the Labrodorite section above you have two links to the healing chest…their fb site is non active since 2019 and both links cannot open the site. So you might want to find a new site huh….too bad sounded interesting too,


    Boy did this one hit a nerve today/this year in 2022. I have been having hard disagreements with people in my family on evil gemstones..the other thing they and others call them are demons. I have posted crystal pics on facebook saying hey what a beauty…and people in comments have written I mess with demons. Here is the problem…the Bible says not to mess with stay away from these. But after reading the paragraphs in the bible it is worded not to do sourcery or conjurings with these in particular. So the bible thumpers who I love cannot see the difference … I do not conjur or do sourcery…at least I ever looked at my love of crystals and minerals that way. I am not a witch by any means and I do not do anything to hurt other people. My crystal life is strictly with me alone. Fighting people on the bible is a losing battle..I love the bible and our Father, Son and Holy Spirit but at times gets me worried I am doing something wrong..seems to depend on my moods….

    1. I appreciate your comment, Shari! I find it a great surprise that when Google sends me a monthly recap on hits and popular posts (where did this come from, Google? I didn’t ask!) Anyway… almost every time since I originally posted this, it says that “Evil Gemstones” is the most searched of all my posts!! So I guess the feeling is out there more than we know. Hopefully this post will help to bring understanding to a heavily misunderstood topic.


        Yeh this came as a bit of a surprise to me regarding the biblical paragraphs…old testament …isn’t the new testament supposed to replace the old though? hmmm…. I think people are searching for more depth….and studying it…. They need to look inside themselves and hopefully have our Creator close as well….then meet a crystal if they are comfortable with it LOL.

        1. Agreed! Sadly the bible is subject to “cherry-picking” the passages that fit the narrative searched for (I suppose the same could be said for everything we read or follow). We decide on “truth” when it matches our current paradigm. When it is “inconvenient” then we say “well, this applies, but not that”. Meh! *shrug* ?

  3. Christine Justice

    SHUNGITE Has burned me on several occasions. The first time was when I used to place stones in my bra to have them close. The quarts did fine but the Shungite left a burn with blisters. I have tried it with the stone in a pendent but after a very short time the stone is hot and I have to remove it. The latest try was a beautiful bracelet that I love. Same thing, with in a few hours the stones were hot and my wrist was red. All this being said I still love it and keep it close but do not handle. I love the property’s of this stone. I have a very large collections of many different stones, in different forms. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and some just to love on and look at. Every morning I ask them who wants to go with me today? And I listen to them. They seem to know the kind of day I am getting ready for and are ready to help me get through whatever comes my way. I have learned a lot from your site and about trusting and listening to these wonderful creations of mother earth. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. I respect Shungite and its power. It is not evil. It is just very strong and powerful. I love that. You are awesome. Thank you!

    1. Hey Christine! I am amending this reply for you (and anyone else) that might find this useful. Recently I have taken to putting a Shungite sphere in my drinking water. I use a big Yeti 32 ounce tumbler, and the ice typically lasts all day and into the morning of the next day. When I put the Shungite in the tumbler, the ice was melted within hours. I was baffled. I thought maybe it was just having a stone in there that brought down the temperature of the water. I decided to put the Shungite in the container where I keep the filtered water instead of directly in my tumbler. I discovered that the ice in my tumbler still melts quicker than it did before adding the Shungite to the mix. I see this is proof that the Shungite is indeed mitigating EMFs and working on my behalf (stirring up the molecules/heating the water). Just an interesting observation for what it’s worth….. anyone else notice this happening with Shungite?

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