Damaged crystals have a powerful lesson to share with us. Called Empathic, these damaged crystals really pack quite a punch (more than we might realize).

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The biggest lesson I have been shown by Empathic crystals is the ability to love, honor and ACCEPT the damage that we have suffered, either through intentional trauma inflicted on us, or unintentional/accidental traumas and illnesses.

The beauty is that you can take the lesson of the damaged crystal and apply it to your own life.

When crystals are broken, they often have internal features appear that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Among them are Mirror Fractures and Rainbows. This internal fracturing certainly shows you that this trauma or wounding brought added beauty and interest to the crystal.

The surprise is that our traumas ALSO bring us gifts. The caveat is that they are not always obvious and we sometimes have to look for them.

Crystals with external chips, dings and breaks can cause sharp areas (like in the photo). Being aware of these sharp areas on our broken crystal leads us to be mindful of the freshness of our own wounds.

It can serve as an external reminder of how care needs to be taken with ourselves until proper healing can occur.

Just like with some badly damaged crystals like the one pictured, sometimes full healing (a return to “normal”) never occurs. The lesson is to learn to navigate life with the changes incurred by the damage.

damaged crystal empathic


damaged crystal empathic

To be clear, the crystal’s BODY (the crystal you hold) is different than its CONSCIOUSNESS (that which we think of as the crystal entity/energy itself).

It is the same in that we are also not our physical body.

We are our SOUL, and the body is our vehicle. After all, we “shed” the body when we leave and pick up a new one if and when we decide to reincarnate.

The body is not eternal (and not meant to be) any more than the crystalline body is meant to be eternal.

Its lifespan is infinitely longer than ours (so might seem near eternal to us), but still not meant to be eternal.

Sometimes a crystalline body is damaged irreparably (when the fracturing is so profound that the damaged crystal shatters into bits).

The crystalline consciousness is not lost or damaged. It simply picks another crystal “body” to work through.


Lots and lots of people drive around in a “damaged vehicle” (damaged body).

Some come into the world with the damage, others have damage that occurs through life’s experiences.

Still, ultimately, the soul is not damaged.

Of course, it does bring changes to the soul, because you experience the traumas, challenges (and yes, even gifts) of being in this “broken” state.

This isn’t addressing issues such as soul loss or soul fragmenting – I’m talking in generalities here.

Ultimately, the soul is OK. Of course, we pick up the experience and add it to our soul story, but our soul isn’t irreparably damaged even if our vehicle (body) is.

So when we speak of damaged crystal, know that the crystal’s BODY has been affected by this process but it hasn’t shattered the crystal’s CONSCIOUSNESS or “SOUL” if you will.

damaged crystal empathic


damaged crystal empathic

Use this metaphor of damage as a reminder of being compassionate and empathetic to damage we see in others (and especially in self).

I say “especially in self” because if you are like me, it is easy to accept and love other people’s damage and find the gold in how they got that way. However, I judge the damage in myself as unacceptable and something to be pushed away, shunned and sometimes ashamed of.

Seeing the damage elicits caring and empathy in us and the crystal then magnifies and broadcasts these emotions.

This is where the name Empathic came from to describe damaged crystals.

When I see crystals with damage, it really does spark a feeling of deep empathy in me but I also see the strength in the damage.

It causes me to reflect on my own damage and to see in it a more positive light.

Seeing a damaged crystal brings us to have great compassion for the traumas this crystal has endured in the process of being birthed into the light. Turn this same compassion to the damage in self and others!


Sometimes the damage to a crystal is very severe. I have seen many crystals left at the crystal mine (or in shops) by others because they are chipped, or even just partial points.

Seeing their intrinsic wholeness (in spite of the imperfect “body”), I never judge whether they come home with me based on damage. It’s my goal to help them get to the perfect new home.

You will notice that MANY of the crystals offered here for adoption are Empathic. This is not by accident. (Here’s a listing of the Empathic crystals currently available).

damaged crystal empathic


damaged crystal empathic

Some people feel shy about loving a damaged crystal. Should they feel responsible for inflicting this trauma (either by their own hands or in the mining process itself)?

After all, as humans, we are the ones who dug the crystal up (either personally, or those which have been dug up by others). There is almost always damage caused in the mining process.

We drop our crystals, ding them, sometimes outright abuse them (mostly not intentionally). It can bring up uncomfortable feelings.

The crystalline consciousness in a broken or damaged crystal is as strong and capable as the “perfect” or unblemished crystal.

I would even dare to say that sometimes there is more depth of feeling in the consciousness of a crystal that has chosen to inhabit a broken or damaged “body”.


Damaged crystals are also called Empathic Warriors by some. And they really are warriors, more than we realize.
However, I leave the term “warrior” off because it brings a different energy to the softness and acceptance I feel from Empathic crystals.

Being a warrior brings the image of someone overcoming something through fighting or struggle. I don’t feel this struggle energy in Empathic crystals.

After 27 years of working intimately with broken and damaged crystals, I have never felt blame, sadness or trauma from the crystal over the breakage.

On the other hand, I often feel blame, sadness and yes, even trauma when seeing the damage some crystal has sustained.


wounded person/damaged crystals

If you think about it, the damage is done. The crystal will forever be that way. (And that’s OK!!)

Why not love it with the full depth and breadth of the love we can muster (likewise with “damaged” people or with our own “damage”)?

Love the crystal unconditionally, see it as whole and lovely, even with the damage it has suffered. Don’t see it as “less than” because it has been damaged (isn’t perfect).

Learn to truly love the crystal, not in spite of the damage, but BECAUSE of it.

Then apply this same love, care and firey support that you give to the damaged crystal to yourself and others.

Embrace and own the chips, dings and perceived flaws and the journey it took for them to get there.


Work with damaged crystals to develop the skill of seeing the truth of “perfection” (flaws included).

Shine this healing balm of unconditional acceptance onto yourself and others.

This gift of transference is what makes working with Empathic crystals so very powerful.

We weren’t meant to go through this life and leave unscathed.

We will be bumped and dinged and sometimes those traumas leave scars and even missing parts.

It’s really not about how we are broken!! It’s about how we react to it and live with the change to our body and psyche.

I hope this post on damaged crystals gives you pause to reflect and that it brings more understanding and acceptance into your experience!

damaged crystal empathic
The "gift of transference" is seeing the beauty and perfection in damaged crystals and applying that truth to the damage sustained by self and others.

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  1. Wonderful insights and just the right message I needed today! With Virgo Season moving in, that relentless push toward “perfection” is very difficult to relax and let go of. I completely understand accepting imperfection and flaws in others, but being very intolerant of the same things in self. Your comments and “confessions” have really helped change the perspective. I needed this! Peace and Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Ron! Yes! “Intolerant of the same things in self”. INTOLERANT is the word I was looking for but couldn’t bring through. Thanks! May we all show ourselves the grace, unconditional love and forgiveness that we show others. Much love

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