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According to Wordnik SENTIENCE is described as:

from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition:

noun The quality or state of being sentient; consciousness.
noun Feeling as distinguished from perception or thought.

from The Century Dictionary:

noun Sentient character or state; the faculty of sense; feeling; consciousness.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English:

noun The quality or state of being sentient; esp., the quality or state of having sensation.



This is a topic I have been taking for granted that everyone knows, and feels like it is pretty elementary (and possibly repetitive).

That being said, I think it bears repeating (in case you’re new here and it isn’t something you have heard).

The fact that crystals are sentient isn’t something that is normally written about in many crystal reference books.


We tend to hear about how to “use” crystal in our healing and other workings.

In most descriptions, the role of the crystal tends to be secondary to the practitioner; that the crystal is simply a device to be used, much like candles, altar tools, or smudge sticks.

What I am proposing for your consideration is that employing crystals’ assistance should be regarded as a co-creative endeavor between the crystal and the person, more like a relationship between colleagues.

Let me tell you how I came to this realization and why I feel it is important to share with you here.

crystals are sentient


Initially, (25 plus years ago) when describing crystals for my website, I came at it from a purely physical perspective. Physical dimensions, weight and surface features. The number of sides faces and angles.

I never knew to even consider that crystals are sentient.

After physically measuring the characteristics of hundreds and hundreds of points and clusters, I noticed that I was getting sensory impressions from the crystal, as well.

It happened slowly. As I was describing the physical weight, I might notice an energetic weight, (lightness or density).

Sometimes I felt an overwhelming sense of joy or a silly laughter bubbling up within me. I would get stories and see pictures.

That is when I realized that the crystals were speaking to me. Crystals are sentient!

I began slowing down and listening to their messages. I started making a concerted effort to feel their energy in order to decipher their unique form of communication.


It is possible to sense animals, birds or even elements such as air, earth, or water in quartz crystal.

There is SO much knowledge our crystal friends have to tell us. They have lived for so long (and will continue on long after we leave this physical existence)! IMAGINE!

Because they are such wise beings, it begs the question:


Because crystals are sentient, they have stories to tell and lessons to share. But not every crystal is here just to teach. They may simply be similar to a buddy, here to provide company and share your story and theirs.

I think we tend to get into the mindset that because crystals are healers and teachers, and due to their wisdom and age, they are each here for a specific purpose only and not for anything else.

While they may be here for all those things I listed, they may also have been drawn to you simply to BE.

crystals are sentient


Most books describe the nuts and bolts of crystal’s “anatomy” if you will, with no discussion of asking permission, shaking hands and becoming acquainted.

In my book Understanding the Crystal People, I liken it (not introducing yourself to your crystal) to walking up to a person and flipping up their skirt to see what’s under there.

Imagine doing this with a professor, doctor, shaman or someone’s great-great-grandmother!

It’s unthinkable, right? It’s the same with our crystal friends, which leads us to:


A proper introduction is the best first step in the process of getting to know the Crystal People and acknowledging that crystals are sentient.

If you haven’t made the proper introduction, it’s just not cool to snatch one up and start examining surface features, facets, terminations and body type, and then toss it back down on the table if it doesn’t have the features you’re looking for.

It is a common mistake and I’m sure our crystal friends ultimately forgive our ignorance.

However, now that we have the knowledge that crystals are sentient, there is a protocol to introductions and becoming acquainted. I think it’s polite to follow it.

introduce yourself crystals are sentient


Ignorance is the typical reason most of us have been guilty of unashamedly looking up the skirts of our crystal friends. We didn’t know crystals are sentient. We didn’t do it out of arrogance or maliciousness. That is why I am sure they excuse our crude manners.

As we discussed earlier, it goes back to the fact that these great beings aren’t simply tools to be picked up and utilized without a proper connection.

It is different with actual tools. You might select a hammer and, judging by its weight and size, decide whether or not it seems right for the job (without considering the hammer’s ‘feelings’ or input).

This is not recommended with a potential new healer, teacher or friend (nor should it be, then, with our Crystal Friends).


Now that we realize that crystals are sentient beings, not inanimate tools, what should we do instead?

Keep in mind that making the introduction doesn’t have to be a big ritual that takes forever.

Connecting with your crystal can be done in an instant as you pick up each crystal and introduce yourself.


Establish a Heart Connection

it doesn't have to take longer than an instant

Ask Permission of the Crystal

let the crystal know you would like to introduce yourself

State your Intention

this can all be done silently and as quickly as you can compose the thought

Be Open to Receive

Erase any preconceptions you may have



Now that we’re aware that crystals are sentient, we should listen to the wisdom of our elders; these life forms millennia older than ourselves.

Be grateful and thankful to these ancient beings who have allowed us to pull them from our great Mother so that they can be of service to all sentient beings and the planet.

Enter into a co-creative relationship with your crystal and make the connection!

Do you have experiences of when you discovered that crystals are sentient? Please share them with everyone below! I’d love to hear your stories.


  1. Thank you so very much! I feel such a Resonance as I read this! Often times, the “Crystallines” will enter my Client Sessions. Never mind that I have a housefull of these Beautiful Divine BEINGS! I feel a real uniqueness in your Work!

  2. I also have an important question – so If crystals are sentient beings then does tumbling, polishing, creating towers ect hurt them? Is it a crystal abuse?

    For the most part I prefer working with raw crystals but I do have some bracelets. This thought just keeps popping up for me so it must be important.

    1. Hey Allutsi! Thanks for your comments. No, I don’t feel that tumbling, polishing etc is abuse. I feel like the crystals that are ultimately “altered” have allowed themselves to be. I think also, they are less “attached” to their “form” or “body” than we are. Their “identity” if you will, isn’t attached to what they look like or how they appear. The crystalline bodies are just that… vehicles. Their “consciousness” comes and goes more fluidly between the outer realms (dimensions) and the inner realms (what we see as the actual crystal stone). I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! Thanks for the great question.

    2. My friend gave me a beautiful crystal from her collection. She said the crystal wanted to come live with me so she brought it. That’s when I began to question whether crystals were sentient. In the past I thought they were a medium to record data on or a a power source, but never thought they had their own consciousness. It’s exciting to think of and now I can grow a relationship with my crystals. Thank you for the instructions!

  3. Okay I’m officially in love with your blog! <3 This is exactly the type of knowledge I've been looking for, makes me so excited! I had a feeling there was something more to crystals and it's so nice to validate my own intuitive hunches. Boy do I have some guilt about treating my crystals without respect 🙁 Or dropping them accidentally.. Now I know better. After looking through your blog I feel I really resonate with what you're saying and I want to buy your books :))

  4. Genn, thanks so much for this insight! I hope I am forgiven for my poor manners! I have been vaguely aware for some time that there might be a “being” or “guardian” inside each crystal, but had no idea how to connect. I love and appreciate all the crystals and stones in my possession, but I rarely, if ever, have formally introduced myself or stated a desired intention. Your article will help me do better from now on. One question: Do stones also contain a fairy-like creature or nymph, as crystals do, or is this special niche of consciousness reserved just for crystals? Elementals are rarely mentioned at all, much less understood, especially since so-called photos of fairies from the early 20th century were debunked as fakes. That fakery takes away the light from a real truth. It would be nice to know more. Thanks for all you do. Peace and Blessings….Ron

    1. Thank you Ron! I’ve been assured that we are all forgiven our manners based simply in not knowing! As to the elementals in other stones besides crystals, I am just not as fluent in speaking other stones language as I am the Crystal People. But I am sure they do. The “fake” claims (no irrefutable “proof” of existence or not) are so we have free will to choose to believe or not believe. I BELIEVE! Thanks so much for your awesome comment! Blessings right back at you!


      Ron, just thought I would mention I love rocks and boulders and other mineral types besides crystals. My yard has good sized rocks and boulders in rock gardens all around. After two or three years bringing my crystals out to the patio at times I was sitting there one day
      looking at the yard and suddenly realized almost every boulder had developed an actual face on it. Literally..two eyes and a mouth!
      It was shocking at first to me…I walked the yard and studied each one by one…and noticed a great feeling of warmth within as I met up with each of them. After that it was like I had a yard full of elementals to keep me company. haha!!

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