I recently had a question about crystalline consciousness.

J asks: “I am not sure if you answered this question somewhere, but I got the sense that Venus is like a crystal spirit keeper, the spirit of a crystal.  Or are the crystals more like communicators, facilitating the communication with great beings?”

It’s an excellent question. Venus helps me to explain. (If you’re new here, Venus is my Crystal Guide).


The way I experience Venus is that she is a Being herself (a Being in her own right).

However, I don’t see her as a ‘person’ (or a shape), she looks like Light.

Also, when I say “see”, it is kind of more like “feel”. It is both like seeing and feeling (in my mind). Anyway…

When she laughs (she laughs at what I say a lot, and in general), it is like sparkles and lightly chiming bells.

Again, with this, it’s a “feel” as well as a “sound” – I think I feel this and my mind translates it as sight/sound. I digress!

crystalline consciousness


Venus adds: That being said, crystals can (and do) help us to channel other Beings (through the crystalline body).

Just as some humans are able to step aside and allow other beings to come through their vessel, so to, can crystals do the same.

However this isn’t answering the question about crystalline consciousness itself and how it works.


crystalline consciousness is fluid

Venus has explained to me that crystals as we know them, the crystalline consciousness, (their… Spirit? Essence? Soul?) can come and go from the body (the crystal we hold).

For example, when the crystal “bodies” are in the earth, the consciousness isn’t trapped in there until they are dug up.

The consciousness comes and goes.

They can tap into the crystal body in the earth and work a bit (charge the crystal bodies as it were) and pop out, do work/play (their “work” is play to them) in the Ethers… and back in. (Venus is helping me to translate this to you now.)


I’ve described this before in my book, Understanding the Crystal People.

The crystalline consciousness is more of a collective with the ability to ‘split off’ rather than separate individual entities.

However, (to make a simple topic more complex), they can ALSO be experienced as individuals.

Because of this collective experience, every crystal has the ability to do what every other crystal can do.

In other words, they don’t have to have the specific characteristic we label them with in order to do the ‘thing’.

The characteristic (say a Bridge or a Record Keeper or an Isis Face or a Curve) helps the HUMAN to tap into that energy more easily.

Also, the different configuration of the crystalline body helps to tweak the light/energy a bit.

Caveat: Venus says this is not perfectly accurate but it will do (and she giggles).

This is a complex topic, I will split it off into another post. Stay tuned for that, coming soon!


Because the crystalline consciousness is fluid in the ‘body’ of the crystal, it explains why it is important to engage with them periodically.

If you ignore your crystals at home for long long periods and they collect dust and you never touch them (physically or with your mind), they can tend to feel kind of dormant to us.

It is because they don’t just sit there waiting on us to acknowledge them.

However, when we do, they are there nearly instantly.

It’s important to give them a wink or a hello as you pass if you don’t have the time or inclination to work with them specifically.


That’s just a little taste of how crystalline consciousness works.

With the fact that they can come and go if not paid attention to, remember to give a nod to your crystals periodically.

Engage with them.

Thank them for raising the vibration in your environment and for adding beauty to your surroundings.

It doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, a simple mental acknowledgement is fine!


Venus pops in here – she wants to qualify what I just said:

Humans tend to feel guilty for inadvertently doing something differently than might be optimal.

This isn’t to say you should ‘beat yourselves up’ for not paying attention.

We crystals don’t get mad and we aren’t leaving the ‘body’ if we aren’t being paid attention. We are simply in and out.

If you wish us to be “in” more, simply engage more. It isn’t a punishment or reprimand that we are “out”.

That is all. (*smiles and tinkling laughter as she exits*)

Thanks, Venus!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little explanation of crystalline consciousness and how it works. It is by no means perfect (as Venus pointed out), but hopefully it sheds some light on what can be a simple (but complex) topic.


  1. Dear Crystal Friends!

    Based on my experiences, we are all ONE. We are part of other consciousness, and we are also aware also other consiousness. For example, if you imagine, that you are an ant, who is living in his community underground, he is not aware that what is meant to be as human. Humans are not in his consciousness. However, a human could observe an ant and recognise, that there is an ant, who is working and living in the underground. Then the ant’s consciousness is part of the human’s consiousness. This is also true for crystals and other animals (dolphins) as well. They have other parts of consiousness in other dimensions as well. At their point of view, they can experience 3D and 5D as well. As we, humans are transforming from 3D structered body to 5D structered bodies (to hexagram based, crstaline based structures, like crystal’s body) we will understand how our world is far bigger, that we thougt. In order to understand this, you csan check this video on sacred geometry:

    Crystals are consiousness, as we are. We are not flesh body, we are eternal consciousness. Crystals serve us, as brothers and sisters of Gaia, to remember who we truly are. Crystals are living as you and me. We are part of each others consciousness.

    Hope, you will find this comment helpful.

    I wish everybody all the best,

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