This week we are visiting crystal questions and answers. These excellent and thoughtful crystal questions come from a Crystal Friend in Australia. I hope you benefit from reading his crystal questions and my answers!


image labradorite, lapis CRYSTAL FRIEND: I have 5 different stones I meditate with a rose quartz the size of the palm of my hand. An opalite. A moonstone. A cloudy quartz pointed pendant and a clear quartz pointed pendant.

Occasionally when I am carrying them to meditate on a chair or outside etc they may bump into each other. Obviously I try to avoid this. When they run against each other now and again does that contaminate that particular crystals energy and I should re cleanse them all ?

GENN: No. Bumping against each other will not affect the vibrations or necessitate re-cleansing them.

There is the possibility that they may chip or break with the clicking together, so I would be careful on that count, but as to them affecting each other’s vibrations negatively, you are fine.

Crystals can help each other vibrationally, and quartz tends to amplify other gemstones properties. It sounds like you have a group that enjoys working together!


image sun and moonCRYSTAL FRIEND: Also I leave them outside sometimes for days on end to get the sunlight and moonlight.

Is this ok or should I only have them out on full moon nights. Is daily sunlight ok for them? What about if they are out in rain or thunderstorms is that energy ok?

GENN: It is fine to leave them outside, with the caveat that colored stones generally tend to fade or lose color in direct (and sometimes, even INDIRECT) sunlight.

If the color fading doesn’t bother you, it is fine to leave them outside. I think all the weather and outside energetic phenomena add to the vibrations of the crystal.


glass sphereCRYSTAL FRIEND: I also have a glass ball the size of a large orange I hold in my hands as I meditate as I heard glass is similar to quartz in that it is a conduit for channeling energy.

Sometimes I place the stones in a circle with the large glass ball in between them all or place the quartz pendants either side of the ball with them pointing upwards and sometimes I place them touching either side of the glass ball.

GENN: It sounds like you are making a grid of sorts with your crystals and the glass sphere. That’s great!

I don’t know scientifically, but my take is that glass can benefit from the vibrations of gemstones, and yes, they are both made of silicon. The structure of the silicone in quartz has a symmetrical molecular structure, glass has a random molecular structure.

I, too, have a glass sphere that I really like. I think it has benefited from being in the energy of so many quartz crystals over the years.

The difference between glass and quartz crystal can be thought of like the difference between a robot and a person. The person would be comparable to the quartz crystal, the glass, like the robot. The quartz (person) can imbue the glass (robot) with its energies and vibrations, but the glass, on its own, only holds what the quartz places there.


ET crystalCRYSTAL FRIEND: I have had several Extraterrestrial UFO interactions with these crystals after solo cosmic meditation.

I want to know how I can best keep the crystals’ communicative lines fresh and open and clear as I regularly do Dr Steven Greer ce5 (human initiated extraterrestrial contact meditation founded on the grounds of love peace and cosmic unity).

GENN: Excellent! I think Dr. Steven Greer is fascinating. That’s great that you have worked with the crystals successfully with your interactions!

My suggestion is to keep your crystals cleansed, cleared and charged (which it seems you are already doing). You would benefit by programming them as a group (which you already have, in a sense). However, by intentionally programming them to a specific end (ie: strengthening your cosmic meditations for UFO Interactions) it may strengthen your outcome, in my opinion.

Really, by reading your questions, like I said, you are already doing these things (cleansing, clearing, charging and also programming). But to do it with focused intent, I think it will help tremendously.

Revisiting the posts (cleansing, charging, programming) might be helpful in that you may learn a slightly different way to do these things. Alternately, you may find that you are perfectly happy with your current methods. It is sometimes nice to have confirmation that what you are doing is just right!


crystals in windowsillCRYSTAL FRIEND: Is it ok I keep these stones on my bedroom wooden window frame to get the natural light?

Also I sit them in a line on there when not in use about 1 inch apart. Is that too close and I am mixing up all of their energies?

GENN: Window sill is fine, but keep in mind what I mentioned about the sunlight possibly fading colored stones. If you aren’t opposed to your stones possibly losing color, it is fine.

In my opinion, they can’t really be placed too closely together. If they are set to work as a group, you can keep them all together without any problem.

The only time you might have an issue with placing crystals “too closely” together, is if you have programmed a couple of different crystals for opposite tasks.

Let’s say you have a crystal you like to work with to increase your energy. Your program for that crystal might be to make you more active and energized. Then you might have a different crystal which you like to help calm and soothe you, to help decrease your internal speed.

You might not want to keep both of those crystals right next to each other. Not because they will cause harm to each other, but because the energies might meld. This might present as the “upper” crystal to slow a bit and the “downer” crystal to speed up a bit. But it wouldn’t “harm” them, per se, it just might mess with your programming and intentions a little bit.

I am also of a mind that if you talk to your crystals and are clear with your intent, as long as you maintain contact with them, they will help with that task, regardless to how you store them. It is when we “forget” about them and aren’t working actively with them that the programs can tend to get muddy and maybe weaken a bit. This is mostly due to a weakening in your own intent (not paying attention to your crystals or the co-creative endeavor you are both working towards).


Himalayan Salt Lamps CRYSTAL FRIEND: I sometimes keep my crystals near my salt lamp which is turned on as a dull light.

I have the salt lamp turned on sitting it on a small marble stone slab sometimes putting my crystals around it.

I heard salt lamps do beneficial things to the air around it in terms of purification. Is this ok?

GENN: I think this is absolutely fine! Great practice.

Keep in mind (again) if you have colored crystals (amethyst etc), they can fade, even in low light. So if you have a dark, gemmy crystal (think really dark purple amethyst) that you don’t want to lose color, I wouldn’t display them right next to the light.


Those were some EXCELLENT crystal questions! I hope sharing his questions and my answers will help if you have similar questions. If you have more questions you would like answered, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email!


  1. I am kind of new to stones and crystals and I just have a quick question about two items. I was wondering which item was more powerful a super 7 crystal or a hag stone because i have read about both items and both claim to be very powerful items? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hey Don! Great question! I think they are both powerful for different reasons, they are very different stones. I would say whichever resonates for you PERSONALLY will be the more powerful of the two, if you have to choose. Otherwise, they are both powerful for different reasons and different uses. I would just go with whichever calls most strongly to you (or both). Thanks for your question!

      1. Thank you for your response it helps alot. I believe the hag stone resonates a bit more for me because I had bought the super seven crystal but the hag stone I actually found by a river near my home. I have read that hag stones find you and not the other way around. I think that is why it pulls me more than the crystal does. Thank you for your help you are the only one I could get a response from so thank you it is greatly appreciated.

        1. My pleasure, Don! This is an example to show that choosing isn’t always based solely on the “type” of stone (is this type better or more desirable than that). Better to take each stone as an individual and how it resonates with you (also like you said, how you came to meet and etc). Thanks so much for your question, it was a good one that I think others will find helpful as well. Thanks!

  2. Hi 🙂
    It was 11:11 when you posted!
    I sent a question to an old blog…
    Have you ever seen a parallelogram or diamond shaped record keeper before? A crystal was intuitively chosen for me and that’s was it has! Also it’s double terminated … also…. adularia in Arkansas quartz (beautiful!) any insight on the properties? 🙂

    1. Hey Brenda! Apologies for taking so long to get to your comment on the blog post at crystalgenn about the different shapes on crystals. I commented there but will cut and paste the same comment here for the benefit of all since Venus popped in with a reply. Here’s what I replied to the other post: It is exciting when we find cool, different (unexpected) features, isn’t it!? As I was pondering, I received an answer from VENUS which goes as follows: “Record Keepers, markings and configurations may come in all sizes and shapes, the most common have been ascribed names and definitions, others that occur more rarely have not. The best advice on these “undocumented” features (which applies to all features, actually) is to go within and see what the feature means to YOU. How are you able to utilize and work with it, according to your own intuitive hits?” And I, too, find double terminated crystals have a special pull to me. It sounds like you got a really special crystal there. Adularia, too!? Here’s a little blurb on that. Thanks so much for your comments and question!

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