The whole subject of crystal names and categories or “naming” our crystals to me is pretty random, ultimately. I alluded to this conversation in my last blog post, where we discussed that all crystals have the same potential ability. They don’t have to have the specific characteristic we label them with in order to do the ‘thing’. Did you miss the post? It can be found here.

The gist of today’s blog post sprung from a conversation/question about crystal types such as Record Keeper or Dolphin. I don’t go into the details of this here so much as delving into the broader category of crystal names in general.


After we discussed her particular crystal, I explained that what I’m calling a certain configuration might in actuality be quite different from someone else’s description, believe it or not.

You know, even though I’ve been doing this as a full-time gig for … geeze … 27 years (that’s hard to believe) !? I don’t feel like I am the end-all-be-all of “this is right and this is not” (just because I say so).

It’s a dangerous place to get into (settled firmly into “this is right because I have believed it to be so for a long time”).

A lot of times I will come across lists of physical and metaphysical attributes of crystals online. Many of the names and descriptions match mine, some do not.

Who’s right and who’s wrong? Both and neither.

image Dolphin quartz crystal mandala


Venus reminded me after my friend sent the query that all crystals that we name or put in little boxes is a human construct.

The crystals don’t place themselves in such categories or separate compartments. It’s more a human thing.

Venus also added that she totally understands why we do it.

We use words and language to communicate what we want versus telepathy, where the visual and energy of a thing can be conveyed. Therefore, the labeling and naming of things helps us to differentiate to one another what we mean.

It helps us to come away with something closer to what we are looking for.


Venus continues that crystal names can actually be kind of primitive and arbitrary.

She reiterated that the crystals don’t go around calling themselves (or thinking of themselves as) these names that we give them.

They don’t identify as compartmentalized individuals in that way (“I am a Record Keeper”, “I am a Dolphin” or “I am a Cathedral”).

She pointed out that we give crystals these names so we can both be on the same page.

For instance, you can tell me what you want, and I can help you find the right crystal.

Beyond this, the naming is not of necessity.

crystal names


Venus showed me the word or idea, “sitting object” or in language, the word “CHAIR”.

I might go into a store to buy a chair. I might be looking for a non-reclining, light weight chair for carrying to a picnic. Because I am new, I don’t have a name for this chair.

The requirements are non-reclining, upright, lightweight, easily portable. In our language, this is a portable LAWN chair.

If we only had the name “chair” as a descriptor, or even “sitting object”, we might be shown a heavy Chesterfield antique, a bar stool or even a boulder.

Having the qualifiers of lightweight, easy to move, etc (the name “Lawn chair”) narrows down what we want.

Because we might not know that this lightweight chair is called a “lawn chair”, we can describe the requirements to the dealer and they would then show us the lawn chairs.


This post is getting long, but Venus popped in as I was editing. This is an important point that I missed in the translation of her message. Venus:

In the realm of Lawn chairs, there are dozens of shapes and sizes available. Folding, metal, telescoping, stool-type, reclining, etc.

If we try and lump every lawn chair into fitting only one precise description, then all the other lawn chairs by default would be called “not lawn chair”.

For example, take a look at the drawings.

If you only use the exact description of the green lawn chair, then every one of the lawn chairs pictured below that would not fit the description.

An experienced person would automatically know that the other chairs also fit the category (though not the precise description).

This more experienced person wouldn’t be hung up on sticking only to the exact description of the green chair (to define a ‘lawn chair’) as would the less experienced person.

The defining characteristics, therefore, aren’t about size or composition as much as function.

Because those newly initiated aren’t as familiar with crystal nuance, and the feelings associated are not as forthcoming as other things of which you are familiar, you tend to stick to the singular definition.

If you broaden your definitions to be more inclusive, you will find that you will have an opening rather than a restriction in your crystal practice and play.”

lawn chairs crystal names


Crystal names and descriptions can be the catalyst we need to connect to a particular energy.

Venus explains that oftentimes the Record Keeper marking or the Bridge or the Dolphin baby serve as a trigger or mental prompt.

The crystal names help us to more readily connect to that energy we are seeking to work with.

The crystals can all bring through any energy desired.

As humans, we often need a trigger or a stepping stone to help us to connect to that energy.

Venus says, “Seeing the Record Keeper marking or any particular describable aspect serves as an aide to humans. A bridge, if you will, between the desired outcome and the attribute ascribed to a particular crystal.”

crystal names mental prompt


crystal names

Venus adds that rigidly conforming to crystal names or descriptions as found in books can also hinder how we work with (and even relate to) our crystals.

“For example, many people might have a crystal that they thought was ABC (bought it as ABC or told it was ABC).

They have been working successfully with this crystal as ABC. Suddenly, an “expert” tells them… no! That crystal is XYZ, not ABC at all!

This new ‘information’ can cause the person to stop working with that crystal in the way they were.

After all, an “expert” told them they were wrong and the crystal isn’t what they thought it was.

So the person then might feel silly and wrong at best (or duped or lied to at worst).

Certainly there would be some disappointment or discouragement all over something as arbitrary as a crystal name or category.

Their relationship that they had and were cultivating with the crystal is forever altered.”


For me, as a person who describes crystals for people so they can find what they need, it is more important that I get the commonly agreed upon names as close to correct as I can. And at the very least, to specify (when possible) that a crystal doesn’t fit the exact textbook definition.

This is so that when people come looking for a lawn chair I don’t give them a Chesterfield or a boulder.

In this case, naming is important.

Without the name “lawn chair”, it could be discouraging for a person. They need a lightweight chair, but they take this heavy antique I give them (because I am a chair expert). Then they try dragging this unwieldy thing to a picnic.

It would be heavy and hard to transport. Likely they would simply abandon it in exasperation along the way and decide to sit in the dirt rather than bothering with it at all! They may even decide to skip the picnic altogether.

That’s one reason crystal names can be helpful or important (to be sure you come away with what you intended to).

Once you have your crystal, it’s between you and your crystal what you expect and what it delivers.


I’ve asked myself why I hold this stance (of not being as tightly restricted to certain definitions or criteria than others seem to be).

I am more fluid and less rigid with crystal names and descriptions than some/most. That may be a fault (an example of an area where I am wrong) rather than an asset.

However, my reasoning for this is in the knowing that all crystals can do the same work (see my previous blog post).

Limiting the definition or “criteria” to a large center-front facet (in the case of Windows) does two levels of dis-service.

Number one, it limits the amount of people that can work with certain crystals (because they are more rare, and therefore, more expensive and also not as plentiful).

And, number two, it also causes people not to work with the crystals available to them, based on someone else’s “criteria”. (This one is not big enough, or this one isn’t textbook perfect, so neither can do the job).


crystal names


crystal names

That being said – run through your own filter all that I have had to say regarding crystal names. See what resonates for YOU. I’m not here to tell you what to do or what to think.

As I said, I’m not the be-all-end-all of all things crystal.

I am only sharing what I have learned over these 27 years, all of which has come through the Genn-Filter, so who’s to say if I am right or not? I may be wildly wrong!

Like I said, generally speaking, I tend to be kind of anti-rules, so that might be why I am a little more lax or fluid with these things.

Some people are much more precise and rigid in their way of seeing things. Neither way of being is either right or wrong.

Keep what resonates and gently leave the rest aside. Not everyone is going to agree with me, nor should they.


One more thought occurred to me as I was wrapping this up that I think is important to share.

I purposefully simplify things when it comes to crystals. I take it in broad strokes, condensed descriptions and simplified terms.

My goal is to make working with (and understanding) crystals as approachable and easy as possible.

So many books out there are speaking to the person who already has some crystal knowledge under their belt. Long-winded descriptions of what each configuration can do, specific criteria to describing characteristics in order to “qualify” as a certain configuration, etc.

Believe me, I can pontificate, embellish and nuance you to death especially when it comes to crystals (look how long this post is!!). However, generally, I choose simplicity (broad strokes) for a reason.

In my opinion, too much at once scares off plenty of people. It can make a person feel like learning to work with crystal is difficult or complicated or requires special skills or innate abilities which one might think they don’t possess.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Working with and getting to know and enjoy the Crystal People shouldn’t be complicated. It should be easy and joyous, not tedious and frustrating.

Just like with learning to ride a bike, we start with training wheels and then we progress steadily up to the ten-speed with the racer seat. We don’t throw a toddler on a ten-speed and wish them well. How many people would be scared away from the joy of riding a bike if we did that?

Enjoy the journey learning about crystal. Start simple. Read, explore and experiment as you go along. Add the more intricate details as you progress in your learning, or stay right where you are comfortable. Not everyone is meant to ride the Tour de France. Some people just want to cruise. You do you!

What are your thoughts on crystal names? How precise do you like to get with your descriptions? Do you feel that you can’t work with a certain crystal if it doesn’t fit the textbook description?

I’d love to know what your take is on this subject (apologies for the long-windedness!). Obviously, there are many nuances to be considered, but remember, I am intentionally painting in broad strokes.

crystal names


  1. Red River Joseph Mitchell

    Dearest Genn,
    Thank you for your clarity of spirit and allowing the crystals be crystals! I have many crystals in my homr, garden and realized long ago I was just the transporter of these crystals! They choose me to find them and they tell me who they want to go to…some even say I stay here with you! Some I think I have lost and I tune into them and they say I belong here… the hardest point I have learned and accept is…they know who I am to them and ask to be with me by they know I have accepted to be their transporter servant…does this makes sense to you?
    I am most drawn to double terminators and windows with the self healers….I agree…the crystals don’t need names and restrictions, they all can do the same results!!

    1. Hey Joseph! Thanks so much for taking the time to write in. I absolutely know what you mean by the “transporter servant”, I, too fit this category! Though it can initially sound a little demeaning to us, the “servants” but we ARE here to serve, so that does technically makes us servants! I think the term servant has taken a bad connotation here on Earth. So, many thanks for stepping up to help the Crystal People get to where they need to go! Your friend in Service – Genn 🙂

    1. Hey Jean! My head is bossy and wants to run the show. I tell it, “sit down head, it’s heart’s time to speak!” LOL ! I think we would all be better served (and better servants?) if we moved into our heart space more. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hi Genn, A little off the subject. Glad I read this post. For I thought (at first) after reading descriptions and names of crystals that I needed to buy new ones. I never gave it a thought before. To be honest I can move any type of pendant now whether it’s a crystal, charm, or even a whistle. Last week I bought a new crystal and my girlfriend was trying it out across the room I told her that I don’t even need a crystal and got out my whistle on a string. My whistle started to move in the direction but my girlfriend freaked out because her crystal was moving strong. She said She wasn’t doing it. Now, she’s standing across from me about 5 feet. So I ask the crystal she was holding to show me a yes. It happily did so and with strong movement. I thanked it and then moved on to the no and maybe. The crystal changed direction in mid-swing to comply. each with great movement. This being a new crystal with certain cuts. Could this be why it did this.. have you ever heard of this happening?

    1. Hey Kathleen! Thanks for your comment! Obviously you have an affinity for dowsing! I have found that some people are more tuned to “speaking” with that kind of energy than others. Like you said, you can do it even with a whistle, so I don’t think it had to do with the “type” (‘newness’ or ‘cut’) of the crystal, just that you were able to communicate with it energetically. That’s awesome!

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