Not surprisingly, I have had many questions over the years about crystal healing. It is worth noting that while crystal healing works, it is not always what we would call easy or painless. Simple, maybe, but not necessarily easy.

This is a particularly relevant topic because we are all (the human collective) dealing with this right now (healing) with the current ascension process.

It’s so sad to see what’s happening all over the world in the name of “protecting” one another (mainstream narrative).

We are breaking free from the slavery and oppression that we have been under for hundreds (thousands) of years. I lend my support and love to everyone worldwide standing up for their (all of our) freedom. Because of your bravery, it ensures that everyone will have the ability for our voices to be heard in the future (no matter the topic). 

Unhealed wounds are surfacing for processing. Sometimes all that is required is to let it surface, feel it, observe it and let it go.
Sometimes it is required we stand up and peacefully say NO MORE. Not in fear, anger or an accusatory stance. We stand up calmly with love and detached resolution. NO MORE.
OK. On to crystal healing.


I had a specific question about a healing experience with a Brandenberg crystal (also called Brandberg) that illustrates this topic of crystal healing well.

I am not an expert on Brandenburg crystals, so my forthcoming answer and explanation applies to working with crystal healing in general. The question was:

“I have a question about Brandenburg crystal. After handling it a few times, I seem to have a negative reaction to it, mostly on the physical level.

All of my past physical ailments returned.

I decided not to handle that crystal anymore since obviously I’m not meshing well with it.

How do I get those ailments to heal since they seem to have gotten reactivated by the Brandenberg?”

crystal healing


Brandenbury crystal
Brandenberg crystals

Let me preface my response with the fact that I haven’t had much opportunity to work with Brandenberg crystals.

For those that may not know, Brandenberg crystals (from Africa) are a combination of clear and smoky quartz, amethyst and other minerals. My expertise lies in clear quartz crystal, primarily Arkansas quartz.

That being said, I will tell you what information came through regarding crystal healing as I was meditating on the question.

The guidance I was given was that the symptoms which had been worked on to be eliminated were simply repressed (not “healed”).

Consider that the underlying reason for the symptoms is still there. Could the Brandenberg bring these maladies to light to let the questioner know that the underlying reason for them is still unaddressed?

I read that Brandenberg crystals can help with soul contracts. As Lightworkers we know our soul contracts are often very complex, deep rooted and subsequently can be challenging (at best).


Perhaps the symptoms are carryovers from an unhealed trauma.

During the crystal healing, the crystal is “helping” by bringing the “symptoms” back so the core issue can be found, addressed and worked through.

Again, I don’t believe that the crystal itself is causing these reactions.

For sure, if you are having a lot of problems working with ANY crystal, sometimes it is a good idea to set it aside and regroup.

It just might not be time for you to work with that crystal in such an intense manner. You might not be ready to deal with the deep level of healing required at this time.


volume knob

When working with crystal, healing or otherwise, it is completely fine to talk with the crystal and ask it to tone it down a bit.

Let it know that uncomfortable symptoms are arising and you need to process them more gently.

That being said, keep in mind that this may not be possible.

The crystal may know that this particular crystal healing requires discomfort and simply can’t tone it down.

Like debridement of a wound, it is necessary in order for the wound to TRULY heal to scrape off the dead stuff. (I’m talking metaphorically here rather than literally!)

This is an INTENSELY unpleasant process but necessary for complete healing.

In this case, you might have to pause and wait until you are ready to begin again.

See if this resonates or leads you to another answer. Often it will spark a new track and your answers will come.


Even though the symptoms which are returning are certainly not fun, I still don’t believe it is the fault of the gemstone.

I don’t think it is the crystal “causing your pain to return” for ill reason, but rather for deeper healing.

Just like in the debridement example, sometimes crystal healing is abrasive and painful by necessity. Again, I hope I don’t need to reiterate, but I will. I am talking about emotional and energetic pain here, not literally scraping a crystal on a wound for healing!

If the energetic or emotional sensations are too much or uncomfortable beyond bearing, take it slow!


cleansing crystal

When encountering a particularly difficult crystal healing session, you might want to try cleansing and clearing the crystal during the process.

There might be energies built up in the crystal that need to be released before you proceed. I usually experience this as the energy around the crystal feeling “sticky” or “thick”.

Typically I will “flick” the energy away (like shaking off water) and resume. You can snap your fingers loudly around the crystal, run it through sage smoke, etc.

There are as many ways to cleanse as there are people doing the cleansing. Do what feels right for you.


As mentioned earlier, I think that oftentimes the reason for returning symptoms is due to an unaddressed core issue.

During crystal healing sessions, when encountering a particularly challenging crystal, there are different ways to view this.

You might need to regard this crystal as a no-nonsense helper that knows it will require tough love to help you to get to the core issue causing the symptoms.

When you come across such a crystal, see it as an intensely powerful healing tool that will need extra care in use during crystal healing.


All crystals, just because they may be labeled healers, aren’t necessarily fluff and soft coddling.

Sometimes deep crystal healing requires a firm hand and the energetic equivalent of the scraping of tender flesh.

These areas might have “looked” healed on the surface but there could be residual unhealed wounding underneath.

Proceed with caution.


If you still aren’t comfortable working with a certain crystal, don’t force the issue.

It isn’t mandatory we get along with every crystal we encounter, that’s for certain!

Perhaps this crystal is meant for someone else (or if not, it may be for you, but at a later time.)


In crystal healing, I DO believe that working with certain gemstones CAN bring up some very strong reactions that feel painful or negative in nature.

This doesn’t mean that it is the fault of the crystal or that switching to a different crystal will necessarily yield different results.

If you experience difficult or negative emotions, proceed with caution.

You may need to back off a little with that gemstone or crystal, or stop working with it entirely until you feel ready to try again.



trust your gut

When working with crystal healing, it is important to listen to your gut. What is your intuition telling you?

If a crystal isn’t resonating with you, don’t force the issue. There are often gentler ways to achieve the same goal (it just might take a little longer).

It isn’t necessary that we endure pain or discomfort just for the sake of it.

If something is uncomfortable, you can choose to proceed. But let it be on your terms and at your own pace.


You might find that crystal healing sessions are more painful than you are ready to deal with at this time. That’s ok!

It is perfectly permissible to take a slower approach to healing if that is what you are led to do.

Sometimes we need to rip off the bandaid and other times we need to soak it and gently ease it off over a longer period of time.

There is no judgment or right or wrong way of healing.

Each of us needs to proceed in the best way for us. Some people are balls-to-the-wall-bandaid-ripper-offers, and others need a more slow, gentle, measured approach.

Both types of crystal healing are valid and both are equally sufficient.

Pay attention to your own needs and reactions and proceed accordingly.

fast or slow


I couldn’t end this blog post without adding this bit:

Right now, as previously mentioned, we are all in the process of ascending. The Earth, our society globally, how we relate to each other and the world.

The “Powers That Be” aren’t happy with this loss of control. Being in 3D is their bailiwick and they want to keep us there. We are moving to 5D, no matter what.

The healing that is taking place on an internal, individual level is simply a reflection of the healing that is taking place on the collective level (and vise versa). The moving from 3D to 5D requires a purging and cleansing.

When you look around and think things are too big for one person to deal with (to heal), bring your attention to yourself and how you can heal your OWN wounding. Choose better ways of reacting and responding. Are you reacting out of fear or love?

Pay attention to what is happening, but view it through the eyes of love. The focus that the mainstream narrative is offering is that of discord, disharmony, us-against-them, fear, injustice, ETC.

It is their goal to trigger us and keep us off-kilter (thereby keeping us in the 3D energy). This is done in part by encouraging us to blame each other rather than tending to (and healing) our own wounding (which in turn will heal the collective).

If you can take the time, please watch this YouTube video by Tim Whild. It’s only 22 minutes and I think really speaks to what we all need to be focusing on right now. As Within, So Without (As Above, So Below). Creating the High Road so that we manifest that which we desire to see in the world. How to see the 3D matrix without falling into triggered reactions of 3D (keeping us in 3D) and instead responding with the Love Frequency of 5D.

To paraphrase Tim: “We are moving from Ego (3D) to Love (5D). Anything else is distraction.”

We can do this! I love you.

we can do it



    Had to leave a comment…I have a few Brandenbergs as well as Namibians and a couple others from the African regions..
    I have found you MUST clear them when they arrive you – ok my opinions sort of, but many of them seem to have been
    programmed earlier in time and some are downright dangerous….I, like the person who wrote, had some bad physical things
    appear out of nowhere when I got one of the crystals…also feelings of emotions that were all out of character and made me
    feel sick. I went so far with one of them to soak in salt and sage for 6 months before it seemed really cleared….(a studied
    crystal expert told me to do that) and anyway it worked. I am much more careful with them now as they are very powerful
    crystals…like the Arkansas crystals they carry a special energy….all these from African regions…I can only wonder if the Atlanteans who did some disturbing work with crystals had gotten their hands on some of these…not all but there is alot in the writings about misuse from them….in any case everything you wrote was excellent also and usually in most cases exactly what you mentioned but thought I would let folks know that I feel knowing what I have experienced now, the African crystals are for the more experienced ….crystals were never meant to do harm as we know so man’s interference must be managed before we cuddle our crystals sometimes. And of course not all Brandenbergs or Namibians are bad crystals as I have been delighted with most of them…but be aware of very strong energies from these.

    1. Wow. Thank you Shari, very much, for your input with these amazing crystals. I have never worked with one so I truly appreciate your input!! I am sure others who either have worked with them or have been wanting to will find your information invaluable. Thank you!!

  2. Dear Genn,

    I really love your blogposts. 🙂 I would like to add something to your view on this topic, because I love you too. <3
    Based on my experiences, crystals are assisting us by reflecting back what is within us. So, If we experience something wrong, or too much or something bad from our crystals, they are just give us a sign, and saying:
    "Hallooo! There is something within you, that you cannot accept! Please understand and acknowledge this within you! Please let me give you the light to see it clearly!" (You do not have to dive in details of any trauma. You do not have to be fully conscious about, what caused the bad feeling.)
    Then we can decide on the feeling of "acceptance". "Ok. I see now. I acknowledge this feeling by let it hurt, let it be, let it truly be feeled."
    This acknowledgement is the acceptance, and if you let light in (within yourself) the dark night of the soul, you can be enlightened, and realize, that there is nobody, who feels hurt or have bad feelings and so on… Because who had those feelings, it was an illusory self of you, that was not your true self. Then you can realise, that you were identified yourself with an ego-based trauma, but this was just a huge illusion!!! Your true self is LOVE. And everybody is made of this LOVE, because, as you enlightened your true self, you can realize, that other peoples, and the world is existing within you, because you are the "observer", the consciousness who experience the world as you experience, based on your projections, thought forms in connection with the others. So the world exists within you, and you can easily change the world, by thinking and seeing the world as you can, in your ever best dreams.
    The universe exists in all forms, each person, and they are creating their lives based on their beliefs. True Love can only be experienced, when you find your true self within you, and because of that, you will recognise that in each person, each form, each crystals etc. That is why parallel realities exist, and that is why there is only you, who you are responsible for. That does not mean to be selfish, no. It means that, you can live your life in LOVE, and if you choose to ascend to this point of view of life, everybody will mirror it back (crystals also) to you, and you can experience Heaven on Earth in a physical form.

    I hope you can find the above as a valuable help, or just something to add to your post, or just some kind words. 🙂

    Thank you with love and blessings.
    Zsuzsi <3

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