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In the past couple of posts, we talked about cleansing, and also charging. The next step before programming crystal is clearing crystal.


In the simplest possible terms, clearing crystal is simply erasing any prior programming.

Technically you could stop reading here, but I think it’s worth reading the rest of the blog.


People have asked if clearing crystal wipes all memory from it or if it erases knowledge or information (such as from Record Keepers).

Would it be like knocking someone in the head and giving them complete amnesia so they can’t recall who, what and where they are? Never to dredge up old memories, past experiences or lessons learned? (I just had a flash of the soap-opera total amnesia victims).

Not to worry, clearing isn’t this complete or irreparable. It’s not like a Romulan mind wipe or anything (apologies to the people who don’t watch Star Trek)!

I would compare clearing to deleting files from your computer. Your computer still functions just as it did, and the files can be re-created if you want.

As you know, deleting a file isn’t the same as deleting the operating system. You are just erasing the files you or someone else saved to the disc.

When you’re done with this particular file (which in crystal-speak is a program), then you erase and start new.

clearing crystal


Certainly, as sentient beings, crystals can clear themselves, but it isn’t their place to assume that you want the prior program released.

As with everything, if we want help, we must ask.

In asking, it requires that we get specific about what we are doing and to clarify our intent. This clarification is important for the crystal but more importantly, to ourselves.


This is an important point which bears repeating. I have compared cleansing and clearing to files on a computer, but the comparison is only as a basis for better understanding.

Always keep in mind the sentience of your crystal friend and that this is a shared endeavor not an employer/employee relationship in which you tell the crystal what to do and it does it.

We discussed that often crystals are compared to inanimate tools. They are tools, but comparably, our human friends and teachers are tools as well.

It isn’t a requirement that the Crystal People help us. They choose to help us. That needs to remain in the forefront of our minds.


Even if you know you haven’t personally programmed this crystal, someone might have in the past.

Likewise, if it is a crystal you have had for a while, you might have programmed it previously and forgotten.

It is also possible that a crystal may have picked up a program inadvertently just living in your space. I have a story about this that I will share next.

Because the crystal may be holding prior programming, it is always a good practice to “erase the blackboard” to ensure that you are starting with a clean slate.

Context for the story: This story takes place when I was first starting on my journey with the Crystal People. It is in my book, you may have already read it. Anyway, to set the stage, I was just learning about the Crystal People, I was beginning to visit the crystal mines frequently and my cancer had just returned.


A dear old friend of my grandparents died. He was in his 90’s. I really hadn’t known him for a long time, but he was an artist and we made an instant heart connection when we met. We shared laughter, stories and favorite painting techniques. Needless to say, I was very sad when he passed.

I had a wonderful masculine point that was nearly optically clear. I loved this point. It fit well in my hand and I carried it in my pocket nearly all the time.

When I went to my friend’s funeral, this crystal, as always, was with me. We attended the service at his graveside and when I walked by, I touched the top of his coffin with my crystal.

To be honest, it had become my intention to leave my crystal there with him, to maintain a connection of sorts. However, when it came time to let go, while I wanted to share my crystal with my friend, at the same time, I couldn’t bear to part with it.

At the last minute, I changed my mind and put my crystal friend back in my pocket.


I had continued to carry that crystal everywhere with me. I was just learning about programming and I decided I wanted to try programming a crystal.

When I was deciding which crystal to begin with, I thought to myself, “who better than this special Crystal Friend who has been everywhere with me?”

When I was ready, I put my special crystal in my hand, I got very quiet and still, and focused my intent (the program).

As I was sending my intent out my arm and into the crystal, in the quiet stillness, coming back up my arm and into my consciousness, I heard and felt a voice say three words very clearly:

“ I. AM. DEAD. ”

Oh! Holy cow! I dropped my crystal like a hot potato. I’m telling you, this scared the holy bohonkus out of me! At the time, I didn’t usually hear things; I was more of a “feeler.” So when I heard these three words, as well as felt them come up my arm and into my mind, I was completely freaked out!

I quickly put my crystal away and decided not to finish programming it that day!

Of course, the experience didn’t harm me in any way, but it did slow my progress with programming crystals for the immediate future.

(caveat on this story from Future Genn: Had this happened to me NOW, I would have worked with the crystal to see if my connection to my dear friend had been maintained and I would see if we could “speak” to each other through this crystal. Past Genn had no idea.)


On looking back, it didn’t take me long to figure out what had happened.

My intent all through the funeral service had been to leave my crystal to maintain a connection with my friend. (My intent became a program.)

Because my emotions were so intense when I was at the funeral that when I touched my crystal to my artist friend’s coffin, I believe my crystal and my friend connected and the program was set.

Obviously, since my emotions were intense, even without the unintended programming, my crystal should have been cleansed as soon as I got home from the funeral (a lesson on cleansing).

When the crystal and my (now-deceased) friend connected, the crystal was programmed for us to maintain a connection.

I assumed this crystal was  clear of any prior programming. After all, I dug the crystal myself, I had been the only human it had been in contact with and I certainly hadn’t (intentionally) programmed it. As you can see, I still should have cleared it before programming.

This story should serve as a gentle, but necessary, reminder on why you should always, always, clear a crystal with focused intent before programming it.

Never make assumptions about a crystal being clear of prior programming (intentional or not).

clearing crystal


As with most things regarding working with crystal, when clearing, intent is important. Why? Because it is a focused mental endeavor.

You are simply intending that any prior programming be erased while asking the crystal to please clear itself.

Doing this also lets your crystal know that your intent is to work with a new program. (A program is simply a goal or desire you are working toward.)

The clearing process doesn’t have to be fancy or detailed and it can be done in as many ways as one might imagine. The purpose is to communicate to the crystal that you are ready to work on a new program and to release the old.


Other than establishing a connection with your crystal friend before beginning, there are only two requirements in the method you choose: focus, and the intent that you are clearing.





    As with cleansing, one might choose to clear a crystal by holding it under running water. [remember the lesson about matching the temperature of the water to the crystal to prevent damage to your crystal!]


    Clear crystal prior programming by passing it through sage smoke or incense, while mentally telling the crystal your intent is to clear.


    Clearing might also be accomplished by directing Reiki energy or other energy or thought-based vibrations, while holding the focused intent to clear.


    With mental intention, simply tell the crystal you are ready to clear any old programming in preparation for a new program.


    Literally, clearing is as easy as snapping your fingers. You can even intend the programming be cleared, snap your fingers, and it is done.


Any way that you can convey to the crystal that your intention is for clearing to prepare for programming will work.

The sky’s the limit. When clearing crystal, focused intent is the main ingredient and is even more important when clearing than when cleansing.

You let the crystal know that your intent is to program it with something new (you’ve changed your focus or goal) and ask it to please clear itself of any prior programming.


clearing crystal is easy


clearing crystal

In summary, clearing a crystal is easy and doesn’t have to be complex or involve a long ritual.

It may even be combined with cleansing at the same time!

To do this, it is as simple as holding the crystal, asking it that it release any prior energies it may have picked up (this is the cleansing), and then asking it to release any prior programs it may be holding (this is the clearing).

Really, it couldn’t be easier!

If you are big into ritual, feel free to make these two steps as flowery or involved as you would like, and if you are not, it can be as simple as a thought. It’s all up to you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion on clearing crystals. Do you have a favorite way to clear your crystals before programming? Feel free to share in the comments below!



    Wonderful write on clearing crystals.. I have have always enjoyed the running water or sometimes saging but
    I like the idea of just the thought or snapping your fingers lol!! I was guided here today and have been seeing
    all your blogs….so you may see me around as you provoke thought and I start writing…hoho…. Many blessings and
    thanks for all the work you do to help us gain understanding. I have been with you and crystals for years now but
    I almost never tire of reading more or experiencing more…it is an endless glowing light.

    1. Glad you have been guided to see the blogs today, Shari! I enjoy seeing your name in my inbox. Thank you for adding your invaluable insights and thoughts to the blogs you read (keep them coming!). I do feel like it really helps to give a more rounded picture to a subject than I can give on my own. Again, many thanks! (see you in the next post *wink*) 🙂

  2. Hello Genn, My name is Pangea and I live in Sedona Arizona. I have collected crystals of many kinds over the years and many of them just looking pretty on the shelf. Somehow I found you and your site and I’m glad. You make all this crystal stuff sound very logical and easy to understand and accomplish. Since today is my Birthday and I have so many worldly intentions for creating Heaven on Earth, I think today is a day to call in that special crystal or resurrect stored ones to assist in the work I think I’m here to do. I’ll check back in to let you know the progress and what happens…..I have been paying special attention to your blog on programming crystals. Thank you

    1. Hello Pangea! Happy belated birthday! I’m glad that you’re finding value in the blog posts. Thanks for touching in! I hope your special day was full of birthday magic and that it continues all year. The next programming post will be coming up soon. Thanks again!

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