channeler crystal, channeled message
channeler crystal for a channeled message

This blog post will be a bit of a departure from the norm.

It occurred to me a bit ago that I have never asked for a channeled message for myself (and it isn’t because I am not struggling with issues!)

For whatever the reason, I forget to ask for help from my most valued helpers. I finally asked Venus for a channeled message, and she did not disappoint.

The reason I am sharing this channeled message (even though it is personal) is that I feel it will be helpful to many people dealing with the same (or similar) issues that I am.

For the past couple of months I have been dealing with some pretty serious website issues and a dramatic a slow down in forward  momentum. I posed these issues to Venus and asked for her input. Following is what I received:


Genn: Why am I having all these website issues and slow down in forward momentum?

image: Rainbow crystal, channeled message

Venus: FEAR. You are coming from a stance of fear. Fear of failure, fear of success… all of your issues mentioned are around these issues of fear.

Genn: How do I overcome this fear based thinking?

Venus: Moving forward is the best stance, take each step without looking too far out from where you are, know that you are safe in the stepping.

Your Guides and Angels, the Crystal People have your back. TRUST is at issue here. you must fully trust that the Universe and your Team is behind you (and we are) but without the trust, the fear is there, blocking your movement.

Focus instead on FLOW. When fear comes up, think instead, FLOW. They both start with F so should be easy to switch.

We are here, we are supporting you. We know you can do this, but YOU must know you can do this.

If you can’t get to that space, then simply step back and see only the step you are about to take, not the whole journey. We will be guiding your steps and ensuring your safety.

You act as though you are alone and you have no helpers. This impedes your helpers from HELPING. We can see the way ahead of you even if you can’t, but it is most important that you see the next step and then the next. You don’t have to see the end of the road.

We see that and are keeping an eye on it for you, keeping your trajectory straight, and if you veer off course, we will nudge you gently back on.

FEAR (Venus continues)


You are on course, but your fear prevents you from knowing this. You stand in fear and feel frozen and stuck. And you ARE stuck as long as you are in fear.

Choose FLOW and know we are here, all hands on you, guiding you, protecting you, supporting you.

Set aside the fear, it is choking you and grinding your manifestations to a halt.

Do not be dismayed at this, it doesn’t mean that your momentum is stopped permanently. It means that your fear is holding you back from perceived injury or consequence.

Your fear is a PROTECTIVE measure, we understand this.

Realize you don’t require the protection in that way as your team here on the other side is here with you every step. You tend to forget this, being a little stubborn (wink) in this incarnation (and others?) (sparkling laughter)

Reach out to us, we are here to help you as much or more than we are here to help others THROUGH you. First you must allow us to help you to keep your channel clear. Clouded by fear makes for a more cloudy channel. Clouded by fear makes your manifestations weaken and sticks up the gears.

Breathe. Relax. Trust. Know.

All is well, this is assured, and all is progressing according to plans. We love you beyond measure.

Flow not Fear

THE CHANNEL BECOMES STICKY (re-securing channel, Venus continues)

image: rainbow crystalCrying is ok. Movement is appreciated.

Let go of the reins so the horse can go where it needs to go. You are pulling so tightly in your fear that the horse is going backwards, shaking its head and threatening to buck you off.

Loosen the reins. Give it some slack. The horse (your movement) knows where it is going and is being led by your team here. When you pull on the reins and jerk them, it is confusing the horse’s flow (your trajectory) and slowing up your arrival at your destination.

Your destination, in fact, is just riding, freely, flowing. The journey truly IS the destination. You have forgotten this, dear Genn. FLOW FLOW FLOW

Ground. Speak your truth. The world weight is not on your shoulders.

Lift that burden from yourself as you are the one who put that there, no one else. Receive our assistance.

We offer but you forget to pick up the help, preferring to wrangle the reins yourself.

Loosen your grip, give some slack and remember you can ask the horse to slow if needed, but it cannot move at all if you keep the reins so tight it cuts her mouth. Backwards is where she has been taking you because you are holding so tightly.


All is well, we are here.


I hope the sharing of this channeled message helps you as much as it helped me.

I know we are living in turbulent, troubled times. Remember that this is because the light is increasing so exponentially that the shadows seem deeper and darker. It is simply because the light is shining so brightly that it is highlighting the dark.

Though it may not seem that way, all truly is well and everything is working out according to Divine Guidance.

When you feel yourself slipping into fear, do what I do and mindfully loosen your pull on the reins, trust and go with the flow.

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  1. Dear Genn and beings of the Divine Source, thank you for sharing this channeled message so openly and freely. It is a remarkable synchronicity at a wonderful moment of divine timing in my life as I am sure it likely to be in others, too. I hope to be able to begin/ keep moving forward by focusing on turning fear to flow. Sometimes we all need a little nudge. Sending love, light and blessings.

    1. Diana G. I agree, it was like reading a message channeled just for me. Yes, I too am needing to change fear into flow. Terry, WA USA

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