I sometimes get emails from people who disagree with the assigned meanings of certain crystal configurations listed in the blog and elsewhere. Recently I had someone write about Eight-Sided Face crystals. He wanted to know why I focused on particular assigned meanings and not others. I am sharing my take on this great question.


Mandala Eight-Sided Face - Genn John“I read with interest your write up on Eight-Sided Face crystals. You seem to focus on this crystal as one that is essentially used for STOP, FOCUS and GROUND action, in another words it is a grounding stone.

My experience is very much different . The eight sided crystal is a stone that has the ability to empower and energize. It is a stone that facilitates success and accomplishment which helps us to balance the desire for material things with a need for spiritual attainment. It is most helpful in pursuing a project, business venture, a career or practical matters. The stone is success oriented when used wisely in a positive way to receive guidance through mediation and dream work. Eight is generally associated with wise material management.

Why would nature create this most complex and wonderful crystal and then use it for grounding primarily. If you want a grounding crystal use a basic white milky quartz. Eight is associated with wise material management.

I just found that your write up did not do justice to this stone, giving it a minor purpose or function, when the opposite is true in my experience. It is a rare and wonderful stone.”


assigned meanings eight-sided faceAfter thanking the questioner for his email, I told him that I absolutely agreed with what he had to say! Eight-sided face crystals are rare and wonderful. I have a lovely one sitting here with me when I work on the computer.

Allow me to explain why I focus only on a few aspects in my write up of assigned meanings of crystals.

When I write about the different aspects or assigned meanings of each crystal type, it has been primarily to make learning about crystals less daunting and more attainable for all.

I’ve been doing this since 1995. Because all the different assigned meanings were so overwhelming, I wasn’t able to really learn what any of them could do. I was doing this “full time”, and had a website about crystals. I STILL struggled with learning all the things that each crystal type can do.

What about the person who was not focused on crystals all day, every day (like I am)? What hope did they have to learn all of these assigned meanings if I couldn’t get a grasp on it all, and I was dedicating my LIFE to this pursuit !?

In the books I read, there were lists of at least 10 assigned meanings that each type of crystal could do. Many of the crystal types assigned meanings overlap and some crystals are better than others at doing the same thing. Like the questioner said, you can ground with any number of crystals, not just an Eight-Sided face.


assigned meanings eight-sided faceAll crystals have many, many layers of abilities. And certainly the Eight-Sided face isn’t solely about grounding. But at its CORE, this is the gist, boiled down.

Sort of like how dentists work on TEETH, cardiologists, HEART, etc. My way of learning is that once you can remember dentist=teeth, then you can extrapolate on that. You hear the word “dentist” and think teeth/mouth. By extrapolating, you know that branches out to straightening teeth, pulling teeth, cleaning teeth. Then you can move out some more, to encompass tongue, lips, roof of mouth.

Then move out even further, knowing “dentist” and “oral surgeon” are similar. “Dentist” and “dental hygienist”, etc etc etc. But as you break it down, since you know that the core is dentist=teeth, you can better learn the nuances of each of the other specialties. Once you know this, you can go to the oral hygienist for the cleaning, the surgeon for the pulling, etc.


SMOKY CRYSTAL MANDALA Genn JohnSo with assigned meanings such as grounding, once you know the basics, then you might work with a smoky crystal just for basic grounding.

However, if you are looking to ground energies to materialize a specific goal or empower and energize, then you might branch out to the assigned meanings to work with an Eight-Sided face crystal.

I find that if one tries to memorize the entire list of assigned meanings (with 40+ different types of quartz crystal), it gets overwhelming. People tend to give up in frustration, thinking it is an unattainable goal.

But, I agree with the questioner. Certainly, there are many more nuances with the Eight-Sided face crystal as he mentioned.


assigned meanings eight-sided faceThat being said, with the Eight-Sided face, the assigned meanings he mentioned such as “the ability to empower and energize” requires you be grounded in your body to materialize your “projects, business ventures, career or practical matters” into the physical.

So what I have written and what the questioner knows about these wonderful crystals are both true. In my allegorical comparison, I simply stopped at dentist=teeth until that basic level can be learned and fully absorbed. After digesting that, the learner can extrapolate as they grow in their crystal study.

“Simply grounding” seems like a nominal role. However, none of our head dreams can be brought down and out through the material world, without first being grounded.

If not for grounding, we would just be up in the air, floating around (metaphorically). We wouldn’t be doing the physical “work” that is required to manifest in material reality. So the grounding aspect is a very important one.

Add to it the numerological powers of eight, and boom!


I hope this has helped explain why I have written what I did about Eight-Sided face crystals (and other crystals and their assigned meanings). Keep in mind that the descriptions of most of these different crystal types is just the beginning of what each crystal is capable. The information given about the assigned meanings is simplified and condensed. Use the assigned meanings as a baseline from which to start, not an end point.

If you have questions as well, please feel free to ask. I am happy to share my knowledge! If it is a question to which I don’t have an immediate answer, I can always ask Crystal Guide Venus for her input! Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Genn,
    This is a great post! I just recently adopted an eight-sided crystal from you. Funny story, it was one of the first crystals that kept calling to me but the last one to come home after purchasing several orders with you. I was getting ready to step into some big shifts and changes and I definitely needed the assistance with GROUNDING and FOCUS but “STOP” was the last thing I wanted to do after being stuck for so long. Needless to say, this crystal spent a lot of time in the merry-go-round cart, lol, until I finally realized “STOP” was exactly what I needed 🙂

    As you pointed out, “the ability to empower and energize requires you be grounded in your body to materialize your “projects, business ventures, career or practical matters” into the physical”….this is so true! And for me personally, I needed that stop sign to make sure I’m grounded enough to move forward in a proactive manner, not a reactive one, in order to be the most empowered.

    Like you stated, ” All crystals have many, many layers of abilities” and you’ve provided a wealth of information as baseline from which to start, not an end point…’s up to us to discover that for ourselves. I have found some meanings resonated more than others and some prompted my curiosity to investigate a little more deeply. Crystals are multi-faceted, just like we are, and with many different crystal meanings it’s up to us to feel what resonates with us individually. I love how the crystal’s reflective nature have helped me to look more deeply within myself with more clarity – what perfect friends they are to assist us on our individual journeys through life! Many thanks to you for your blog and website, and thanks to the person who submitted this question. We can learn a lot from our shared experiences and although no two experiences will ever be exactly alike, it all becomes important pieces to this beautiful mosaic of life that we are all a part of 🙂

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