Artemis or Candle Crystals are long thin points with a 6 to 1 ratio. For example: 1 inch wide and 6 inches long, or 1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long, etc.

artemis or candle crystal

These drawings are from my Crystal Mandala books (in which I have drawn a mandala of each type of crystal, condensing the information to 4 to 5 items to make remembering easier).

artemis or candle crystal


These long crystals are most often called Artemis, but are sometimes also called Candle crystals.

The term Candle Crystals should not be confused with Candle Quartz. Candle Quartz is a crystal which looks a lot like a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal.

The candles being referenced in the case of Artemis crystals are birthday candles (on a small scale) or a tapers (on a larger scale).


artemis or candle crystalThey don’t have to be a certain length to “qualify”.

As a matter of fact, they may be quite small. Very small points are called “Needle Points”. Conversely, they may be quite large.

The only caveat to “qualify” as Artemis or Candle Crystals is that they are at least six times longer than they are wide.

You might notice that you don’t see a lot of large, but do see more small, Artemis points, simply because a long thin crystal tends to get broken in the mining process.

The larger, longer and thinner points break more easily.

You might also notice more Artemis or Candle crystals which are cut and polished for the same reason (they might have been a much thicker crystal with damage to the outside, so they are then cut and polished into a longer, thinner point).

A crystal polished into a thin point will still have the energy of an Artemis but might not have as much precision to its focus as a crystal which is naturally occurring in this shape. See the blog post about polished versus natural crystals for more on this topic.


artemis or candle crystalThese crystals are called “Candle” due to their shape, and “Artemis” because they resemble arrows (long and thin).

Artemis is the Greek Goddess devoted to hunting and nature (among other things). She is most usually depicted wielding a bow and arrows, most often with the arrow pulled back and ready to fire.

That is precisely the type of energy these Artemis or Candle crystals have. They focus energy and speed prayers to their goals (like an arrow… shwooop!).

Because of their long, thin shape, they work well made into jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. The shape is also excellent when made into wands.


There are different ways you might work with Artemis or Candle crystals.

You may choose to work with them in a grid, and let the arrow-like energy help speed your grid to its goal.

You could choose to work with Candle crystals as you would a wand, directing energy to a specific spot like a laser beam.

Wear Candle crystals made into jewelry. Keep the shooting arrow-like energy in mind as you wear them.


artemis or candle crystal

You can find this Artemis mandala in CRYSTAL MANDALAS: (Learn about crystal by COLORING!)

crystal mandala coloring bookThese hand drawn crystal mandalas are coil bound to lay flat for effortless coloring or studying. Each mandala is an individual 11 x 11 design. Take a look inside, here.


I hope this recap of these long, thin crystals has been helpful to you. I don’t often have them in the store, but when I do, they are posted here.

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