Orthoclase quartz crystal is associated with a mineral rarely found attached to quartz crystal. Orthoclase is a form of feldspar.

Paraphrasing Melody from Love is in the Earth:

  • Orthoclase helps overcome tragedy and can provide assistance in the alignment of the chakras, the subtle bodies and the meridians of the physical body.
  • It emits an energy of liveliness and pleasantness, stimulating tact, finesse, poise and refinement.
  • Orthoclase is a ‘stone of cooperative effort’, and provides for contact with the ancient builders of Egypt and can be used to initiate insight into the ancient methods and associated wisdom.
  • The plate like form of Orthoclase can be used to stimulate the higher psychic abilities and to encourage one’s faith in the personal intuitive capabilities.
  • It has been used in the alignment of the spinal structure and the teeth.”

Crystals paired with this mineral will enhance the qualities listed above.

Here is a list of all the Orthoclase quartz crystal available right now:

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