image Golden Healer Quartz Crystal

Golden Healer quartz crystal is quartz that is partially or totally covered with iron oxide. Lots of quartz crystal has a layer of iron oxide when it comes out of the mine. However, “Golden Healer” quartz crystal has a layer of clear quartz trapping the golden color (iron oxide) inside.

Often the lightly coated Golden Healers will have rainbow iridescence on the outer layer (like rainbows you see on oil slicks). This is called natural rainbow aura.

Golden Healer quartz crystal emits an especially high energy. They are good for healing and have a soft, bright energy. 

Some of the crystal on this page is iron oxide coated but not Golden Healer because of the lack of the layer of quartz.

Here is a list of all the Golden Healer quartz crystal available right now:

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