Dolphin quartz crystal is a crystal with a smaller crystal attached to (riding along) the side, not quite big enough to be a Twin or Soulmate, but aligned similarly. They are sometimes called a baby or a sidekick.

If you picture a dolphin with a baby swimming very near it, this is what the Dolphin crystal looks like. A larger crystal with a smaller crystal riding alongside.

Metaphysically, Dolphin quartz crystal has a fun, playful energetic energy (that of the baby) and it also has a nurturing, protective energy (that of the mother or adult). Imagine the energy to lovingly guide, teach and protect our young. Anytime you need to tap into the playful, energetic, loving way dolphin mothers teach and guide their young you might ask for the assistance of or choose to work with a Dolphin quartz crystal.

Here is a list of all the Dolphin quartz crystal available right now:

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