A Page All About Arkansas Crystal and Quartz Crystal in General

The vibration of quartz crystal from Arkansas is described as being different from crystal found elsewhere in the world.

I find the energy to be more clear and immediate.

If you're looking for a page about Arkansas crystal and about quartz crystal in general, you've come to the right place!

Rock quartz can be found all over the world. Quartz crystal is a prevalent mineral from a global standpoint. It is EVERYWHERE!

However, there are three places where there is enough crystal to actually justify large-scale commercial mining. Those three places are Brazil, Madagascar, and Arkansas.​

dig your own Arkansas quartz crystal in Mount Ida, Arkansas

More about Arkansas quartz crystal...​

Arkansas has some of the largest crystal beds in the world! 

Partially due to geological phenomena such as folding and faulting, it was a great place for crystal to grow, and grow it did.

Among other reasons, two of the reasons that Arkansas crystal is different is the presence of thermal waters and magnetic lodestone. 

Arkansas is a unique place, to be sure!

Besides the crystal mines, we have the only diamond mine which is open to the public for digging in North America (Crater of Diamonds State Park). 

The other diamond mine in North America is in Canada, and it is a huge commercial mining operation.

The bulk of the working crystal mines in Arkansas are located in Mount Ida and Jessieville.

Not just about Arkansas crystal, but about quartz crystal in general:

Crystal is made of Silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide is comprised of one atom of silicon and two atoms of oxygen. Take a silica rich solution, add 250 million years or so, some heat and pressure, and violà … you have crystal!

It is a daunting task to describe how old crystal really is. The entire existence of humankind is not even a blip on the radar screen in comparison.

Now we will shift focus from what crystal is made of to where they are formed.

While there are several different ways that mountains are created, as mentioned earlier, the mountains in Arkansas were created by “folding” and “faulting.” In many cases, a solution rich in silicon and oxygen fills in the crevasses and cracks. The silicon and oxygen atoms join, and the resulting molecules start creating quartz crystal. Given enough room in the crevasses and cracks, the crystals grow into points all along the walls of these spaces, which are now called veins. After the crystal forms in the veins, clay sediment flows in and acts as sort of a packing material for the crystal.

image Arkansas crystal and quartz crystal in general

About Arkansas Crystal: How hard is quartz crystal?

The hardness of a crystal is measured on what is called the Moh’s scale.

This is a scale that goes from one to ten with softest (number one) being talc and hardest (number ten) being diamond.

Quartz ranks in at number seven on the Moh’s scale of hardness.

About Arkansas Crystal: What about clarity?

The clearest crystal is described as “water clear.”

When crystals aren’t water clear, they are said to have inclusions. A crystal can be included with moisture or air bubbles or other minerals which get trapped inside a crystal during its growth.

A lot of the crystal from Arkansas is very water clear and GORGEOUS! 

The crystal in the photo to the right is from the famous McEarl crystal mine. Crystals with this much clarity are described as being “optically clear”.

image Arkansas crystal clarity
image arkansas crystal vibrations

About Arkansas Crystal: Vibrations?

Crystals are also piezoelectric (pie-EE-zoh-electric); this simply means that when a crystal is squeezed, it puts of a little bit of electricity.

If you slice the crystal at certain angles and then squeeze it, it pulses at different frequencies; so, we can actually say that we are not crazy when we think we feel a vibration because rock crystal actually does have a “pulse”.

Quartz crystal is used in watches for this very reason. Have you ever seen the word “quartz” on your watch dial?

image Understanding the Crystal People Genn John

About Arkansas Crystal: Where can I learn more?

Believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This information comes out of Genn’s book. To find out much, much more about quartz crystal, get a copy of: UNDERSTANDING THE CRYSTAL PEOPLE: A Handbook For Lightworkers. Click here to go to the page to read more.