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A Blog About Crystals by Arkansas Crystal Works

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There are SO many blog posts at (well over 100 and still counting), extolling the benefits of crystals.

Here are just a few examples of blog posts you will find at

Cleansing and Charging Your Crystal

What are cleansing and charging and why are they necessary? How do they differ from clearing and programming?

We talked about how crystals are inherently healers and teachers. They may be here to teach something specific or simply teach by healing. They may have a definite lesson or the energy may simply be beneficial. You will be drawn to the crystal you need.

Cleansing a crystal is basically energetic washing. Charging is what you might think (charging a battery for example). [read more]

Choosing and Clearing Your Crystal

Last time we covered cleansing and charging. We talked about discussing clearing and programming next. However, because programming is a bit more detailed, we’ll save that for a post all on its own. This time we’ll talk about choosing your crystal and clearing. Then we will be ready to learn about programming.

The first step is deciding what kind of assistance you would like from your crystal friend. The next step is choosing which crystal wants to partner with you toward that end. So how do you choose? [read more]

Programming Your Crystal

Recording what you want assistance with is the basic premise behind programming a crystal. You simply determine what kind of assistance you would like from your crystal friend, and then respectfully ask the crystal to agree to help you.

With focused intent and a clear request, it really couldn’t be any easier. Programming your crystal isn’t a requirement. The crystal will still function in all kinds of ways (such as raising vibrations, clearing a room of negative energy and amplification of positive energy, among other things).

However, if you are going to request the help of a crystal for something specific (during meditation for magical work, astral travel or to contact Angels or Spirit Guides, for example), you will get better results if you program your crystal with that specific intent. [read more]

There are many more interesting topics highlighting the benefits of crystals!

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