Privacy Policy


Privacy! It’s a big issue, especially lately. I will keep this as short and sweet as possible, but I want you to be informed about your visit here.

Obviously, nothing is 100% iron-clad. I can’t guarantee that you are 100% safe, but I do have  several layers of safety measures in place. It is important to me that you know I am dedicated to providing you a comfortable and safe shopping experience.

This site is operating on WordPress, through the shopping cart WP EasyCart. I am hosted through ClickHost (super awesome host) and am also protected by Sucuri (who has really super malware monitoring, removal and prevention applications).

who’s watching me!!??

I don’t use Google Analytics, because, frankly, Google is creeping me out a bit lately. Yes, it would be nice to see where Random Visitor came into the site and when they left, crunching numbers and doing some tracking magic, but, well… it’s just creepy. The majority of sites are using Google Analytics (or analytics of some sort) so we’re nearly all being tracked here or there, but I don’t want to do it here. Honestly, the thought of someone watching you coming into my site, following you around and logging where you click, how long you stay and when and where you exit… well… ACK!!

How about this instead: If you are happy, leave me a comment. If you are unhappy, leave me a comment, or better yet, email me so I can see if there is something that we can do to resolve that for you.

monster-free shopping!

I want your visit here to be as stress-free and enjoyable as it can be. We’ll remove the tracking monster from at least this one shopping experience.

your info is safe with me

When you get to the shopping cart, you will see you have the option to sign up for an account or check out as a guest. I don’t share your name, mailing address or email with anyone. If you choose to sign up for an account, you will have access to your order and tracking information and past order history. The next time you come to shop, you can simply sign in and your billing and shipping address will be on file, and will auto-load into the appropriate boxes when you check out.

Your information is accessible to only you and me (in case you need me to change something for you) and also so the shopping cart will recognize you when you come back. Remember, if you don’t want your information saved, there is always the option to check out as a guest. If you would like to sign up for the Crystal Friends mailing list, I am the only one who has access to your name and email for that as well. I do not share your information without your permission, ever.

tracking cookies?

What about cookies? Chocolate chip? Yes please! Hey… wait a minute… those aren’t raisins, are they!!??

If you have your browser set to accept cookies, they are used for the shopping cart to function, but it isn’t as scary as it seems. To keep my earlier pledge to make this page as short and sweet as possible, if you are interested, I will send you to a great website which describes exactly what cookies are and what they are not. The link will open in a new tab so you don’t have to leave breadcrumbs (umm cookie crumbs?) to find your way back here. <wink>

When you check out, you will check out securely through PayPal. You may do this with your credit card (no PayPal account required) or sign into your PayPal account (to pay with the method you choose). If you do NOT want to use PayPal (either with or without a PayPal account) please email me and we will process your order differently (check or money order, USA only). The reason I chose to use PayPal to process your orders is so your payment information remains safe. PayPal uses secure encrypted SSL technology. Your payment information is never saved (or even seen) on this website. Signing up for an account through Arkansas Crystal Works simply saves your shopping information for you (address, what you bought, etc), never your financial information.

shipping information

When you sign up for an account, I have set shipping up according to the weight of your order and where you are located.(See the shipping link for more information.) Again,your credit card orders are placed through PayPal’s secure website.

Well, that’s enough information about privacy, I should think.

I want to provide you with the best shopping and browsing experience possible.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.



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