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Recently I was preparing to move more blog posts from crystalgenn.comAs I was reading through, I found a post written in 2015, a crystal meditation from Venus. 

I know it will be very helpful to everyone now, even these five years later. I find it surprising that I was feeling many of the same emotions and energies back then that I am feeling now.

Specifically, as I said then: “I am definitely feeling the ramped-up energies from […] the general chaos of the incoming vibrations. I have been feeling behind, pressured and like the world is spinning a little too fast for me to keep up at times. Physically I am feeling a little dizzy and high.”

Actually, I have been feeling like this fairly frequently since 2015 (hard to believe it’s been that long!) 

Of course, things now have taken an even weirder turn, globally, with the sheltering in place and all-around uncertainty.

I think now is a good time to revisit a calming frequency from the Crystal People through a crystal meditation. 

Take a few moments and join me.

A Crystal Meditation from Venus

Settle into your chair, feet flat on the floor, hands comfortably resting in your lap.

Take a deep, cleansing breath (or two… or three…)

Feel your scattered energies settling easily to the ground like a stack of papers caught by a momentary gust of wind. Still and relaxed, feel your limbs, heavy and quiet.

Listen to the steady rhythm of your heart, echoing out, out, to fingertips, toes and beyond.

Extend this energy to your surroundings, to your Crystal Friends. The ones sitting next to you, the ones on the shelves, in the boxes and drawers, the ones outside lining walks, nestled in gardens communing with Nature Deva.

Extend your reach to the crystals living with friends and loved ones, the crystals living in the Earth and beyond.

Imagine the Crystal People, your friends, breathing out this quiet calm to you, and see yourself connected one to the other through this thick and easy stillness.

Breathe together this quiet communion.

Feel their solid foreverness. Their pulsing light and love, grounding, soothing, loving, energizing, softly and calmly.

Experience their attentive presence as they bathe you in their constant support through their connection to timelessness.

Feel your heartbeat become their vibration as their pulse links with yours in perfect synchronicity.

Send out to them your thoughts and thanks and receive their infinite blessings in return. 

Thank them for their tireless work: in support of you, for their selfless giving, for their unending love and grace.

Intend that you release any connection you have had with energies which no longer serve. In doing this, your Crystal Friends will know you are finished working with these energies so they might help you release them to their highest good.

a crystal meditation

Reestablish your connection to your crystal friends sitting next to you, on the shelves, in the boxes and drawers, lining walks and nestled in gardens. To the ones living with friends and loved ones, in the Earth and beyond. 

Intentionally invite in the energies of the Moon, and the vibrant fullness of Her glory.

Now that your Crystal Friends have helped you let go of the troubles you have been holding, watch as they fill themselves with this pulsing lunar energy, as they recharge and reconnect. 

Breathe with them as you and they rest and recharge together, preparing for the next wave.

Remember you are loved, Dear Ones, watched and guided always. 

Bathe in this sparkling love light. 

When you feel rested and refreshed, you may re-enter the stream of time. 

Always remember the Crystal People are holding this timeless space of foreverness which you may enter at will to rest, recharge and rejuvenate.

It Is So, And So It Is.

End of a Crystal Meditation

love from the Crystal People

OK, then! I hope revisiting this meditation was as helpful to you as it was to me.

Remember that (even when it might not feel like it) everything is unfolding in Divine and Perfect Timing.

When you aren’t sure of this or the energies become overwhelming, consider revisiting this blog post.

It only takes a couple of minutes to experience the calm brought by a crystal meditation.

Until then, stay grounded and know you are loved.

4 thoughts on “A CRYSTAL MEDITATION”

  1. Jean Mukti Kuster

    Thank you Venus, this is just perfect at the moment. I was in tears (happy tears) as all the crystals I have known and loved passed through my awareness again, and then branching out and meeting new ones. It is so good to recollect all the crystals tucked away with me, out of sight has meant out of mind. I am happy to be reacquainted with them all. I feel sure they enjoyed being appreciated. There is a much happier buzz here now. Thanks Genn!

  2. I needed this today. Bowing to you in all of your light & general wonderfulness since I can’t hug you or shake hands. Blessed be.

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