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Self Healed Quartz Crystal

Physical description: Self-Healed crystals are crystals that have been broken from the matrix and started to re-seal their broken end with new growth. A Self-Healed crystal looks like it has scales or triangular layers. Self healing can be present on the bottom, sides or even tip of a point or cluster. Self-Healed points also present as crystals that were broken in half but sort of “glued” back together with new growth.

Metaphysical description: Self-healed crystals are good for healing, and they have sturdy, optimistic persistent energy. They are not quitters!


This Self Healed Fractured Arkansas quartz crystal point is a Channeler and the main face is covered in layers and layers of Record Keepers. It is super water clear, has Rainbows and Barnacles and some Drusy. Record Keepers (also called Recorders) are crystals that have triangular markings on the faces. They seem to be three-dimensional, but they usually can’t be felt with your finger. You have to hold a crystal at just the right angle in order to see the Record Keeper. Usually they are very sharply edged, equilateral triangles; however, I have seen them with rounded bottoms as well (more arrowhead shaped). There may only be one present on a face, or you may find layers and layers of them. Record Keepers will appear and disappear (I call that “popping”). It is said that a Record Keeper crystal will find its way to the person who needs the information it contains. Record Keepers contain special wisdom. They represent storage devices and the information can be accessed via a portal. I love Record Keepers, they have a special energy.


This super water clear Self Healed Arkansas quartz crystal shard is full of Mirror Fractures and Rainbows. Mirror Fractures are shiny mirror-looking areas within the crystal, caused by damage (shocks (temperature changes), traumas (hits or shaking). Mirror Fractures serve as areas on which to reflect on your traumas and show that our traumas and challenges bring us beauty and interest. Rainbows represent hope and optimism. There is a lot of internal fracturing. It is a beautiful crystal and would make a nice companion point.


This Arkansas quartz crystal point has a Self Healed Bridge and some Record Keepers. There is some Etching on the sides and Inner Child points in the Bridge. A Bridge is a smaller crystal (or crystals) penetrating and located partially in and partially out of a larger crystal. Bridge Crystals help to bridge between worlds. It may be the inner and outer worlds between your inner and outer Selves or between yourself and others in the physical environment in which you now live. They are helpful in any area you might imagine needing a bridge. They can help you heal and get in touch with your inner child (bridging the gap between your outer self and your inner self). They are also good for connection and perspective.


This is a slightly Empathic Arkansas quartz crystal point/cluster. It has a chip out of the back of the second largest point. It is very water clear with a light dusty coating (a light Overcoat or Reverse Phantom which is when a whitish coating forms over the outside of the point, this one is just lightly dusted). The base is Self Healed and it has some Barnacles. It has a magical feel to it. I sense Fairies and Angelic energy.


This Arkansas quartz crystal point has a squatty side kick crystal sort of stuck to the bottom side (think Batman and Robin sidekick, a buddy/partner), it has Rainbows and Tiny Record Keepers. The sides are Lineated (Lineated Sides) and the base is Self Healed.


This Dolphin Arkansas quartz crystal point has taken some abuse during its growth, with a large Self Healed fissure through the middle of the point, a Self Healed base and a Self Healed Dolphin Baby. Dolphin crystals are crystals which have a smaller crystal attached to (riding along) the side, not quite big enough to be a Twin or Soulmate, but aligned similarly. They are sometimes called a baby or a sidekick. If you picture a dolphin with a baby swimming very near it, this is what the Dolphin crystal looks like – a larger crystal with a smaller crystal riding alongside. Metaphysically, Dolphin crystals have a fun, playful energetic energy (that of the baby) and they can also have a nurturing, protective energy (that of the mother or adult). Imagine the energy to lovingly guide, teach and protect our young. This is the energy of a Dolphin Crystal. Anytime you need to tap into the playful, energetic, loving way dolphin mothers teach and guide their young you might ask for the assistance of or choose to work with a Dolphin crystal. There are interesting triangular Sigils on the faces.


This Arkansas quartz crystal point has a slightly lopsided Isis Face (5 sided face), a completely Self Healed base, and lots of Mirror Fractures and Fairy Frost. Has a nice energy. I like it. Would make a good companion crystal.