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Dow (Trans-Channeler) Quartz Crystal

Physical description: This is an example of a crystal with two names for the same configuration. This configuration, called both Dow (named after Janeann Dow) as well as Trans-Channeler (because these crystals are both Channelers and Transmitters in configuration), is more commonly referred to as Dow. This is another crystal that you cannot correctly identify unless you count the edges of the faces. There will be three seven-sided faces with a triangular face between each of them. So sides of the six faces will look like seven-three-seven-three-seven-three. A perfect Dow or Trans-Channeler will have symmetrically-sized faces and a centrally located point. Some will be uneven in symmetry, but the count will be correct.

Metaphysical description: Dow or Trans-Channelers combine the qualities of the Transmitter and Channeler crystal. Dow crystals provide a connection with the self and Universal Truth. Dow crystals have a special energy about them that is sharp, clean and direct.

I recently received a bit of extra information about Dow crystals from my new friend, A.J.:

“You probably will be interested to know … that a Dow point, so called due to the work with it (and so many other crystals) by JaneAnn Dow, who was a good friend of mine, was originally specified as a Grandfather Crystal.  

That particular termination configuration was known throughout the Anasazi, then the Hopi “Indians” and others in southwest USA, as a classic spiritual “connector”, a magic talisman from the old Fathers.  Hence, the name “Grandfather”.  As JaneAnn said, many times:  “This crystal termination can greatly enhance one’s spiritual connection.”  And while she loved the fact that that particular crystal termination configuration ended up being named “Dow” in her honor, nonetheless, she always gave “credit where credit was due”.  The fact of its presentation initially as a Grandfather by those who certainly were “here” before us (at least in this physical reality) needs expression, so it can be all the better explored.  It is such an important spiritual tool.”

Thanks for the extra information on this special crystal configuration, A.J. !



*The size of these crystals will vary. I will send the most representative example of the type of configuration ordered, so if a crystal is small, but an excellent example of the particular configuration, I will send that crystal. If it is particularly small, I may send two in one bag (say 1/2 inch or so)… I aim for a size range from 1 to 2 inches long, 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter.

Your Dow or Trans-Channeler crystal will come with a business-card-sized printed description of the characteristics and special qualities of the crystal within. Crystal sizes may vary greatly in size as I am selecting for the shape, not the size.

I have packaged it with the description card to help you learn the identifying characteristics and uses of this special configuration.

This crystal is sent as a representative sample of a Dow or Trans-Channeler crystal. It isn’t necessarily sent for its size, and sometimes may be Empathic (chipped, dinged or damaged), if it is an excellent representation of this type (for example, a very good Manifestation point in an Empathic chunk, or an excellent Record Keeper on a partial point).

Thanks, and ENJOY!!

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