Do you love crystal but aren’t sure how to work with or choose the ones that are right for you? 

Welcome! My name is Genn John. Through Arkansas Crystal Works, I’ve been offering Arkansas quartz crystal online since 1995.

Over these 29 years working with Arkansas quartz crystal, I have developed the ability to speak with and channel messages from these ancient sentient crystal beings whom I call the Crystal People. It is my sacred mission to act as their voice and legs. It is my honor to share their messages and my pleasure to help them get to where they need to go.

Whether you are brand new to Arkansas quartz crystal or well-acquainted, there is something here for you!

All of the Arkansas quartz crystal on this website has been hand-selected by me. I list both the physical as well as energetic descriptions unique to each crystal. There is a wealth of knowledge about Arkansas quartz crystal available on my blog and I offer many quartz-related items here, as well.

Please, stay awhile and enjoy your visit!

Arkansas Crystal Works: the go-to place to find Arkansas quartz crystal and information about quartz crystal.

Genn John - serving the Crystal Community since 1995.

"Genn John is a Crystal Whisperer, Matchmaker and More!"

Sheryl Sitts

Exploring Possibilities,

"I get all of my Crystal from Genn. She is a Sweetheart & so helpful! She is also very gifted with speaking with the Crystal People. I like to call her the 'Ollivander of Crystals' !​"

Jason Redwolf

RedWolf's Remarks

"A wonderful human being, an iconic author with an amazing, fascinating perspective that aligns completely with my own. She has taught me and others so much!!"

Jeanne-Marie Taylor

Master Spiritual Intuitive

"I have worked with Genn for many years now. I have ordered quite a few crystals, grids, had an Ask Genn Reading, and bought her book. I keep coming back because Genn is a rare find! A true GEM 😉! I know I'll be back again and again."

Kim K.

Crystal Lover

"I first found Genn on a web search for Arkansas Quartz Crystals. They are my favorite quartz so I wanted to find a local source and someone I felt respected the land and the crystals. After my first order I was hooked."

Kathy M.

Crystal Lover

"Today I received yet another awesome crystal from Genn.  I was looking for a Layered Crystal to work with that configuration, and, as always, Genn had what I was seeking.  It is just the size I wanted and I connected with it energetically right away.  I also appreciate the crystal gift as well.  It's always such a pleasure to work with Genn and I highly recommend Arkansas Crystal Works."

Deanna S.

Crystal Lover

"I just received my beautiful crystals today, and am so in love with them! I’m a newbie with crystals and stones. so am excited about working with them. Thank you also for the free crystal gift. Very kind of you. I also have your book so can’t wait to start reading. Hope to order more from you, or make a trip to Arkansas!"

Beth K.

Crystal Lover

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