My name is Genn John and this is Arkansas Crystal Works. Offering hand-selected, beautiful, healing Arkansas quartz crystal, quartz crystal related items and in-depth information online since 1995.

Arkansas has some of the largest clear quartz crystal beds in the world. The vibration is clear, bright and immediate and different from quartz crystal found elsewhere in the world. If you don’t have Arkansas crystal, Arkansas Crystal Works is the place to get some!

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image: Ask Genn Crystal Reading - like a tarot reading via living crystal at Arkansas Crystal WorksThe Ask Genn Crystal Reading is a personal reading from the Crystal People, like a tarot reading via living crystal.

image: shop crystal points at Arkansas Crystal WorksAll natural, healing quartz crystal points from Arkansas. 

image: shop crystal clusters at Arkansas Crystal WorksCrystal clusters are good for helping with group dynamics and they are also good for raising the vibrations in an environment and bringing light and energy into that space.

image: shop by crystal type at Arkansas Crystal WorksPhysical and metaphysical descriptions of each type of quartz crystal and a list of all available crystals in that category.

image: books by Genn John at Arkansas Crystal Works

Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook For Lightworkers is a working manual and reference guide to help Lightworkers and crystal lovers master their connection to the crystal world.


Crystal Mandala Coloring Books: A way to make understanding the “anatomy” (form and structure) and “physiology” (function) of quartz crystal both easy and fun.

image: hand-crafted lighted crystal display boxes at Arkansas Crystal WorksThese boxes are meticulously hand crafted and have a remote controlled LED light inside. The light has 16 colors, 4 fade functions and are “dimmable”.

image: grids, grid boards, miscellaneous gem stonesMaking crystal grids? On this page you will find grid boards, gemstones and crystals for crystal grids and healing layouts.

image: shop clearance and sales at Arkansas Crystal WorksBeautiful and worthy crystals which have been here for awhile (through no fault of their own!) Prices are greatly reduced.


image: visit Genn John's Blog crystalgenn.comThis takes you to Genn’s blog, crystalgenn.com where there are well over 100 in-depth blog posts all about quartz crystal. The link will open in a new window.

image: information about Genn John and Arkansas Crystal WorksThis page is dedicated to information about “Genn John” and “Arkansas Crystal Works”. If you wonder about where this crystal comes from, who is running the website and who is handling your crystal before it gets to you, this is the page to read.

image: information about Arkansas quartz crystalInformation about quartz crystal in general and Arkansas quartz crystal specifically. Links to information about mining your own crystal in Arkansas.

image: information about rock hounding at Arkansas Crystal WorksThis page is to encourage you, as a new (or seasoned) collector, so you will have the desire to collect more and learn more. Genn’s story of how she came to be a rock hound.image: email Genn John at Arkansas Crystal Worksclick here to open an email to Genn

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