Books by Genn John

Genn John, author of "Understanding the Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers" and "Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal, Coloring (and Learning) Books"

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Points

All natural, beautiful, healing quartz crystal points from Arkansas.

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Clusters

All natural, beautiful, healing quartz crystal clusters from Arkansas.

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Crystal Properties A to Z

Click here to see a comprehensive listing of metaphysical crystal descriptions and properties of over fifty types of quartz crystal configurations from Artemis to Yin/Yang.

Books by Genn John

UNDERSTANDING THE CRYSTAL PEOPLE is a crystal reference book for people who desire to fully understand their connection with the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings. CRYSTAL MANDALA COLORING (AND LEARNING) BOOKS (Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal) consist of a set of four volumes of hand drawn crystal mandalas featuring each of 46 different types of quartz crystal. Effortlessly learn about the different types of quartz crystals. The crystal mandalas came about as a way to make understanding the “anatomy” (form and structure) and “physiology” (function) of quartz crystal both easy and fun.

ASK GENN Personalized Crystal Reading

Ask Genn is a personal reading from the Crystal People, like a tarot reading via living crystal. It includes hand drawn sketches and diagrams of your chosen crystal and any energies noted, insights or messages from the Crystal People specifically for you.
Arkansas Crystal Works: “All things quartz crystal. Beautiful, healing quartz crystal points and quartz crystal clusters from Arkansas.” Quartz Crystal Points, Quartz Crystal Clusters, Golden Healers, Meditation and Jewelry Points, and much more. Books by Genn John: Understanding the Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers and Crystal Mandala Coloring (and Learning) Books. Learn about quartz crystal while coloring. Find special configurations such as Artemis, Barnacle, Bridge, Channeling/Channelers, Crystal Clusters, Dolphin, Double Terminated, Dow/Trans-Channeler, Empathic/Empath, Extraterrestrial/ET/Extra Termination, Faden, Feminine (Milky quartz), Masculine (Clear quartz), Gas Phantom, Generator/Merlin, Included, Inner Child Crystals, Isis Face Crystals, Key, Lineated Sides and Lineated Faces, Manifestation, Rainbows, Record Keepers/Recorders, Self Healed or Self Healing, Sheet, Twin or Soulmate, Tabby or Tabular, Transmitters, Trigonic Record Keepers, Windows/Time Links, (Right Activation Window/Time Link to the Future and Left Activation Window/Time Link to the Past), Yin Yang etc.